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Posted in: Since job openings continue to outnumber job seekers, parents are increasingly pushing their children to choose big-name companies. It is important for small and mid-sized firms to gain parents' understanding when recruiting graduates. See in context

While parents can offer good advice, if what they want is the deciding factor in what is a pretty important life decision, then I think you are probably better off at a big Japanese company that will slot you comfortably at the bottom of a controlling hierarchy. SMEs would be better off targeting candidates who are capable of making their own decisions.

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Posted in: Out in the park See in context


If you're spending a long time in the park with small kids, they're pretty useful. Littlest ones can have a nap out of the wind and direct sunlight while the big brothers and sisters carry on playing.

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Posted in: She looked like high school student (on the intercom screen). I thought it was a joke. See in context

If the age of adulthood is 20, surely high school students should be eligible for child welfare support too.

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Posted in: Prosperity rite draws thousands in loincloths despite winter cold See in context

My brother-in-law is from Saidaiji so I've entered this with his team in the past. The cold is not so bad because of the sheer number of people. What I wasn't ready for was the brawling. I saw one guy smash his collar bone as he was flung down the podium steps. After that I hung around the edge of the mob. I'd rather be cold with all bones intact thank you.

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Posted in: Liverpool the team to beat as Champions League returns See in context


Klopp has a record of using new players sparingly until they are fully integrated into his system. Minamino's time will come, but it probably won't be this season.

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Posted in: If you have not yet retired, at what age would you like to retire (if at all)? Do you think you would get bored with retirement? See in context

No specific age, but once the house is paid off and the kids are grown up and self-sufficient (fingers crossed), I hope to gradually get more selective about the work I accept until I'm mainly taking on projects that I'm interested in. Ideally I'd be doing a few half days a week that I can fit around gardening, hobbies, and travel. Like several people above, I've already completed stage 1 (move to the country).

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Posted in: Kumamoto strives to attract visitors 4 years after earthquakes See in context

Even if you can't get close to the Aso crater, the drive up there and the surrounding scenery is lovely. Well worth a drive in spring or autumn.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi’s solution for stressed office workers in Japan: fake skylight video displays See in context

It is a nice idea and would help make places like hospitals a little less unbearable. However, presenting it as a solution for worker stress is just marketing rubbish.

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Posted in: In honor of Valentine's Day, we ask what is your favorite chocolate brand? See in context

Thorntons Alpini (although I also have a secret love for the really cheap baking chocolate you get in 100 yen stores)

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Posted in: Is it too early to make a decision on whether or not to cancel or defer the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games due to the outbreak of the coronavirus? See in context

Moving it back a few months would also mean holding it in a period with more reasonable temperatures, which would be good for both athletes and spectators.

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Posted in: Cold puffs See in context

For a second I read that like you ended up marrying Debito.

Warm cocktails in an ice room sounds awesome. Although I once went to a party at a hotel where the bar and the tables were made of ice. If you put your drink down and didn't pay attention, it would slide away from you.

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Posted in: Do you think online friendships can be an adequate substitute for face-to-face encounters? See in context

I don't think they are a substitute but they can be a complement. I think meeting people in-person is a basic human need, but online friendships mean you can connect with people on the other side of the planet. It's all good.

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Posted in: Foreign travelers now spend more money in Japan than ever before; surprise country at top of list See in context

I wouldn't say its a surprise that China is top. If you've ever been anywhere that has a druqstore and a Don Quixote close together in Tokyo or Osaka, you've probably seen a Chinese shopping tour of about 30 people led by a tour guide with a flag going from store to store stocking up on cosmetics, electronics, nappies and stuff.

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Posted in: Monty Python star Terry Jones dies at 77 See in context

Going to have to search for my much read, dog-eared copy of the Saga of Erik the Viking next time I go to my Dad's house so I can pass it on to my kids. Thanks for all the laughs!

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Posted in: Taking the U.S. as an example, how can a democracy function if half the people hate the elected leader -- a state of affairs which usually continues until the next election cycle before repeating itself? See in context

I think only having two electable parties encourages us vs. them thinking, meaning one side will always be unhappy no matter who is in power. It also leads to stagnation as each party spends a lot of time and effort rolling back the changes made by the other party. A realistic third or fourth option might encourage more pragmatism and compromise. Still, I'd probably take the two party system in the US over the one party system in Japan.

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Posted in: Kagawa politicians want to set daily limit on how much time kids can spend playing video games See in context

How on earth would they enforce this? As a younger brother, I would have loved to have a law like this when I was little. "Let me have a turn or I'll tell the police how much time you've spent gaming."

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Posted in: Roundabouts have been installed at 87 locations in 31 prefectures since the revised Road Traffic Law took effect in September 2014. Do you think roundabouts reduce the number of traffic accidents? See in context

Roundabouts with multiple lanes and lots of exits are a nightmare and result in indecision and sudden lane changes. Keep it simple and I think it is safer.

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Posted in: Prince Harry and Meghan to 'step back' as senior UK royals See in context

Friends in the UK are referring to it as "Megxit"

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Posted in: What are your highest hopes for your life this year? See in context

That summer is not too long and hot and that we get a proper spring and autumn.

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Posted in: What is the most unusual Christmas present you have ever received? See in context

An old girlfriend once knitted me a cosy for my member to "keep it warm." It even had a drawstring to stop it falling off. To this day i'm not sure if it was thoughtful or a massive red flag.

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Posted in: FIFA considers staging Women's World Cup every 2 years See in context

Agreed. I love the World Cup but I think holding it too often would be a disaster. The fact that it is every four years means that players only have a few chances to compete during their careers. This gives the knock out games a real edge because it might be the last chance to play at a World Cup for a lot of the players on the pitch.

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Posted in: 'Little Miss Period' tackles Japan's menstruation taboos with a punch See in context

Whether you like it or not, here we are all discussing it on a news website. If it was a more sensible campaign, I'm pretty sure that the people it's targeting would not even give it a second thought.

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Posted in: Court orders Google to erase search results on man's arrest See in context

The internet is a dangerous place. Try Googling your name and/or your email address. You’ll be surprised what comes up.

Just tried it. Not a single result was about me. I guess there's an upside to having a really common name.

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Posted in: Man says he followed 10-year-old girl because she was cute See in context

Good on the girl for noticing and reporting it. It says he was arrested under the anti-stalking law, but what kind of punishment would he get for this?

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Posted in: What are some suggestions to avoid overeating or getting too drunk during the Christmas-New Year party season? See in context

Avoid getting too drunk by eating so much you don't have room for anything else.

Avoid overeating by drinking so much you pass out early in the night and are too hungover to eat much the following days.

Problems solved.

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Posted in: Do you still send Christmas or season's greetings cards by post or do you send everything by email these days? See in context

I send New Year's cards with a picture of my kids and a short, handwritten message to older family members. They still send me birthday cards, so it feels nice to do something in exchange (although I guess it is lazier than actually remembering their birthdays and sending a card then).

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Posted in: The internet has turned millions among us into workaholics, lugging around our laptops, smartphones ready at a moment's notice to tackle the latest digital chore. The barriers between work and family are collapsing before the relentless demands of algorithms. See in context

Workaholics will find a way to work no matter what. If the technology was not available they would just stay at the office. The problem here is that it gives bad employers a tool to try and pressure employees into working during their downtime. I would like to see a 'right to disconnect' law brought in like the one in France which protects people who don't look at work emails outside of work.

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Posted in: U.S. private equity firm buys $500 mil stake in Manchester City ownership See in context

Meanwhile, just down the road Bury has been expelled from the Football League after going bust.

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Posted in: Parents and teachers should teach children wise ways to use social media, by giving them advice such as, 'Don't meet in real life people you've met online,' and 'Don't reveal personal information online.' See in context

Research in the US showed that depression and suicide has risen dramatically among junior high school students since social media became prevalent. This is not nearly as pronounced among high school and university students, so they think it is because younger teens' brains are not mature enough to handle the effects of social media. Mechanisms designed to addict adults (such as "likes") have a supercharged effect and they don't have enough perspective to filter the comments they receive. Then you factor in things like cyber bullying and the stranger danger referred to by the professor in the comment.

As a result, I'll be trying to keep my daughters off social media sites until they are at least high schoolers. Looking forward to that fight...

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Posted in: We want people from other prefectures as well to inform us through the site if they are affected by dangerous driving during their trips to Okayama. See in context

I live in Okayama Prefecture and I have yet to see any road rage. However, I have seen many cases of careless driving and way too many people driving while talking on the phone. Policing that would be a good place to start.

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