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Posted in: Water shortage poses global threat See in context

The World Bank and Asian Dwevelopment Bank have no genuine interest in devewlopment of Poor countries because they do not insist on cdertain percentage of loaned funds to be used for cloud seeding to augment annual rainfall by 25 to 30 percent and thereby improve drinking water,irrigation water,hydro-power generation and ground wter replenishment so people all over the world must come out with open statements on cloud seeding by presenting the success stories of China and Texas and Indonesia so that other poor countries do not misuse their meagre resources to subsidise schemes on Drinking water and drought relief fundss which are mostly diverted into swiss banks by the foreign fund handling ministers and officials who make a living by the difficulties created by them to make the poor people suffer for no fault of theirs.IMF.FAO,UNICEF,Green Peace must come forward to help people to get more water by cloud seeding because Water is known as the Blue Gold even in United states.People should not revel in declarinfg that future wars will be fought over water. without attempting to know whether they can be helped in other scientific ways.

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Peaceful uses of the atom always lead to harmful use by making weapons of destruction of man and Nature..Why did Hitler or Napolean develop Military and USA,the Bombs?Over ambiyious people always come to power in some countries or the other and they should not be given chance to destroy mankind and Nature.In most countries the presidents and prime ministers are just puppets in the hands of a handful of powerful businessmen and the administration will be run as per their dictates.Since Nuclear power gives them chance to make maximum profits within the shortest time,they force the governments in poor countries like india to push nuclear reactors at thde cost of lives of millions of people.so nuclear power must be given up at any cost to save mankind as Nu clear safety is a Myth

Questioning the safety of nuclear reactors Dr.Hannes Alfven, a Nobel Laureate said “although the nuclear experts devote more effort to safety problems than others, the real question is whether their blue-prints will work as expected by them in the real world and not only in their technological paradise” The growing number of nuclear incidents show that it is impossible to ensure complete safety even in the most modern reactors. Decay heat needs pumped cooling water for an year to prevent over heating .Nuclear plants are some of the most sophisticated and complex energy systems and no matter how weill they are designed and engineered, they cannot be deemed fail-proof .

Reactors are highly complex machines with an incalculable things including inter connected linkages that could go wrong. In the Three Mile Island Reactor accident one malfunction led to another malfunction and then to a series of others until the core itself began to melt and even the best experts did not know how to respond. A combination of electrical, mechanical and human failures can disable the reactor itself.

How the harmless Uranium ore materials in nature are converted into destructive and killer materials by man can be understood by the following simple example. For instance king cobras live in nature in anthills in forests and lead their normal life peacefully by catching their prey for food during nights But greedy people go and poke their iron rods into their abodes and disturb the Cobras to catch them. Then they become angry and bite the trespassers to inflict death over them by their poisons. Similarly, the selfish people are mining the natural Uranium ore and converting it into harmful Enriched Uranium and then using it to produce electricity by means of the Nuclear plants and in the process they are producing Radioactive pollutants that poison man and nature slowly due to routine releases of radioactivity into the environment .In course of time if an accident occurs in the Nuclear plant due to several reasons like in Fukushima or Chernobyl, the poisonous pollutants are thrown into the atmosphere and they kill thousands of people slowly and inflict cancer to millions of people living downstream upto hundreds of Kilometers as in case of Fukushima and Chernobyl accidents.

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Posted in: Water shortage poses global threat See in context

Zichi is highly mistaken in suggesting about conversion of Sea watwer into fresh water and also grey water ingto fresh water. As a common citizen with some commonsense I wholeheartedly welcome the suggestion made by one of the topmost international experts Prof.T.Shivaji Rao that cloud seeding is the cheapest and most effective alternate method of augmenting the water availability in any part of the world that receives clouds with adequate moisture Afterall the Sun provides youenergy free of cost and so the water in the oceans, freshwater lakes, rivers, wetlands gets evaporated into the sky. Similarly the forest cover with good calopy also releases water into the atmosphere through transpoevaporation as this water vapor released in a hotter environment on the land in tropical areas rises up into the sky because of buoyance caused by the differences in temperature through what is called as a natural adiobatic lapse rate. Everybody knows that as we go higher and higher into the sky the ground temperature gets gradually reduced at the rate of 7 to 10 degrees centigrade depending upon the locality and hence the moisture laiden air as it rises up into the sky it gets gradually cooled and in the process the air gets saturated with the moisture and in the presence of the dust particles thrown ito the sky by the smoke from industrial chimneys and automobiles the saturated water vapor gets condensed a small droplets over the particulate matter in the sky and that is how clouds form at about one to 2 kms distance from the ground depending upon the local atmospheric conditions. When these clouds rise up into the sky the temperature further gets reduced and a state will be reached where the super cooled water vapor and cloud droplets forminto snow depending upon avialbility of suitable particles like Kaolin or clay are with the temperature fall into minus 40degrees centigrade when spontaneous nucleation occurs and all the weak eletrolightic water becomes frozen and the super cooled water forms into ice particles which grow large enough to drop down to earth as either rainfall or snowfall or snow pellets.By this process we can get more than 25% extra annual rainfall which can be stored in reservoirs for subsequent utilisation during summers or times of drought. If the unwise people do not squeeze this additional water from this clouds the moisture content will get slowly evaporated as the clouds descent down wind of forests and hills and it becomes useless. Only intelligent people of China are utilising cloud seeding the maximum extent along with people in Australia and United States where they are getting beneifted by using this extra water for drinking water, irriation, hydropower, forest growth and ground water replensihment for improving agriculture and horticulture as well. Hence only intelligent people from all over the world can realise how foolish mankind is in not exertisng pressure over the state governments and international organsiations like the food and agriculture organisations and water managmeent agencies to use this technology to take up warm cloud seeidng and cold cloud seeding by usuing both the ground gnerators for warm cloud seeidngbased upon injection of common salt into the clouds and cold cloud seeidng by using aeroplanes for sprinkling chemicals like silver iodide into the cold clouds. Even University professors and eminent scientsts in research organisations all over the world are utterly failign to grasp the basic scientific principles of cloud seeidng so that they can help mankind and nature in tapping the sky water at an inexpensive cost. Let the readers divert their attention from peripheral and irrelevant issues to the life and death question of drinking water shortage by taking up cloud seedingin all the countries for promoting peace and prosperity for all the people . P.Subhashini Department of Environmental Studies, Institute of Science, GITAM University, Visakhapatnam,India.

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Posted in: Water shortage poses global threat See in context

Water shortage can be solved in most of the countrfies in the world.But the politicians and Bureaucrats do not want the problem to be solved because thgat loose an opportunity to make corrupt money out of the woes on water shortage created by them. I have discusseds the problem as an environmentalist as i want adequate pure water for several purposes including drinking,irrigation,hydro-powser generation,ground water replenishment. Today,China is the only country in the world where the Government is employing more than 37,000 technicians to wofrk on cloud seeding to producwe more water than what the normal rainfall gives to a region. The World Bank,Asian Development bank and foreign funding agencies are giving loans on a large scale to poor countries like India where the state and central governments refuse to providde more water to the starving people to quench theire thurst by cloud seeding by copying the practices followed by China,Australia,TExas and other 40 countries in the world. When you contact the politicians and officers,they bluntly sahy why should we lose an opportunity of making corrupt money by denying the people safe drinking watwer and thereby we can claim relief funds from the central government out of which we can misue and pocket the money and send it to swiss banks? Neither the mass-media nor the courts are interested to work as responsible citizens to work for public good and augment Natural Resources as envisaged by the late prime Minister,Mrs.Indira gandhi. The Government and elected representativezs of people in the parliament or state legislatures do not bother about providing the right to wter as per constitution.The international funding agencies sanction enormous funds to countries which misuse them for purchasing voted during elections .If atleast the international funding agencies are honest,they can insist that the borrowing countries must earmark certain funds for cloud seeding which alone provides prosperity for people.For more details see web site http://www.indiawaterportal.org/sites/indiawaterportal.org/files/Brainstroming_report.pdf http://www.asktheexperts.org.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=70&Itemid= http://sites.google.com/site/shivajiraocloudseeding/scienceofcloudseeding All patriotic and honest scientists and social workers interested in aviding killing people from preventabvle wtedr scarcity,must study the above web sites and organise people]s agitations all overe the world to save mankind and natural ecological systems that need good water supplies by tapping the sky water as done in United states since 60 years.If ChinA has succeeded in cloud seeding and is producing about 25 percent more water at a cost bdenefit ratio of 1:28,why not other countries with common sense use these asimple technologies to the benefit of mankind.

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Posted in: Released records of nuclear crisis meetings show chaos, confusion over lack of info See in context

Japanese should stop discussing about the rerasons for fukushima accident because they are mostly due to human errors and negligence.To err is human anxd to admit it is Di vine.Japan must close down all reactors aS OTHERWISE,THE OTHER REACTORS ALSO CAN FAIL FOR SOME RERASON OR THE OTHER AND POISON MANKIND AND nNATURE.Germany is seeking alternate sources of Energy and Green Peace has prepared an elaborate report on this subject.Japan has plenty of opportunities to harness geo-thermal,hydro-power,wind power,tidal power,Bio-energy and solar energy by investing more funds and intelligent brains in research to produce better cells to tap solar energy.Japan can import coal,oil and natural gas for thermal power even if if it is costly as the costs of nuclear power will be far higher in the long run and morbidity impacts will continue for decades,making mankind virtually impotent,sick and debilitated and also mentally unhealthy. prof.T.Shivaji Rao,Director,centre for environment,Gitam university,visakhapatnam,India

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Posted in: Future of nuclear power brighter than ever, despite Fukushima See in context

In almost all the countries,the common people are good citizens while a handful of the overgreedy,malicious and mentally sick industrialists and politicians and bureaucrats who are addicted to make maximum money with least cost within the shortest time are occupying high positions in society zanxd they influence the prime ministers and presidents in many countries.Having been elected by the people to serve the public,they immediately become prisoners of these business lobbyists and forget public service motto. Actually the people in a democrasy have to be vigilant about their administrators by constantly questioning the reasons for all their development projects by demanding them to prepare Environmental Impact Analysis reports and cost-benefit analysis and hold public hearings to receive public suggestions to make the projects exconomical and ecologically sound without becoming counter productive in the long run. Today,Japanese know that Fukushima cost them about four to five trillion yens while the economic returns are negligible if you consider the long term health costs and costs of decommissioning.If Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing impacts have not made Japanese more humane even as Buddhists,whom should we blame/ The New Wave Culture of Corrupt practices will ultimately make societies as parts of sick nations and that is the object of creation of mankind and Nature by the Almighty GOD. So,for the sake of society at large,Japan must take the lead to follow Gandhian path which says that apeaceful world needs that we must live simple lives with high thinking so that we make way for our pogeny to live happily. Abandon nuclear plants not only in Japan but also in all other countries.Lat not societies make terrorists out of people on a large scale so that we invite unrest,war and poverty and sickness all over the world prof.T.Shivaji Rao, Director,centre for environmental studies.Gitam University,visakhapatnam,India

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