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Instead of blaming Greenpeace for its findings on higher levels of radiation around Fukushima area,why not Japanese Anti-nuclear activists force the japanese universities to take up this monitoring work as a third party and furnish correct information on Radiation exposures around Fukushima plant as the academicians are paid from public taxes for their salaries and they have a duty to do this work as a matter of gratitude for their pay-masters.Let N.G.O's demonstrate against the heads of the Educational institutions who have the expertise to help serve the interests of Japanes people by telling them the truth so that they make their own decisions whether to return to their native places or stay back in safer places far away for some more time instead of blindly believing in the words of Government experts.Ren Dubos,an American Encvironmentalist said long ago that 'A Nation which blindly believes in its experts is a nation on its way to death"Let not Japan make this mistake

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There is nothing like a bsolute safety of Nu clear rea cgtors as they are subjected to several faults due to lack of safety culture and human errors which cause sixty per cdent of nuclear ac cidents.Moreover there is no safe dose of radiation beyond the back ground levels as NY INCREASE IN RADIATION CAUSES CORRESPONDING IN CREASED RATES OF CANCER among people and sickness among other forms of life.hence japanese must pressurise their politicians to save mankind and all forms of life by refusing to allow operation of Nuclear plants not only i n Japan but all over the world For more scientific details see my scientific and technical articles on the web site"DiaNuke.org" prof.T.Shivaji Rao,M.S.[rice University,Texas,USA,1962] Director,centrwe for environmental studies,Gitam university,visakhapatnam,India.

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Japanese must be bold enough to call a spade,a spade.They sould reject the view of the newly created Nuclear Energy regulatory board chairman that there is no need for stress tests and that he cannot stop oi reactors even if tghey are found to be risky not only for japan but for the whole world particularly as they are located on pacific desteructive seismic belt which will face higher magnitude earthquakes one day or the other and cause another fukushima-like explosion and spew intense radio activity in the air,over land and in the ocean waters so that all forms of fisheries and fish food organisms besides ruining food chains and food webs in terrestial and aquatic ecological systems which ultimately ruin the health and welfare of people.There are proven alternate sources of energfy which japan can use instead of the political leaders working to promote the financial interests of Business lobby that offer huge funds for election campaigns of greedy politicians who know that politics is the last resort of only scoundrels like the saddist Hitler who was happy to kill millions of Jews to satisfy his ego and fascist tendencies.The world should be ruled by honest and sane people for ensuring peace and prosperity in all countries.Man does not live by bread alone and he should be more humane for getting NIRVANA

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Japan as a leader in Asitic zone must set an example for other countries to abandon nuclear plants because they are silent killers of man and nature.moreover Nuclear safety is a pure Myth and many japanese are buddhists who believe in Buddhistic doctrine of Non-violence which means abandonment of killer nuclear power. prof.T.Shivaji Rao, M.S.[Rice University,Texas,1962 Director,centre for environmental studies, gitam university,visakhapatnam,india

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Japan must remove from public life people like Edano who want to just make money at any cost by violating the buddhistic ethos of non-violence.he should be excommunicated from the healthy society for the greater good of the maximum number of people.hitler ultimately met his fate by poisonimng himself and Edano must live not just for himself but for others too

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Japan has ultimately taken a good decision to close down nuclear plants in tune with its philosophy of lord Buddha who preached non-violence as a basic human trait to achieve Nirvana.That is service to fellowmen is service to GOD and Love of Fellowmwn is love of GOD even as per christian ethos and morde than that it is what Gandhi stood for in his life of simple living and high thinking to make the earth,a HeAVEN FOR ALL FORMS OF LIFE.Let japanese people who are intelligent not be bossed over by the New cRich from Western countries who want money at any cost without realising that man does not livde by bread alone to make life worth living.while leading A GOOD AND HAPPY LIFE BY YOURSELFF,YOU MUST ALLOW POTHERS ALSO TO LIVE so that peacxe and prosperity will last for ever. profT.Shivaji Rao, Director,centre for environmental studies, Gitam University,visakhapatnam,India

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Seismologists are scientifically correct in warning the Government of Japan to avoid tghe restarting of the Nuclear reactors. This is a very serious warning to the ecologically illeterate Japanese Prime Minister and the anti-environmentalist nuclear lobby and Governsment officials and politicians who just merely want to use the cloak of nuclear reactors for making corruption of as much as possible for investment for the coming elections so that they can come back to power. The politicians and officials who promote nuclear power have to be classified as international environemntal criminals as their main objective is to use the nuclear reactors also to generate plutonium and enriched uranium byproducts so that they can use them to make nuclear weapons which can be sold at an exorbitant cost through the heads of underdeveloped countries by taking advantage of their highly corrupt government administration systems. In the process these nuclear plants located on the most destructive earthquake prone circumpacific belt are bound to experience small and medium scale accidents which may ultimately blow into nuclear explosions which spread poisonous nuclear pollutants to spread to even distant countries and poison their air, water and land resources and thereby inflict unimaginable economic and environmental damaging costs that pave the way to the economic bankruptcy of the countries which happen to be in the zone of influence of the radioactive fall out due to the reactor accident. If inspite of the agitation by the Japanese against the restart of the nuclear plants the japanese government plans to reopen the nuclear reactors and thereby create manmade disasters which effect other countries all over the world the common citizens of the world have no option except to exert pressure over their national governemnts to boycott the import of all Japanese goods so that Japan is bound to face the economic sanctions imposed by all the foreign countries. For more details on the realtions between the magnitude of an earthquake, its intensity, its focal depth and its damaging potential from a distance see the web http://tshivajirao.blogspot.in/2008/05/tehri-dam-is-time-bomb-act-even-now-to.html .T.Shivaji Rao, Director, Center for Environemntal Studies, GITAM University, Visakhapatnam-530045 Phone: 0891-2504902 Prof 2738211 Mobile: 9949319038 Mobile of Personal Assistant: 9885324013 email: shivajirao1932@hotmail.com shivajirao32@gmail.com for Biodata: <http://www.eoearth.org/ contributor/Shivaji.rao> <http://www.asktheexperts.org.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=70&Itemid=105 > <http://www.varunyantra.org/ > (website on Inexpensive cloud seeding by farmers)

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It is very risky to think of running a killer nuclear plant close to thwe ring of fire along Pacific belt.It looks that Japanese intellectuals have given up creative thinking to visualise in how many ways a nuclear plant can fail and they do not seem to know that even a delay of one minute in restoring cooling water to the core can result in a Core melt down and an explosion at the nuclear plant.see; http://tshivajirao.blogspot.in/2012/06/impossibility-of-safety-of-nuclear.html http://tshivajirao.blogspot.in/2012/02/kudankulam-nuclear-bomb-over-tamilnadu.html <http://www.dianuke.org/why-koodankulam-reactors-are-killers-of-indians-and-fisheries Prof.T.Shivaji Rao,M.S.[Rice University,Houston,Texas,1962]Ph.D.[Hony] Director,centre for Environment,Gitam University,visakhapatnam,India

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During 1950 Japan produced Electrical power based on coal for 50%,hydro-powewr for 33% oil for 17%.Nuclear power was a recent addition as it fetched huge profits for its promoters among politicians,officials and business lobby.So,even to-day,Japan can give up Nuclear power and produce equivalent power from Geo-thermal,coal,oil and natural gas and other renewable resources as practised in Germany.Hence Japanese people should not believe that Nucleaer power is the only alternative as being propagated by the decision-makers who want to use people's demands as a cloak for making tonnes and tonnes of corruption money to be used for election campaigns and personal purposes.

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Nuclear safety is a cent percent Myth.Nuclear plants are always silent killers.Just as in olden days the imperialists went in search of better lands and prosperous countries to loot them and add to their wealth,business men with entrepreneur skills join nuclear industry and make tonnes and tonnes of money and in the bargain use their national heads of states as commission agents and seduce the heads of poor countries to buy reactors by paying them huge bribes.that is how Britishers ruled over India for decades.Today the western Nuclear lobby has mesmerised even Japanese to buy the riskiest Nuclear power plants by bribing the state and central Government leaders even when the common people are fighting against nuclear plants asit is impossible to ensure safety in the nuclear power plants as analysed by experts under web site,http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/reaction/readings/search.html Japan must be an example for other countries to stop Nuclear plants and save mankind and natural life systems for tghe sake of our future generations prof.T.Shivaji Rao,Director,Gitam University,visakhapatnam

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The irreversible damage to Earth eco-systems is gradually occuring becauswe of the population growth and industrialisation and rapid changes in living styles from a frugal spending economy to throw away society promoted by USA in particular due to egoistic.materialistic,mechanical and overgreedy exploitation of Natural resources by a handful of Multi-national corporations in almost every country.Today the rapid spread of Nuclear power plants is adding fuel to thde fire even in Buddhistic countries like Japan and India where people have no respect for traditional ethical and moral value systems and consequently pollution and ecological degradation on an unprecedented scale is occuring almost in all countries and naturally the world has to face the drastic punishment inflicted by a handful of politicians and businessmen to the detriment of millions of poor people whose voice is throttled even in democratic countries like India.If Churches,Temples and Mosques take up thse issues of human survival,most of the people can be influenced to think about how to stop this rapid degradation in human values and work to rerstore the creations of GOD on Earth so that future generations can live with health and vigour Environmental ethics must be promoted all over the world as preached by Jesus,Mohamad,Buddha,Mahavir Jain,Hindu saints and great people like Mahatma Gandhiji prof.T.Shivaji Rao,Gitam University,visakhapatnam,Director for Environmental studies

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Posted in: Noda says Oi reactors must be restarted to protect economy, people's livelihoods See in context

Nuclear reactors are just silent killers.please do not accept them at any cost.for more details see the following web sites http://www.dianuke.org/koodankulam-official-experts-have-misled-people-on-nuclear-safety/ http://tshivajirao.blogspot.in/2012/02/kudankulam-nuclear-bomb-over-tamilnadu.html

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Noda knows that Nuclear safety is a Myth from the experiences of accidents at Chernobyl and Fukushima particularly when an accident costs so much as to render a country fall into Economic degradation and ecxological destruction including critical public health problems.For more details see web sites from Google search Engine under "DiaNuke.org"

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Edano certainly downplayed the nature and magnitude of the Fukushima explosion which occured as a series of accidents in succession. Edano certainly underestimated the health impacts inspite of the fact that there were instruments available to measure the outgoing radiation and its dispersal in the air environment and water environment. More over Edano should have referred to the potential accident scenarios which could have clearly shown about the magnitude of the source terms and also the airpollution models which could have furnished the amount of radiation that got dispersal through air and got deposited at different distances from the nuclear power plant. If only Edano wanted to know the information to make an honest presentation to the public to protect them from the avoidable exposure to excessive levels of radiation could have obtained the information from various soures instead of deliberately misleading the public on the impact of explosion just for the convenience of not creating the public scare among the people and thereby made the public experience more radiation doses which could have been avoided. Prof.T.Shivaji Rao Director, Center for Environmental studies, GITAM University, Visakhapatnam.

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there is a direct link between the levels of corrupt practices promoted by the governmental agencies and levels of sickness caused by tensions created by government officials who want bribes almost ten times the benefits that a person gets in getting his work done.most of the people accept bribery as a form of gift to the officials who refuse to perform their duties in a natural manner because their education and social systems have deteriorated even in democratic countries like india where the officxials and ministers are preferring to be in priasons instead of being honest in doing their duties.so there should be a moral revolution if the positive health of the people is to be restored.So,corruption is an indicator of both mental and physical sickness in countries whwere education and religious institutions fail to teachg the impoertance of ethics and morals for better quality of life.Mahatma Gandhiji's examples will restore public health and welfare as the system preacheas contentment is a bliss for happiness of man.

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Insia has completed sixty years of parliamentary life and still speaks about the need for achieving a social welfare state.Their invitation to multui-national corporations to enter into all fields of development ruins our natural resources and makes india again become a slave country bexcause foreign nations exploit the weaknesses of the most corrupt ministers at the central and state levels including the buraaucrats and bribe them so that inflation is fast increasing as money is spent for unproductive works and consequently all the welfafre measures do not make people happy.for instance the states give rice at a cheap price and collect back that subsidy by increasing the cost of petrol.diesael and energy sources so that people are becoming more poorer day by day.Except scandinavian countries most other nations are cheating the millions of poor people to the detriment of the quality of life and the the natural resources so that sustainable development can never be achieved.Even foreign funding agencies wink at these wrong policies of the countries so long as their business interests are served to the satisfaction of the rich countries

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Instead of creating scare about shortage of Electricity due to closure of all nuclear plants,japan must permit the intelligent industrialists to develop their own captive power plants by choosing any energy mix comprising fossil fuels like coal,oil and natural gas either through local production or by imports and also develop Geo-thermal energy and solar,wind and wave energy and also bio-fuels.Let not the mass media be bothered about restoration of nuclear power under any circumstances. Let Japan also implement the principles of simple living and high thinking as advocated by great men like Buddha and Mahatma Gandhiji.For more scientific details see web sites under "DiaNuke.org" an other blog articles by t.Shivaji Rao by searching under the 'Google search Engine'on the internet

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<><><>If you want to compare the choices between impacts of Nuclear power and climate change due to green house gases,you must vote for phasing out of Nuclear power as its impacts throws human life into irrerversibe mutated and cancerous progeny. so the arguments for nuclear power by the criminal and corrupt minds of mad industrialists,politicians and Bureaucrats must thrown to winds by substituting them with scientific reasons as presented in some of thde web sites from india.see web sites "DiaNuke.Org"

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Saru_au has rightly suggested that Japan can make good the loss of energy by closing down nuclear plants by several alternate ways.Although Japanese officials and politicians are rougues as defined by Lyndon Johnson by saying that"politics is the last resort of a scroundrel" and hence they are very eager to resume their corrupt practices for gaining tonnes of illegal monies even by poisoning the people and Nature for generations to come,japanese should be alert and stop the Nuclear plants.Before 1970 did not people in Japan survive for thousands of years without nuclear power?is it not a fact that Japanese in power think that they can earn more corrupt money by preventing the harnessing of alternate sources like solar,wind and Bio-mass energy and also tap Geo-thermal power to meet the needs ocf the people?They can use the present idle reactors to produce power by modifying them to feed with Natural gas or they can use fossil fuels for heating purposes in stead of nuclear fuel or import natural gas immediately from neighbouring countries? Japan musgt show to the world that nuclear power is just a silent killer of man and Nature and so it should be abandoned in all countries and they must follow the principle of Gandhi to boycott the goods produced by countries based on nuclear power.For more scientific details see web sites"DiaNuke.org" and also < http://tshivajirao.blogspot.in/2012/05/why-kudankulam-reactors-are-killers-of.html>

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Zichi ,i hope realises that Nuclear plants are jJust silent killers of mankind and nature.in fact they should be considered as Hitler's Gas - Chambers which were used by Nazi Germans to kill millions of jews,polish and russian prisoners and opposition party workers.in Germany...The vested interests who want to make tonnes of corrupt money by promoting nuclear plants must realise that their thirsty sick minds should not be allowed to commit mass scale murder of people of the world as a nuclear accident in some place is an accident every where in the world as nuclear pollutants do not respect any political boundaries Are the Japanese of modern times becoming so cruel that they want not only to slowly kill their present generations of people but also their future generations who have not voted the present day politicians into power? If Japandese do not realise that promotion of nuclear power amounts to obuilding of Gas Chambers to kill all mankind and natural life systems,the anti-nuclear activists all over the world must unite to get Reactors and Nuclear weapons abandoned in all countries failing which people must demand for economic sanctions against such criminal countries headed by the most corrupt politicians who do not mind murdering their own children and family members to come to power at any cost.Thed pu blic should never beliweve i n any politician in any country including United states because they work to make only illegal money to be spent for the elections to come back to power to make more money,a vicious cycle.for more scientific details read web sites and their links to know how Nuclear plants are just nuclear bombzs in case of unexpexcted accidents as happened at Fukushima and Chernobyl and Three mile island web site: 'DiaNuke.org":under the author,Prof.t.shivaji Rao

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If Fukushima Reactor failures have teach a good lesson to criminal industrialists,politicians,bureaucrats and nuclear safety experts,scientists and Engineers who contributed for the explosion either by their sins of omizssion and commission,thge propertiesa of all these people must be taken over by the Government to pay for the costzs of dismantling,decontamination and to pay compensation to the victims for decades to come.If Japan penalises the guilty,then Nuclear power promoters all over the world will talk with responsibility on nuclear safety and act guardedly in promoting Nuclear Reactors which ar just slow killers of mankind and Nature.people all over Japan must demand their Members of Parliament to initiate action in this right direction tro punish the guilty and protect the virtuous people.

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There is nothing like absolute safety in respect of nuclear reactors as proved by the explosions due to human errors at the Three Mile Island in 1979 in USA, Chernobyl reactors in Ukraine of Russia in 1986 and Fukushima, Japan in 2011.It is also realised by many experts that about 75 to 80% of the nuclear accidents are due to human errors. Fukushima explosion presented a series of events leading to the disaster which clearly show that there is no responsibility on nuclear safety among the workers of the reactors, supervisory personnel at the reactor safety organisation workers electrical and instrumentation engineers, site slection committee members, nuclear reactor designers, plant maintenance staff, radiation monitoring staff employed for detection of radioactivity entering into the air, water, soil resources and food chains and food webs in nature. Many people do not know about the concept of biomagnification of radioactivity, damaging impacts of natural background radiation on the breakingof the single strand and double strand breakages due to ionisation along with recovery and repair mechanisms working in various cells in different organs of the humanbeing, the entry of radioactivity into the water in environment and its biological mag ification which prevents the reactor to attain any safetylevel. Hence the concept of nulcear safety has become a myth and that is why several countries in Europe are bowing before the public agitations and demonstrations calling for the closure of the entire reactors presently working in several countries Since the Oi plant is alreadylocated in theproximity of a potential activating earthquake zone which is part of the most destructive earthquake pronepacific ring of fire.Japanese should never opt for the reactors and thereby indirectly extending a warm welcome to another disaster worse than what happened at Fukushima on 11-3-2011. The National government has been elected topower in Japan not to work as a blue print of the Nazi culture to wipeout the life and culture of Japanese but only to promote public health, national prosperity and sustainable development of Japanese people and their natural resources for the benefit of the present generations and in the interests of the welfare of the future generations. So for God sake people all over the Japanese Islands must register a strong protest against nuclear plants and show to the world that they are the true followers of Buddhism and blazing a new trial on the path Buddhism and thereby attain Nirvana the ultimate goal of life for mankind all over the world. See websites http://www.tshivajirao.blogspot.in/2012/04/nuclear-safety-experts-qualifications.html http://www.tshivajirao.blogspot.in/2012/04/impossibility-of-nuclear-safety-as.html

Prof.T.Shivaji Rao, Director, Center for Environmental STudies, GITAM University, INDIA

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Zichi is correct i n saying that Fukushima Explosion taught good lessons that unless you are able to prove that the plant can always get the reactors attain a cold shut down and also the heat sink,you cannot treat thde reactors as safe ones.Hence the conditions presented by some politicians to the Government cannot solve the problem except that it amounts to throwing a stone in the waters so that some politicians stand to gain.Public intefrests are paramount and so all people must demand for permanent cxlosure of all the reactors.No Bargains.

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OECD Chief perhaps wants Japan to become a Nuclear Grave yard in the oriental just as Hitler created concentration camps to kill millions of Jews as he hated them for their entrepreneurship in several European countries. OECD Chief must first of all learn why the chancellor of Germany confirmed that nuclear safety is a Myth and so decided to shut down all reactors by 2022. If OECD Chief reads reports on events leading to the man-made disaster at Fukushima he will understand that living with nuclear reactors is equivalent to living with Nuclear weapons on your bed side.Let people of japan prefer a peaceful and happy life instead of anxiety every moment of their daily life. Man does not always live for making money only as it does not confer happiness but only provides you with satisfaction of physical wants coupled with a restless mind and mental sickness which do not make life worth living

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Japanese people must understand the natural truth that normally healthy people and healthy firms of living creatures often cannot withstand even the background levels of radiation which has been constantly increasing in proportion to the number of small scale and medium scale accidents and routine releases of radioactivity into the air and water resources and hence the background radioactivity is also increasing day by day and consequently the incidence of cancer rates are also increasing that is why even the eminent experts in Cellular Biology who are experimenting with relationship between doses of radiation from different radionuclides and the impacts of DNA damage on both a single strand and the double strands of the DNA helix. The researchers found that sometimes even the repair mechanisms for doublestrand breaks are failing due to complex interaactions of ultraviolet radiation, x-rays, alpha, beta and gamma rays emitted by different radioactive materials which come under low energy transfer and high energy transfer radioactivity. Hence nobody on earth can certify that any increases in radioactivity caused by manmade sources like the nuclear plants cannot prevent hazards ot public health in the form of increased levels of cancers, mutagens and lowered powers of natural immunity inhumanbeings and all other forms of life. thus the restarting of the nuclear plants by the national government of japan under pressure from the corruption money making nuclear lobbiests, bureaucrats and nuclear plant promoting officials and their contractors and paid agents cannot make nuclear power safe. Infact several studies after Fukushima accident have shown that about 75% of the rector failures are due to human failures and also other manmade causes. In the case of Oi reactors located in a highly earthquake prone zone along the west coast and tsunamis can be expected and consequently the proposed nuclear plants can never be cent percent safe and can be subjected to catastrophic failures which may cost more money in terms of penalising the people by the national governmentof japan to pay for the victims of a potential accident as they did by paying so far about 4 trillion yen for compensation and this compensation payments will be going on increasing year after year by raising the tax collections from the people who are victimised by the routine pollution and accidental pollution from the uncontrollable nuclear power plants. Moreover in debating about the emergency planning zone demarcation from the nuclear plants Japan has set a limit of 30km, France has set a zone of 50km around the nuclear plant while USA has set a limit of 80km radius from the plant and a social welfare state like Finland has set this radius of emergency planning for a distance of 100km from the plant but the Chernobyl accident and Fukushima accident have clearly shown that the damaging impacts will extend to people living at far more distant places extending upto several hundreds of km from the plant. Hence the Japanese people and the University professors must make an indpeth study on this burning problems of life and death concerning nuclear reactor safety and alternative soures of energy to replace the nuclear power plants so that the common people can be educated to exert pressure on the national governmentof Japan to abandon all the existing nuclear power plants by learning the lessons from the Chancellor of Germany Mrs.Merkel who confirmed that nuclear safety is amyth and hence decided to phase out all nuclear plants by 2020. hence the people of Japan and their educated academcians working in colleges and usniversities must be study the followisng websites grasp the crucial scientific reasons for abandoning the nuclear power and educate the people by telling them the full facts on scientific basis as presented in the following websites.+ <http://tshivajirao.blogspot.in/2012/02/nuclear-safety-impossible-even-with.html > <http://tshivajirao.blogspot.in/2011/10/why-nuclear-accidents-are-difficult-to.html > <http://tshivajirao.blogspot.in/2011/10/kudankulam-nuclear-plant-explosion.html > <http://tshivajirao.blogspot.in/2011/09/why-indian-nuclear-plants-are-bound-to.html > <http://tshivajirao.blogspot.in/2011/08/diaster-consequences-of-kovvada-nuclear.html > <http://tshivajirao.blogspot.in/2012/03/overall-nuclear-safety-is-not.html > Prof.T.Shivaji Rao,M.S.(Rice University, Texas, 1962, Director, center for Environmental Studies, GITAM University, Visakhapatnam, INDIA shivajirao1932@hotmail.com

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The key News papers who voice the public opinion have rightly warned the japanese national government that withput public consent they cannot go ahead with the plan to restart the two reactors at oi near Osaka which lies within the zoneof influence consequent to a Disaster.The location is highly hazardous from both Seismic and Tsunami angles and if people of Osaka are going to be killed or afflicted with cancer for decades,Edano is not going to save them.Edano is working like an agent of Nuclear industrialists who want to make tonnes of money by this plant even by sacrificing the lives and properties worth several trillion Yen.First of all let those who vouchsafe for nuclear safety comeforward to pledge all their properties and those of their families to meet the costs of damage in case of an accident as such a move perhaps instils in them a sense of responsibility in playing with the lives of millions of people.Let Edano first of all hold public hearing on safety of the reactors and let him conduct a mockdrill for evacuating the people within 30km.distance of the plant in case of a potential explosion at Oi reactors.If this exercise proves not feasible,then even Nado will realise that the Government cannot play with the lives of people for earning huge profits for the contractors and officials who contribute for the coming election funds for the present ministers who are promoting the reactors.If Japanese Government is incompetent to handle the questions of power shortage let them call for global tenders from companies who can use their brain power and offer quotatrions to resolve the impending power crisis.

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Japan Goverenment must send Edano to learn lessons from German Chancellor,Ms.Angela Merkel on why German experts concluded that nuclear safety is a great Myth in the light of the lessons from Fukushima Explosions.Edano must have been haunted by the devilish onebaba whoinfluences the people by cheating them and make them fall a prey for being eaten by it.Nuclear safety is a Myth,nuclear plants are just silent killers of mankind and nature.so Edano has no business to spread untruths on safety of Nuclear reactors particulaly on the western and eastern coasts of Japan which normally experience crushing earthquakes being located in the neighbourhood of the Pacific ring of fireknown to expderience devastating earth Quakes since times immemorial. people all over the world must oppose the move of Governmentof Japan to restart Oi reactors as it amounts to an undeclared Nuclear war fare against their neighbouring countries like China and korea and distant countries like Soviet states and Mongolia and asian countries.For more detailed scientific reasoning,please see the web sites and the links <>http://tshivajirao.blogspot.in/2012/02/kudankulam-nuclear-bomb-over-tamilnadu.html<> prof.T.Shivaji rao

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Posted in: Hashimoto raps gov't for thinking it alone can decide on reactor restart See in context

Hashimoto, Osaka Mayor has shown his courage as a responsible citizen of a democratic country atleast in name if not in action. Japan as a highly developed counry both scientifically and technically has also a moral and social responsibility to practice Ahimsa or non-violence and protect all forms of life including humanbeings by ensuring that the water they drink, the air they breath and the food they eat is free from poisons including radioactivity of any dosage over and above the natural background radiation. Japanese must fight against nuclear plants and against nuclear weapon testing anywhere in the world because by being apathitic to such actions they are not merely remaining indifferent but they also indirectly supporting the augmentation of additions of radioactie substances to the air, water, soil and oceans and thereby are abutting the crimeof increasing the levels of background radiation and thereby promoting growth of cancer rates sickness and mortality among all the people of different nations that are living on earth and that are likely to occupy this spaceship in the next coming decades and centuries. Should not be Japanese as high priests of Buddhism follow his foot prints and develop kindness, benevolence, charity, non-violence and service to fellow humanbeings and all forms of life on earth? Edano, the commerce Minister perhaps is halted by the ghosts which are hustling him to surrender to the huge money making contractors and nuclear lobby by illegal means and thereby sacrifice the lives of not only the people of Japan but also all the other countries which will be adversely effected by the radioactivity discharge into the atmosphere and the oceans from the nuclear plants. While natural background radiation certainly causes some level of sickeness the increased background radiation certainly accelerates the rates of sickness and morbidity and due to frequent minor and medium accidents and major explosions that occur once in a while as they did at chernobyl and Fukushima highly magnifies the radiation dose for almost all the people of Japan whose lives will be at stack. The Japanese people all over the country and those living in abroad must unite to organsie protests and public agitations to force the Japanese government to stop the nuclear plants by following the action taken by the Chancellor of Germany Mrs.Angela Merkel who concluded that nuclear safety is a myth and thereby decided to close down all the nucelear reactors ina phased manner whithin a few years and also take up alternative sources of energy to supply electricity to the people of Germany. If Germany ruled by the autocrat Hitler and yet produced an enlightened democratic leader like Angela Merkel how is that Japan who has Prime Ministers who confirmed on the myths of nuclear safety has also produced a new Hitler in the form of the commerce and Trade Minister Edano? Eternal vigilence is the price the Japansehave to pay to sustain their democratic form of government and to ensure sustainable development of their environmental assets so that the present generation of Japanse should maintain sustainability of their environment for the use of future generations failing which the future generations will not excuse the present generation for their sins of omission and commission in stopping the present Government from restarting the nuclear plants which must be replaced by a cheaper and economical alternate energy sources available in plenty in Japan in the form of sunlight, winds, geothermal energy and other fossil fuel sources like oil and natural gas which can still be imported from other friendly nations.For details on scientific and technical discussions and the myths of nuclear safety, see the following websites <http://www.tshivajirao.blogspot.in/2012/02/prime-minister-in-well-of-darkness-of.html > http://www.tshivajirao.blogspot.in/2012/02/kudankulam-nuclear-bomb-over-tamilnadu.html http://www.tshivajirao.blogspot.in/2012/02/nuclear-safety-is-misunderstood-by.html http://tshivajirao.blogspot.in/2011/08/diaster-consequences-of-kovvada-nuclear.html

Prof.T.Shivaji Rao, Director, Center for Environmental Studies, GITAM University, Visakhapatnam, INDIA Mobile No: 91-9949319038 Landline: 0891-2504902, 2738211<><>

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Nuclear Plants are just silent killers of man and nature.The astorm on 4th.april 2012 has caused low voltage resulting i n loss of cooling for the spent fuel tanks inspite of the 'stress Tests'being declared successful.It is a shame that a buddhist Nation that suffered hiroshima and nagasaki bombings still runs after nuclear reactors which become nuclear bombs in case of an accident likde the one agt Fukushima last year.It is much more shameful for the government to say that irrespective of the peoples'opposition,the reactors will start operatrions for the profits of the business lobby.Does Japan want people all over the world to realise that Hittler was a more liberal and benevolent dictator who killed thousands of Jews in concentration camps and hde never declared a war against his own Germans while Japan now wants to declare a Nuclear wArfare against theifr own Japanese who elected the Law makers? All trhe people all over the world must protest againzst Japanese government by declaring that Japanese goods must be prohibited and thereby impose economic sanctions against Japan like Mahatma Gandhiji fought the British Rulers by calling for prohibition againsgt the usde of British goods by Indians in 1920's and 1930's. Un organisations must also take interest in saving mankind and Nature all over the world and not become pawns in the hands of the business lobbies Nuclear reactor promoters purely for their profit and to the detriment of people all over the world.

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If a storm can block normal external electricity supply to a critical Cooling syatem that forms the lifeline of protection to the spent fuel storage tank in the vicinity of a Nuclear reactor,how can any rational person believe that its impact will not cause another Fukushima explosion?After cooling systems are intended to remove residual heat both from the Core of the reactor and its spent fuel storage tanks all the time and no body takes a chance to compromisde with Nuclear plant safety standards as stipulated by the Guide lines furnished b y the International Atomic Energy Authgority. That is why the Chancellor of Germany,Ms.Angela Merkel and the prime ministers of Japan confirmed that Nuclear safety is a pure Myth.While alternate sources of Energy are available i n plenty in India,the Vested interests in parliament including the prime Minister and Chief Ministers of states are all the time propagating that Nuclear power is safe and it is the only Energy that promotes National development. Nuclear Energy structure is resting onthe foundation of most poinous rocks cemented with bundles of mortar of lies that make Goebbel s war propaganda fade into insignificance.Every citizen of thde world must fight to save man and Nature by getting all the existing weapons and reactors dismantled if we have justify our existence as human beings because man is a rational animal and unless we use our humane brains to protect the interests of our progeny,we cannot expect future generations to brand us as human beings but treat us as wild and cruel animals of the wild forests.see web sites: http://tshivajirao.blogspot.in/2012/02/kudankulam-nuclear-bomb-over-tamilnadu.html http://www.dianuke.org/ http://www.pratirodh.com/nature-environment-and-resources-news/372-23-Mar-2012/why-jayalalithaa-must-refuse-koodankulam-project.html

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