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 "It isn't necessary to carry out tests on these people who are just simply worried."

Unacceptable condescendence from a government member towards people that are sick, regardless they have Covid-19 or not.

Let's see if he'll change his opinion once he starts to show some symptoms. "Oh, you have sustained fever and feel like sh**? You're just worried, you don't need to be tested!"

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Japan is on life support, not dead yet. But miracle does happen.

"Fortuna Audaces Sequitur", Akie. I don't see no audaces in this government, nor in its people strongly demanding for better containment measures, better testing, better chances at survival.

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"What is your solution if in case the infections grow again in Japan?"

To grow "again" implies that first infection spreading would have to be stopped. Which I don't see happening in Japan. Compared to other countries where the outbreak is being contrasted with full force, in Japan I see very little effort tracking the disease, very little effort in social distancing, people mostly pretending to carry on with their normal life as if nothing much is happening (expect the toilet paper insanity that is still going on).

The government seems to have done a great job in convincing people that there's not much that can be done in this emergency. Testing? Eh, mendokusai. Isolation, schools closed? Eh, mendokusai. It is safe to say that as of today, nobody can predict where this is heading.

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Yamada Taro:

This is a clear example of a collapsed healthcare system.

Several hospitals in Italy are collapsing NOT because a lot of people is being tested BUT because a lot of people is sick and require medical care.

It doesn't take a genius to understand it: testing itself is not sending people to hospital. And mild cases are being sent back home, because hospitals need to care about more severe cases.

People who tend to downplay what's happening and the importance of testing are either being dishonest or simply ignorant. Neither of those 2 things are good.

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People who come here to brag about how low Japan numbers are. In the middle of a pandemic emergency, while people is dying from the virus inside and outside of Japan.

That's a real shame, really.

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