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Posted in: White House: Trump comments on sending troops to Mexico 'lighthearted' See in context

Those "bad hombres" do all their killing with guns bought in the U.S., paid for with money earned by supplying non bad hombre? U.S. citizens demand for coke, weed, crack, whatever. Guess you need altered reality to deal with life undertake half man/half mouth that lost the election by 3 million votes.

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Posted in: APA hotel chain under fire over book denying Rape of Nanking See in context

For Kazuaki and the other Nanjing and comfort women deniers who think its just a difference of opinion and no-one really knows...The University of Michigan Press published Documents on the Rape of Nanking in 1999. Their source material includes; Documents of the Nanjing Safety Zone, The Family Letters of Dr. Robert Wilson, and The Judgement of the International Military Tribunal of the Far East. It also provides an index of names, an Index of organizations and several photographs. For those who fixate on the 300,000 murdered number the Nanjing District court investigation in 1946 put the number at 295,525 people! If you're saying it doesn't count unless you butcher 300,000 innocent souls then in your twisted little world you are right.

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Posted in: Japan's national health insurance can save your life and savings See in context

My wife was diagnosed with colon cancer in November last year and was started on a month of radiation within two weeks after a complete series of tests had been administered. She recovered for one month and then had surgery on January 28th. Our only insurance coverage is Kokumin Hoken, annual premium for two older adults just over ¥200,000.

This was a very educational experience and for our friends around the world an object lesson in why single payer health insurance is the only civilized way for a country to operate. Time magazine published a long article on U.S healthcare in early February that really opened my eyes. A U.S. man diagnosed with cancer was charged U.S$83,900 for his 6 day in hospital treatment plan evaluation and initial chemotherapy treatments. No mention of surgery, radiation, nursing costs, hospital bed costs etc. etc. which U.S. hospitals seem to be very good at calculating.

My wife received three consultations with her surgeon, several MRI and CT scans and other test procedures, a three hour, four doctor surgical procedure, 1 day of intensive care followed by nine days of acute care followed, (with a 1 week spell at home) by a further twelve days in hospital which saw visits from her surgeon each day as well as other specialists.

Total cost including all meetings with the surgeon, tests, chemo and radiation treatments, drugs, meals, hospitalization etc. etc. Y210,000 or rounded up U.S. $2,275.00

What family, What individual can possibly afford to pay $81,625 more for treatment in the U.S. than they would pay under a single payer system? Why do they have to?

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