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Posted in: Packed in See in context

Was there when I greeted 2013, pulled out my first omikuji, and it was a daikichi. This time I am here at home with my family, and I love it more!

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Posted in: 16 films based on popular manga series hitting Japanese cinemas in 2014 See in context

I believe a Shingeki no Kyojin live action movie is also scheduled to be shown in Japan cinemas on 2014. I hope the Rurouni Kenshin sequel will be better though.

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Posted in: Swiss 'Jetman' takes joyride around Mt Fuji See in context

Lots of people, me included, have had their pictures taken with Mount Fuji in the background, but this is by far, and will probably be the best one ever. Thanks for sharing your great moment, Mr. Yves “Jetman” Rossy!

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Posted in: Mount Fuji's World Heritage status worries some See in context

This year I climbed on August 31 from the bottom and it was a great experience compared to last year, which I climbed from the 5th station. Although I never really had the chance to enjoy much of what the trail has to offer, since I had to reach the fifth station before it got dark. Took me 3 hours and 45 minutes from the Sengen Shrine (Yoshida trail) to the fifth station. There were not much people climbing that day so I was able to climb at my own pace, but I started climbing from the 5th station at 1am, September 1, because of the strong winds (30m/s). We were advised to think twice about climbing that night because the winds were really strong. I had to wait 7 hours until I started climbing at 1 am, but some took the risk and climbed ahead of me. On the way down there were rolling rocks so it was kind of scary, and everyone descending had to watch out and look upward at times. I climbed the mountain wearing clothes that I feel comfortable wearing. I wore running shoes rather than climbing shoes, and I did not use a climbing stick. It was the challenge I put up to myself, and I am happy to have accomplised it. But I would not recommend it to everyone. I feel I was just lucky to have climbed and descended without a scratch. Climbing the mountain is really not dangerous, but careful planning should be done beforehand. I brought with me a liter of water and would only drink a few when my throat dries. I did not have to use the toilets above the 5th station, and have picked up hats and gloves lost by other climbers on the way down.

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested after hitting and killing girl at intersection See in context

I've read a lot of news like this here on JT, and makes me wonder as to why these happen. Well, I live here in central Tokyo, and I always ride my bicycle everyday, on early mornings and late evenings at that, and not once did I ever see a car driver turning left or right on ANY kind of intersection prioritizing him/herself over the pedestrians. They would turn but would really slow down and would completely stop until the very last pedestrian makes his/her way across. I know that there are a lot of people in Tokyo and the streets are always filled with people that is why it would be impossible not to notice pedestrians/cyclists crossing, but as far as my observation is concerned, drivers here are way too cautious on intersections, always assuming that there are pedestrians. I really feel sorry for this girl for having to cross paths with such an irresponsible driver.

RIP young lady.

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Posted in: Spurs beat Grizzlies in series opener See in context

I have not seen a Spurs play-off game yet. Is Tracy McGrady playing for them already?

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Posted in: Woman hit by bullet train at Sendai station See in context

Well, according to the news, it was a 'sesshoku' accident. 'Sesshoku' means 'touch' or 'contact' so yeah, she might have 'made contact' and somewhat dragged by the train when it was already passing by her. Anyway I hope she recovers from this.

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Posted in: Which are more loved in Japan: Cats or dogs? See in context

stay away from single women with cats!! its says all about their character. cats are fake creatures. This reminded me of the Japanese phrase 'Neko wo Kaburu", or to wear a cat (on one's head).

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Posted in: Tranquility See in context

Wow, I can stare at that beautiful sight all day.

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