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Posted in: Australia decides referendum question to create Indigenous Voice See in context

What new is a voice without any actual power to do anything?

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Posted in: If you currently live in Japan, do you think you will, or would like to spend the rest of your life here? See in context

I will add another point that I used to live in Singapore and have Singaporean friends. In these cities it is harder to make good friends because they are small cities where everyone lives within a short public transport ride away from their school friends for life. People rarely move to a far away location so they never bother to socialise and make new friends. Usually foreigners in the city states of Hong Kong and Singapore tend to make friends with other foreigners. Japan is easer in this regard.

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Posted in: If you currently live in Japan, do you think you will, or would like to spend the rest of your life here? See in context

@Jimzo Sorry for the late reply but I'll add a couple of points to the conversation:

1) Japan also has a great deal of variation in terms of social culture. Most Japanese cities are bigger than British cities, and I view the social environment in these places as being similar to London. You get a wide variety of social groups in these cities as well. If you go to rural areas than it becomes much more relaxed. Furthermore you do get a lot of pockets of uptightness in the UK as well outside the South (for example Scotland in many parts is quite uptight, especially the lowlands and the north-east).

2) Japanese people say that they are socially awkward because they are pessimistic like British people. Comparing them with a Singaporean or Korean can lead to false understandings because those people are more likely to be optimisitc. A typical drama in the UK is about being gritty and realistic, whereas Korean dramas or American dramas are about fantasy and glossiness.

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Posted in: Japan-led maglev project in U.S. east faces cost, regulatory hurdles See in context

CaHSR is basically the case study of how not to build a major infrastructure project.

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Posted in: London police institutionally racist and sexist, report finds See in context

Interesting that Braverman has taken a more aggressive stance against the Met despite being a Conservative politcian.

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Posted in: Putin hosts Xi in the Kremlin with imperial palace pageantry See in context

I thought China was supplying weapons to Russia via the UAE?

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Posted in: TikTok updates content rulebook as pressure from West builds See in context

“These principles are based on our commitment to uphold human rights and aligned with international legal frameworks,” said Julie de Bailliencourt, TikTok's global head of product policy.

Speaking is if the company is a unpopular regime answering to a UN Security Council mandate.

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Posted in: Some Americans return to cash to curb spending See in context

In Japan cash is still king and budgeting is still very important. Many Japanese will have their salary withdrawn in cash and then put into their relevant locations/accounts for spending or saving.

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Posted in: Lacking health workers, Germany taps robots for elder care See in context

This is basically the only solution to healthcare because most of Non-Muslim Non-African Eurasia is facing low birth rates.

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Posted in: U.N. holds rare conference on global water crisis See in context

Water pollution should be more thoroughly tackled. In many parts of South East Asia and South Asia, a heavy rain will cause floods that turn the area incredibly disgusting and unhealthy.

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Posted in: Formulating measures to ensure a stable imperial succession is an issue we can’t put off, so I intend to push ahead with discussions at the Diet. See in context

Surely it is a choice for the imperial household themselves?

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Posted in: Western powers, including the European Union and United States, have been taking an increasingly tough approach toward TikTok, citing fears user data could be used or abused by Chinese officials. What's your view on this? See in context

TikTok ought to be banned but social media in generally needs to be overhauled. I disagree moderation is the answer though because moderation has been to discriminatory to valid discussion.

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Posted in: Nootbaar's pepper grinder move unwelcome in Japan high school tourney See in context

Sorry but this is very funny.

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Posted in: Kishida to announce new Indo-Pacific plan; seek India's support See in context

Japan should buy the nuke off India.

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Posted in: If you currently live in Japan, do you think you will, or would like to spend the rest of your life here? See in context

Also, most Japanese are socially inhibited (strangers rarely talk casually with each other, etc ) so alienation and loneliness are other factors to consider.

Japanese aren't so different to many European countries including the UK, yet people don't seem to complain about the British or Germans etc... In these countries the locals don't consider small talk to be a sign of friendliness. Loneliness is more likely to be a sign of you personally than of the Japanese.

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Posted in: In U.S., 'tip fatigue' raises questions about sacrosanct habit See in context

Wealthy Americans saved a lot of money during the pandemic so shops are trying to find ways to get that money off them.

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Posted in: UBS to buy Credit Suisse for $3.2 billion to rein in bank turmoil See in context

The trouble at the bank is from the investment banking subsidiary based in New York called First Boston. UBS has wanted to buy the rest of Credit Suisse for ages.

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Posted in: Sweden rediscovers poverty as inflation soars See in context

The primary problem for Sweden is that it's transmission network in the south of the country is better connected to Mainland Europe than to the transmission network in the north of the country where most electricity is generated, causing a lack of transmission capacity even though Sweden has surplus energy.

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Posted in: Police search Japan inn that rarely changed hot-spring bathwater See in context


Good point…At least in Japan I can be naked in a bath with men without having sexual advances.

What parts of the world can't you be naked around men?

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Posted in: Diamond Princess returns to Yokohama 3 years after mass COVID outbreak See in context

Diamond Princess arriving in time for the anniversary of the tsunami. Two monumental periods of Japanese history collide.

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Posted in: Saturday will be 12 years since the March 11, 2011 disaster. If you were in Japan, what are your memories of that day? See in context

Watching NHK news on the internet.

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Posted in: 8 killed, including gunman, at Jehovah's Witness hall shooting in Germany See in context

The most likely is an Islamist.

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Posted in: Japan revises GDP to nearly flat, showing fragile recovery See in context

@Jonathan Prin

Japan's population will be returning to what it was in the 1970s 1980s during the boom years.

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Posted in: We want to stop the violation of the human rights of second-generation followers. See in context

They are forbidden to get blood transfusions and parents often stop their children from getting blood related help at hospitals.

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Posted in: 3 arrested for 'sushi terrorism' pranks See in context

Ryoga Yoshino

Maybe his family are fans of Yoshinoya.

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Posted in: South Korea, Japan to hold summit next week to expand ties See in context

You'd think that the countries would meet more often rather than bickering over tiny issues like whether to have a statue or not. No wonder America has such a strong presence in the region when it's the only rational head in the room.

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Posted in: 20 years after U.S. invasion, Iraq far from 'liberal democracy' See in context

Pakistan has weapons of mass destruction and is the breeding ground for state-sponsored terrorist groups including one that famously hit the United States. When will Pakistan be invaded?

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Posted in: China's Xi awarded third term as president, extending rule See in context

China is surrounded by countries much more antagonist to the US than China itself.

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Posted in: French nationwide strike to continue as pension reform fight intensifies See in context

I expected that the strikes would be about inflation and not pension age.

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