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ShizukaMorley comments

Posted in: Israel retaliates against Hama for deadly Jerusalem bus blast, rocket attacks See in context

Adam and WilliB- you two are always right. Don't even deliberate other people's opinion

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Posted in: On the brink See in context

we have seen enough of these picture.

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Posted in: AC Japan makes new ads with SMAP, others after viewers complain See in context

I like the AC commercials. Yeah, you see them quite often on TV, but they have an important message.

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Posted in: Screening test See in context

Hope he and his brother are fine.

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Posted in: Combination washer/dryer See in context

Perfect for me.

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Posted in: Taking precautions See in context

This picture makes me sad.. They said it is safe to go outside, now this..

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Posted in: Police warn of bogus e-mails, phone calls seeking earthquake donations See in context

Can't believe people do this.. it's so sad.

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Posted in: Precautions See in context

Heartbreaking picture..

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Posted in: 49-year-old man dresses as woman, enters female public bath area See in context

Too funny!

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Posted in: Asia Girls Explosion See in context

Simply terrible.

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Posted in: Ramen on the phone See in context

Who is that pretty girl in the middle? :)

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Posted in: Infant boy the first NZ quake victim laid to rest See in context

RIP little boy. My heart goes out to the whole family. I have a little baby girl and cannot imagine how the mother must feel.. :(

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Posted in: 'King's Speech' crowned best picture at Oscars; Firth, Portman win acting awards See in context

Very predictable this year, true. But still fair I think. I saw The King's Speech.. it was good, but a bit boring as well. Colin Firth was amazing though. Same goes for Black Swan. I wouldn't watch the movie again, but N.Portman was superb. She deserved the Oscar. All in all a bit boring this year. I fall asleep a few times while watching it.

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Posted in: Parents jailed over death of 4-year-old son due to malnutrition See in context

Just 4-5 years! That is so disgusting!! Give them nothing to eat!! RIP Rikito..

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Posted in: With hope See in context

That must be so hard :(

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Posted in: Ken Watanabe to make 7th major international movie appearance in 'Shanghai' See in context

Ohh I love Ken-san, too! :)

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Posted in: Starbucks customer, told to stop hitting on girls, assaults worker See in context

Not a gentleman at all..

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Posted in: Wizard girl See in context

I suffered from anorexia and it almost killed me. I am a catalogue model and when my friends got more offers than me I thought I had to lose weight to get the jobs. Yukina doesn't eat enough, that's for sure. And I can tell why..

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Posted in: Komukai denies drug allegations; says she is not afraid of arrest See in context

Minako scares me. I can't say what exactly about her makes me shiver.. but she does :( Just like Nicole Kidman- scary woman..

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Posted in: If the shoe fits See in context

herefornow, totally agree with you! Only a bunch of losers will like this.

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Posted in: Yuka campaigns for victims of domestic violence See in context

goddog, fishy is right. There are nice J-women out there, too. Like me :P But I gotta say, way too many freaks are living in this country. I had so many failed relationships with J-men and finally met someone "normal" in America.

About the article: It is a good idea actually. But still, a lot of japanese will be too shy to call or even feel ashamed to call a stranger. But who knows..

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Posted in: Bra wars See in context

Lingerie cheaper than chocolate... I would rather buy chocolate than cheap looking underwear.

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Posted in: Boy, 14, killed by train in Nikko following school disciplinary warning See in context

I agree with forinagi and the last two comments: simply sad :(

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Posted in: Downhill all the way See in context

What a cute picture!(^v^)/

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Posted in: Green ice See in context

Looks scary.

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Posted in: Tokyo man arrested for paying schoolgirls 30,000 yen to pose nude for photos See in context

Isaka also worked as a part-time teacher for seven Tokyo junior high schools and high schools but police do not believe he took photos of his students.

Nice. Really nice.. Makes me feel even more safe in this country.

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Posted in: New star See in context

Good. No close-up. Makes him look handsome and my breakfast staying in a little longer :)

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Posted in: Bridal princesses See in context

I can't stop laughing about this.

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Posted in: Advantage Uniqlo See in context

No 1 in the world?? Made me laugh hard..

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Posted in: Nara schoolgirl arrested for drug possession See in context

My husband has been acting strangely, too recently.. I think I should call the police :) I mean, come on! The dad obviously knew something but wasn't able to handle the situation or wanted to teach her a lesson.

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