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Posted in: Car stolen with two young children in back seat See in context

Yeah, that happens ALL the time in Japan. Car left running with no one in sight. I WISH more cars like that would get stolen. Maybe that would wake up some people.

And leaving the kids in the car alone, see it every day.........

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Posted in: 36 'smartphone walkers' hospitalized in Tokyo in 2013 See in context

that number is way too low. I see 36 morons on the way to the station, not paying attention

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Posted in: 7 romantic things that only happen in movies See in context

Here are seven romantic things that only happen in movies.

Cliche 1: Romantic music and slow motion

I could have sworn I heard theme music the last time I was walking around, doing anything.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for forcing boy to jump to his death in river See in context

They can name the victim who was 18, but they can't name the suspect who is 19. Good job.

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Posted in: Police officer's car stolen during stakeout See in context

he probably left the car running while he went into the combini to buy something like all the other morons

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Posted in: McDonald’s gets flak for removing menus from counters See in context

Simply a bad idea. Bring the menus back.

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Posted in: Yuka, Kusakari, Eikura, Kiritani winners of The Best of Beauty 2012 See in context

Nana Eikura = not attractive

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Posted in: 18-year-old girl's buttocks slashed with knife on Tokyo cruise ship See in context

So are you telling me she couldn't just turn around and see what was going on behind her after someone touching her?

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Posted in: 'Battleship' leads attack of game-based movies See in context

I stopped reading after the article said "Clue bombed." Clue was a good movie, great cast, good jokes. Battleship huh? Wake me up when American Pie 4 comes out.

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Posted in: Atsuko Maeda 'graduates' from AKB48 See in context

FINALLY. I can watch AKB without cringing whenever I see her mug.

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Posted in: Michael Bay tells 'Ninja Turtles' fans to 'chill' See in context

Bay made me loathe Bumblebee, a childhood favorite. What's next? He's gonna make Casey Jones look like a sucka?

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Posted in: White Day wedding for Yu Yamada and Shun Oguri See in context

Wasn't Nozomi Sasaki involved with this guy a few months ago in an affair? Oh well, some people never learn I guess.

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Posted in: Air Yoshinoya See in context

Sukiya > Yoshinoya

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Posted in: A piece of Japan See in context

yeah, we GET that the picture is proving a point, and that it is correctly focused and yada yada. But the point people are making is, we wanna see AKB in focus and don't need to see the otaku arms.

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Posted in: Man fatally stabs father over TV channel argument See in context

I seriously believe that the wife/mother was behind all of this. Now that the son is off to jail, and the husband/father is gone, she has the TV all to herself!!!!

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy stabs mother after she confiscates video game See in context

make him get a job and see what life is about

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Posted in: Masami Nagasawa relishes her role as detective See in context

she could be one of the best actresses in Japan, but she really gotta stop cutting her hair so damn short!

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Posted in: Kuroki reported pregnant 2 weeks after denying relationship with Akanishi See in context

Jin Akanishi from Kat-Tun? Is that the one that looks like Skeletor, the gay looking one, or the she-boy?

Well it doesn't really matter. Just keep posting pics of her, that is all that is needed to make this article worth clicking on to..

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Posted in: Film box-office revenue down 17.9% in 2011 See in context

Simple solution. Lower prices, get better movies. That's it.

Can't remember the last time I saw a good comedy movie in the theaters in Japan that wasn't the Hangover. Enough with the Potters, Pirates, Manga, Gantz, and Tom Cruise.

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Posted in: Darvish holds farewell news conference for 10,000 fans at Sapporo Dome See in context

On the news they were showing him taking batting practice.........................why?

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Posted in: Police haven't ruled out suicide in severed penis case, media report See in context

Suicide a possibility? Well, that DOES sound more like what happened. He was probably trying to do a little at-home sex change, botched it up, and ended up not liking the results. So naturally he killed himself! Genius!!!

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Posted in: University of Tokyo considering autumn start to academic year See in context

But the change could make it hard for students to find employers, still hiring new graduates in April

That's why Japan needs to get rid of the absurd notion of only hiring or starting new things in April and allow entry any time of year.

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Posted in: Charges filed against Konishiki for alleged assault over dog poo See in context

Prosecute the bastard!! Konishki is an overgrown bully! An arrogant Hawaiian who should be deported.

He's not Hawaiian, he's Samoan. Either way, if you ever lived in Hawaii, you know damn well you best not be messing with huge soles.

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Posted in: Sony gears up for PlayStation Vita's Japan launch See in context

good. always wanted a PSP. Hopefully it will drop to under 10,000 yen, if it hasn't already.

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Posted in: Joe Odagiri apologizes for signing name 'Kumi Koda' as autograph for fan See in context

I had to look up this guy to find out who he was. I still have no idea who he is. Koda Kumi signature or not, he should be thankful that someone even recognized who he is.

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Posted in: Bid deadline nears for Japanese ace Darvish See in context

I really hope the Yankees pick Darvish up and waste all that money. That way I can laugh at him even more than when Hideki Irabu said "I ONLY PLAY FOR YANKEES" and then continued to completely suck.

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Posted in: Kumi Koda announces upcoming marriage to KENJI03 See in context

They showed this couple on stage performing a song or a jump contest or something. The "guy" kenji333 was skinnier and had more make-up than Koda Kumi did.

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Posted in: Man thrown into pond by 5 youths in Tokyo park See in context

5 youths........hahaha, I bet 5 youths in Japan couldn't even lift me up.

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Posted in: Two boys detained for snatching bags from women See in context

I wonder how long the two boys have been dating. The Disneyland trip must be an anniversary trip.

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Posted in: Why some mothers 'sell' their children for dirty deals See in context

Is this even a news article? I am not saying the information and stories are true or false, but what are we reading here? It just sounds like a bunch of random stories put together with no legit sources at all.

As for the women in the stories, I wouldn't condone any of their actions, but they seem to be making money their own way. They are old enough to make thier own decisions, just please someone get their children the hell away from them!

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