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Posted in: Will Romney's gaffes hurt his campaign? See in context

No, because unfortunately for some Americans being Anglo Saxon makes him good enough, I'm embarrassed as a US citizen to say it still matters during this new century.

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Posted in: Bodies of mother, daughter found in Tokyo apartment See in context

What does "socially Isolated" mean? They had no other family?

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Posted in: More women in their 40s dating younger men See in context

It works for me. I'm 47 and most men my age are dating or marrying younger which results in a large availability of middle aged women for the younger men. We are at the prime of our lives because by this age you don't think of sexual pleasure as a means of procreating as we were thought by very religious parents. Now we do it for pleasures sake just like men had discovered centuries ago. Also at this age we aren't looking to be taken care of. Most of us have careers, money and our apartment or homes. We are also not looking necessarily for marriage, but companionship. The younger men that appreciate the older woman may be the smartest men of all because its usually a win win situation.

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Posted in: 17-year-old girl arrested for stabbing classmate at Wakayama college See in context

What happen to meditating? Stabbings in Japan are getting as bad as shootings in America.

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Posted in: Japan declined U.S. offer to station nuclear experts in Kan's office: Edano See in context


Even If I agree with the content, the form does not look right. I mean, seriously ? U.S ? How ironical, just replace few words in your statement by "mass destruction weapons", "fear", "war", etc.*

Yes, the US did do alot of damage to Japan. But get your history right. We didn't start that war, we just won it at the cost of many loss lives for both nations. They hit Pearl Habor and we hit back. This is why we are now allies and why we have a military base stationed their now in times of need to help our allies. Both us as a country have moments in our history we aren't proud of. That was then and this is now. If we are here for Japan they need to use us. I think the officials was not only trying to cover up how bad it was, I also think they feared our help would have obligated them to give us what we want as far as the US military land deal that was on the table during that time. However, our President Obama assured them that would not be used as a bargaining chip. There was no underhanded motives for our offer of help except for ":full disclosure" of the situation. That is what they had a problem with.

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Posted in: Japan declined U.S. offer to station nuclear experts in Kan's office: Edano See in context

Japan should not have to take help from any specific nation in this; it's a domestic issue.

This is not a domestic issue when we as a world share the same waters. All the way in California the radiation levels increased and had to be monitored in the waters and the foods coming from the ocean that feed us. When you are a nation at peace you help each other in times of trouble. When 9-11 happened to us no aid was turn away due to pride. When it comes to your people pride takes backstage and survival of your masses should be the most important thing. What good is pride is the Japanese race die out within the next hundred years due to low life expectancy and infertility because of radiation poisoning?

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Posted in: Korean idol enrages Japanese netizens by eating instant noodles from the pot See in context

To be a culture that demand respect, they lack respect for other cultures, It's not bad table manners to eat or share ramen out of the pot for South Koreans. There are many ways do to things correctly depending on the culture. You have to give respect of the differences to get it. These same people complaining about this are the same people that are insulted if a non-Japanese speak or act in the Japanese culture with perfection.

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Posted in: Woman who sought police help twice against abusive husband murdered by him See in context

In alot of situations where the wife goes to the police for help it's because she has no where else to go. Most abusive men seek out women that are docile with not good family ties or no family at all for them to run to when they mistreat them. It is probably why she went to the police instead of a father or brothers for protection. IT is also why she would have had no choice but to go back especially if she had children and he wouldn't let her take them with her. When you go to the police you hope they could help you and if you have children go to an undisclosed place for battered women that not only help you get a new life but also free legal council to begin divorce proceedings and a protective order. Most women at the least expect the police to give them a protective order against their husband that say they can only come within so many feet of her, then accompany them back to the house to either get their things or put him out until it can be legally rectified. In America they do this for you and it helps toward your case to show you took legal steps to protect yourself before you might be forced to kill him before he kills you. More women in other countries are going to have to fight for their rights as the women did here and still are. In some countries women are treated like cattle, traded into families for doweries and abandoned by their families. It is just wrong that it's still going on.

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Posted in: Dreams Come True singer Miwa Yoshida marries man almost 20 years younger See in context

Good for her Japanese men entertainers wait until they are nearly 40 if the woman don't get pregnant first before taking a bride because they marry women usually 10 to 20 years younger. It makes a shortage of marriageable men in your age group. This is the only way women will be able to balance their odds or risk spending the rest of their lives alone.

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Posted in: Killing Americans takes Obama into uncharted legal area See in context

America is one of the few countries you can be born in and Considered American regardless of your race or loyalties. So it's not like we have high criteria of being an America. So what is the point of this article? There was no secret that this man was on America's most wanted list of terrorist and how many would have turned him in American or not for the award that was on his head if we had ran into him. Also do you think he cared about the innocent Americans they have blown up. He had a right to a trial all they had to do is turn themselves in. Somepeople rather die for what they beleive in no matter who supplies the bullet or the explosion. He didand maybe he's happy now. I can't wait to see who Americans blame it on when Obama is no longer president. I personally think he won to be America's scape goat.

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Posted in: Norway killer's manifesto praises Japan for not adopting multiculturalism See in context

Breivik said that Japan and South Korea are today the most peaceful societies “where you can travel freely everywhere without the constant fear of getting raped, ravaged, robbed or killed.”

Obivously he never read Japan Today News or he would know that is an incorrect statement. Japan has it's share of crimes. There are still unsolved murders in both Japan and Korea. Rape does happen, it has been documented and they have had enough ravaging on the subways to warrent sub car for "women only". HE wants everyone to think he's crazy, but if he was crazy he wouldn't have been able to accomplish all he did and get out of it alive. To me that shows intelligence, and he's also intelligent enough to now manipulate the system. I hope they see through him. I think he is a thrill killer who now spouting nonsense to make it seem like he belong to some big conspiracy so he can offer to bargain others that "may" be involved in order to gain a lighter sentence.

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Posted in: Takarazuka Revue See in context

Takarazuka Kagekidan is an All-female musical theather troupe.

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Posted in: Clinton begins Japan visit with warning to North Korea on nuclear programs See in context

Say what you will about Mrs. Clinton but like all of us she has a boss like all of us do. Even if you are the boss of your own business your boss is the people that give you the business. Therefore she will be able to do no more or less or Say any more or less then what she is suppose to based on the agenda of several. We have a President but as long as we have congress it is the decision of many. So if talks succeed of fail it could never be blame on one or two person in governing situations. I think keeping the lines of communication open is the best thing to do and reminding those who think their problems are greater, there is always somene or another country who's problems are worse. You can always tell by media and the comments of those who always need to blame someone that if something goes wrong they want to pounce on laying the blame. I think she and this new administration should be given at least the chance of a full term. They are already being judged on less then 1 month in office.

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Posted in: J-pop industry taking the music out of music business See in context

No musically extraordinary talent being shoved down your throat is happening everywhere. The only difference is in America ours start with Disney churning out the teen idols that all have this awful nasel vocals and when they have to sing live without lip sync, then you know the truth. They were groomed and packaged. They can all be singing in a group and you can close your eyes and wouldn't be able to pick one singer from the other.

It is sad, just as sad as remaking movies, and good songs from my generation. I notice that today talent has a hard time coming up with their own original material.

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Posted in: In Japan, you are what your blood type is See in context

I use to wonder when I saw profiles of Japanese men what the bloodtyping to because we don't do that in America and unless you donate blood you never know what your type is. I had surgery and asked my doctor once and he told me he didn't know it wasn't on the chart I laughed and told him well it's good I didn't need any for surgery. I always assume typing for surgery would be a necessity I guess they don't think so. But I do wish it was something they put on our birth certificates. For some it could solve alot of paternity issues and confusions when mom's lie or don't know for sure who your father is. LOL

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Posted in: High school boy commits suicide in Saitama park after argument with father See in context

He showed his father that he was much stronger than daddy thought. Takes guts to kill yourself.

I disagree Yeinats it takes more strenght to live that is why the strong survives and that which don't kill you makes you stronger. Dying is easy something that you can do at any time in your life. If you live 24-48 longer then you planned then you will see what you would have missed by dying.

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Posted in: We understand that the sight of hundreds of frozen tuna looks unique and interesting for foreign tourists. But they have to understand the Tsukiji market is a professional place, not an amusement park See in context

As I said you would never see me there in the first place due to content being sold. But I don't understand how a "do not touch" sign can be racism. Visitors need instructions otherwise somethings that are insulting to you is okay for us. How can a sign be racism but saying no tourist not be considered more insulting. Here are wholesaler markets have membership cards. I rather see that sign or a sign saying don't enter unless you purchase something, or "no cameras" please then to be told sorry we are closed to tourist and suddenly feeling like that unpopular kid on the outside looking in which is embarrassing. Well hopefully it's an issue that can be resolved and they will stop advertising it America as one of the extrordinary places that is a "must see" when visiting Japan recommended on the Travel Channel and the Food Network. Hopefully they remove this place from the recommended lists and their will be no more embarrasment for the sellers, local and foreign wholesale shoppers, and unknowing visitors. Thank you for setting me straight about what type of place it is and the fact it doesn't smell is that because everything in there is frozen? I still don't get why anyone would want to go see dead fish instead of going to the beautiful aquarium and feel the tranquility but that is just me.


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Posted in: We understand that the sight of hundreds of frozen tuna looks unique and interesting for foreign tourists. But they have to understand the Tsukiji market is a professional place, not an amusement park See in context

No worries about this tourist. I like my fish swimming happily in fish tanks. I can barely stand the smell of seafood and in America the open air markets aren't a given. I beleive there are a few in the large cities such as New York. So it being out in the open like that is already a hygiene issue for some of us and uncooked meat for some of us completely out of the question. I can't fault Japan for their right to make these decisions, however when they aren't in their own country they are considered tourist too and never think twice about being inappropriately camera happy.

They are even inappropriately camera happy in their own country. Such as stopping the rarely seen African American female tourist to take a picture with them and urging the ever present cute "peace" sign. Also turn on the televison and watch a drama fon't be surprised to see that in this day and age they still are doing the black face with afros slapstick comedy routine. So maybe they should protect the tourist from the insensitivy instead of feeling they need protection what they consider a place of business from us. Yes there will always be rude people in any situation, but usually for most of us with common sense when we read signs that say don't touch, most of us don't touch. So hopefully their are signs issued in several languages, otherwise in some countries polking, touching and smelling is a way of deciding if it something we want to buy or not. Such as in fruit markets where you pick up a peach smell the stem area check the to see if if it's too soft or too hard.


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Posted in: Age before beauty See in context

His external what!?!!? It's an adjective, not a noun, you Hollywood moron.

Come on! Are you truly saying you didn't get the meaning of what he was saying in spite of your need to correct grammer and call someone names?

I gleamed he was saying you can be fifty on your birth certificate and the face in the mirror; however, inside you still feel like you are twenty-five and you don't allow society to dictate how you should act or be because of your age. You prove the point. I'm sure you're older than six but you're still calling people names like one.

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Posted in: KAT-TUN to hold concerts on 7 straight nights at Tokyo Dome See in context

Vocally they aren't Gackt but they work hard and give a good show. You can't blame them or their managment or earning a pay check. It's no different then everyone else, it a job and they shouldn't be expected to inspire anyone. How many salary people think they are inspiring someone everyday the go to work. Telling people not to buy tickets is like telling people not to buy, eat, drive, or anything else that may be keeping you working these days.

I think it's a great idea and in that business it could be 40 people but they still perform just like there is 40,000. The show always go on.

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Posted in: Body without head, limbs found in Okinawa field See in context

Usually when someone knows the victim they will try and make it difficult to identify the remains. Identify the remains you find the usual suspects. Also with it being found so easily it sounds like it wasn't premeditated, the entire thing could have been accidental or a as someone mention a crime of passion or rage. Premeditated killers would have use something more reliable then luggage. If it was on a nearby road used mostly by locals, it's probably someone visiting they would consider it remote. A local would considered it a well frequented area and would have chosen a more remote or wooded area to dispose of the body. Most of the time a body of water is the first place of choice, so this person probably didn't have time to go the distance without someone realizing they were gone. Most likely the killer doesn't live too far maybe a few neighboring towns away. He would want to keep his eyes on the burial site, it's too tempting not to because of the fear of it being found and the fear of getting caught. If they find out who the victim is and with tattoo's, piercings, birthmarks and scars, you're bound to miss removing all identifying markers especially if the decease has a criminal record.

It will be interesting to see if we and when we get an update on this one.

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Posted in: What do you think of Japanese pop and rock music? Heard anything you like? See in context

I love Gackt, Hyde,Crystal Kay, Hikaru Utada. Dir en grey. I like a few more but it's because they are cute it has nothing to do with the music, so I won't mention them. I'll just call them my "private pleasure". :-D


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