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Posted in: Cambodia deports 25 Japanese nationals suspected of operating online scams See in context

Just curious? Why are they not showing the faces of these scoundrels? They are over 18, right?

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Posted in: 20-year-old U.S. Marine arrested for allegedly assaulting 76-year-old woman See in context

These are just the cases we hear about. My friend works at a bar in Hiroshima and tells me about the WEEKLY trouble they have from Marines and Sailors! From fights to destruction of property to assaults on women. And this is just from military at MCAS IWAKUNI. I can’t imagine what it’s like at the bigger bases.

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Posted in: Japan 'on standby' to take all possible steps amid yen decline See in context

I read an article a few weeks ago. It was stating that the IMF felt that the YEN was actually undervalued and should be around ¥180 and if Japan intervened to lower the YEN, then they should be considered “currency manipulators”. Anyone else think this way?

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Posted in: Bear bounty introduced by Akita governor pays ¥5,000 per bear to hunters See in context

And we wonder how animals went extinct in the past?

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Posted in: Kishida revamps cabinet; record-tying 5 women appointed ministers See in context

How about getting away from “ministers” in their 70’s? In mean the DIGITAL MINISTER is 60!!!

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Posted in: Japan warns of excessive currency moves; says all options on table See in context

Did they try this before, and it worked but went right back to where it was?

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Posted in: 2 men report to police over DJ Soda groping case See in context

I used to know a Japanese woman in Hiroshima. She would get other women drunk and take them back to her place and molest and assault them. She said some were into it but most were not. She said the thing that helped her avoid the police was that most women felt shame and worried about the possibility of being ridiculed.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over murder of 67-year-old mother See in context

I wonder if she had Alzheimer’s or some other debilitating disease? The Japanese government gives no support for those with a crushing illness. It is not easy.

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Posted in: Do you think the world is more dangerous today than it was two years ago? See in context

When you have a French leader afraid to stand up to Putin, and let the Russians do what they want. Then of course!

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Posted in: Holidaymakers to boost spending as Japan growth at tipping point See in context

I watched an interview on TV. It was a Japanese guy with his wife and two children at an airport. They asked him “where are you and your family going for Obon and how much did it cost?”. He replied that they were going to Australia for 5 days and it was costing him ¥350000. He also said that he didn’t have the money for this trip, but his wife insisted they go anyway. Is this the new norm?

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Posted in: Pokemon card shop in Osaka says it will refuse to buy cards from any Vietnamese people See in context

Does anyone remember the LARGE influx of Vietnamese that came to the US after the Vietnam War? With the huge influx of Vietnamese came the huge gang influx and the creation of BTK. A very filthy and murderous gang that the FBI is still battling today.

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Posted in: Japan records steepest population decline while number of foreign residents hits new high See in context

2.4% is the foreign population in Japan? That number has to be off?

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Posted in: Hollywood actors join screenwriters in historic industry-stopping strike as contract talks collapse See in context

Does this mean that I need to wait to see FAST AND FURIOUS 22 or MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 10?

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Posted in: Osaka police mistakenly arrest man in revenge porn case See in context

Official apology?? LOL. They held him for 42 days. He probably lost his job?

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Posted in: Japanese government promises expressways will be free by the year 2115 See in context

Does anyone remember when Abe made this one of his campaign promises? It lasted for about 2 weeks and then the fee came back.

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Posted in: Several crew of U.S. Navy ship in Japan suspected of drug trafficking See in context

If only the “general public” knew about the things that really go on board those ships. When I was in during the 90’s, female crew members from the USS SAMUEL GOMPERS were running a prostitution business on board the ship. It was a submarine tender and when the subs came up for service, the sub crew were getting serviced.

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Posted in: Skeletal remains of 2 people found in house in Saitama Prefecture See in context

It only took a year? This seems to be the norm in Japan?

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Posted in: Nursing home employee arrested over death of 90-year-old resident See in context

The pay here for nurses and orderlies is ridiculously LOW and the hours are terrible.

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Posted in: Japan's FY2022 jobless rate at 2.6%; improves for 2nd year in row See in context

Isn’t the population of Japan decreasing, so doesn’t this make sense? And, isn’t this a bad thing?

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Posted in: 66-year-old man arrested for keeping body of 91-year-old father at home See in context

It’s all about collecting that pension! It seems like family members always put a stop to it, right?

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Posted in: 19-year-old woman who gave birth in toilet charged with killing infant See in context

Didn’t a Vietnamese woman do this recently? Abandoning her twins? But they only charged her with abandonment of a corpse, right?

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Posted in: Son of murdered couple turns himself in to Wakayama police See in context

The parents “raised” him to be this way. Being the eldest son, they probably pampered and babied him well into his 40’s. This seems to be the trend in Japan.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested over engaging in sex with minor in Shiga Prefecture See in context

Now, if Japan only had a SEX OFFENDERS list like is America. Just type in the area and it shows where they are. But, in Japan, they just melt away into the background and might be back again. Terrible system here!

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Posted in: U.S. Marine stationed at Iwakuni base arrested for stealing car See in context

I live in Hiroshima City. This is just ONE incident of many! They come in on Friday and get drunk and fight and cause trouble. This is just a case that got caught by the press.

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Posted in: Arrest warrant obtained for YouTuber, ex-lawmaker over online threats See in context

Am I missing something? Why are they not talking about the prefecture that he represented? Embarrassing?

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Posted in: 3 arrested for 'sushi terrorism' pranks See in context

Didn’t Japan “update” the law and change the age of adulthood to 18? Recently, on various sites, they don’t name those under 20. Is there a reason for that?

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. negotiating return of detained Navy officer: sources See in context

The American military and GS employees seem to get “special treatment” in Japan. A few years ago the head of the HR department at IWAKUNI hit and killed a Japanese national. The rumor was that she was drunk. No one knew because she left the scene and went to the base. She paid compensation but within a week, the military flew her back to America. This really seems to be the norm?

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Posted in: Tuna fetches ¥36.04 mil at New Year auction in Tokyo See in context

Sure know how to waste their money! But, just wait. The ¥1,000,000 melons and ¥500,000 strawberries are still yet to come!

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Posted in: Quarter of trainees in Japan told to return home if pregnant: survey See in context

I am foreign and worked at an oyster processing factory in Hiroshima. The foreign “trainees” were all Vietnamese women under 25. They worked at minimum wage, around ¥900. I made around ¥1200 an hour. The Japanese staff was “welcome” to “visit” the Vietnamese staff at their dormitory at all hours of the night. The Vietnamese women were literally working 24 hours a day. One Vietnamese woman told me that they had limited health care through their “posting service”. It is a very flawed system!

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Posted in: Vietnamese trainees call out unpaid illegal overtime at Japanese firm See in context

Or, Vietnamese women are treated like hookers. My friend works at a “seafood company” in Hiroshima. He said the company only hires Vietnamese women and puts them in a dormitory. The management often “visits” this dormitory after working hours and my friend said if the women complain, they are sent back to Vietnam on “immigration violations”. He said when they come to work, they are often exhausted. Modern day comfort women.

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