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Posted in: Angry Ford dealer in South Carolina blasts Japanese imports in ads See in context

What a pathetic whiner! Americans always speak so strongly of free market and free competition but when they start losing marketshares the whining begins! Has this idiot never considered that people buy japanese cars because they simply higher quality? If there was truly a free market in the US the big 3 would crash and burn, why? They cant make cars! Normally if a company isnt good a doing what it does it will shut down. What a disgrace that US taxdollars are being spent on allowing them to contintue producing crappy fuel-inefficient cars.

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Posted in: Citing effects on U.S. economy, Bush passes global warming problem to next administration See in context

The bushadministration will be remembered as the most inresponsible administration ever. Inresponsible foreign policy with badly researched wars, inresponsible fical policy spending America broke through wars and taxcuts, inresponsible climate policy, doing everything to hide the truth.

As a European it makes me sick when I hear thoese pathetic excuses. The US has been enviromentally freeriding for so many years, letting everyone drive around fuel inefficient cars and making gas so ridiculously cheap. Americans weeps over their $4 gas per gallon, gas prices in Europe have been twice that or more for a long time without any problems. This is much alike to the story of the ants and the grasshopper. Only, this time American's summer is almost over.

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