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Posted in: Japan looks to encourage paternity leave by raising subsidies See in context

Blah blah blah

You can have all the campaigns, events, ideas, offers, and things on paper all you want.

Until things are actually enforced and done, consistently and nation wide, it means nothing.

Like so many other things in Japan.

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Posted in: N Korea launches missiles again, complicating U.S. attempts for talks See in context

Is it that time of the month again?

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Posted in: Man arrested in road rage case assaults victim, threatens ‘I'll kill you’ See in context

@Bugle Boy of Company

I should keep a toy gun in my car to point at people who become a little too aggressive. Being a foreigner and all, they’d likely believe it was real.

I keep one in my car. The gun is secretly named Megatron and he has been sent here to destroy all of the Autobots.

However we heard they were secretly disguised as cars, so we are just picking out each one as we see fit. Hopefully we will get the job done soon.

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Posted in: Want Tokyo Olympic tickets? No problem if you have ¥6.35 mil See in context

This sounds like a pretty solid deal here. Pay more than most people's yearly salary for 16 days of glory!

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Posted in: Man shot in Kobe in apparent gang feud See in context

the suspected gunman opened fire and fled on a moped.

WOW! That must have been some moped. Suzuki and Honda should look into what he had, it was clearly a very fast moped.

I can see it now, the all new 2020 Honda Yakuza! Now you can commit drive by shootings without problem!

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy seriously injured after being struck by police car See in context

Is there such a thing as Internal Affairs in Japan?

If not, this is a good a time as any to investigate the two inept cops involved in such a horrific and most likely avoidable tragedy involving a small child.

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Posted in: Road rage suspect arrested after dashboard camera records assault See in context

Mosaic has no place in society! I say no to mosaic! Nomosaic! Mosaic has ruined many a picture and video for me in Japan. Ruined my enjoyment for things.

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Posted in: Road rage suspect arrested after dashboard camera records assault See in context

Who's this woman in the videos taking videos of the victims? It's like they are in a road rage video scavenger hunt. They get points by getting involved in various incidents.

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Posted in: Road rage suspect arrested after dashboard camera records assault See in context

The DMV needs to sign this guy up. Make posters and videos of him.

"How NOT to drive on the road."

"Road Rage!"

"Blood flows red on the highway!"

"10 easy steps on how to go to jail."

"Spoiled Manchildren"

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Posted in: Road rage suspect arrested after dashboard camera records assault See in context

Is he playing "peek a boo?" That's cute, I sometimes do that with my 1 year old son.

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Posted in: Women in managerial posts seek outside advice amid lack of role models See in context

Promote someone because they have earned it. Why is that so hard to do?

This is what happens when you promote a woman, JUST BECAUSE she's a female and fills the quota for diversity.

Promote the woman because she is ready to go and has shown her leadership skills. This goes for men and minorities as well.

Never mind their sex, race, or whatever. Focus on their abilities and intellect.

On the other hand, this is still better than nepotism I suppose.

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Posted in: 1 dead, 6 injured in Shizuoka traffic pile-up; truck driver arrested See in context

I'm actually surprised Japan doesn't have more fatal traffic accidents. People just do not pay attention when they drive. It's downright scary. Do these people think it's a game?

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Posted in: 2 men stabbed in separate incidents in Yokohama; suspect arrested See in context

They were stabbed in the abdomen and the left arm? Did the people stabbing them ever study human anatomy? You go for the jugular.

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Posted in: Man calls police to report beating mother; then his house catches on fire See in context

Where to begin?

Police in Isumi have arrested a man in his 50 on suspicion of assaulting his mother who is in her 80s. 

Police said the woman had a cut on her head and bruises on her arm, which her son admits inflicting on her. 

Middle aged man beating up his elderly mother. Thanks a lot junior.

the man called 110 at around 8:10 a.m. on Tuesday and said he had hit his mother with a stick at their home. 

I'm surprised he even knew how to use a phone. So he beats on his mom, and his next move is to call the police? Why?

About 10 minutes later, a male passerby near the suspect’s home called 119 to report that the house was on fire.

That was nice of the passerby person. It was also good to know that the police hadn't arrived yet. But at least the citizens care. Maybe the Japanese government should give honorary badges to normal citizens. What difference would it make?

> The wooden one-story home where the suspect and his mother resided was completely destroyed; however, the man, his mother and his mother’s younger brother, who is in his 70s, got out of the residence.

The useless son got out alive? Darn. He should've stayed there and roasted his marshmallows since he likes fire so much. Thankfully the mother and uncle survived. Unfortunately both are now homeless. Or all three, I guess.

> Officers are questioning the suspect on how the fire got started.

They were probably really asking, "How do fires get started?" They should probably leave that up to the fire department, you know guys who actually do work.

I am hoping the suspects answer to that question would be "Well, you guys took FOREVER to get here, I got bored and decided to play with the matches my mother told me never to play with."

As always, the articles on this site are always good for a laugh or two or a couple of head shaking moments......

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Posted in: Multiracial athletes sparking debate in Japan ahead of 2020 Games See in context

What's the debate?

Are you famous? Are you a beautiful or handsome model? A sports champion? Rich? Powerful? etc etc?

Then of course you are Japanese!

Are you a nobody? Are you ugly or poor? Did you even make the first round cut in the sports tournament? Chances are you're not worth mentioning.

Then of course you are whatever Nationality or Ethnicity your father is/was.

Thank you for playing.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers open 2nd-chance lottery for Japan residents See in context

Oooh, a second chance to get rejected? Sign me up!

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Posted in: Disney to reboot 'Home Alone' for new TV streaming service See in context

Remember when Disney used to create their own original stuff?

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Posted in: Mayor of city in Saitama Pref arrested for punching female bar employee See in context

So he was in a bar, at 2:30 am on an early Wednesday morning (a worknight), drunk and punching a female in a city far far away from his jurisdiction?

That sounds about right, for a tax payers elected official in Japan.

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Posted in: Man, estranged from wife, arrested for allegedly kidnapping son at Aomori Nebuta Festival See in context

A father that wants to actually spend time with his son? Has the world gone completely mad?!?!?!

(it's called sarcasm Japan, look into it)

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Posted in: FamilyMart apologizes after rodent video goes viral See in context

I was in Shibuya last those weren't bonus rasins in my bag of chocolates?

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Posted in: Pompeo urges Japan, S Korea to settle diplomatic row See in context

The picture looks like that time in elementary school, when the class learns to "square dance" or possibly the first junior high school dance of the year?

Where the teacher has to pair up the members of the opposite sex to interact.

However the students show their distain to join such events.

But yeah, that's in elementary and junior high school. You know, 10 - 13 year olds.

Unfortunately we are not dealing with adolescent issues. We are dealing with real life, real country, real world problems here.

Hey Japan and South Korea! Wake up! Cut the crap and get over old ish.

Think about the future and how much more positive effects can result in combining efforts instead of opposing each other with 60 year old problems. You're just wasting valuable time right now.

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Posted in: 'Macho Ice' serves up refreshing iced treats from macho hunks this summer See in context

I have zero interest on this event. But I am pretty sure that if they were women doing it instead, these comments would be pretty different around here. lol

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Posted in: Pompeo urges Japan, S Korea to settle diplomatic row See in context

You know what would be fun.

What if North Korea has several participants in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics while South Korea boycotts and has zero? That may anger more than a few people in Seoul, wouldn't it? Even worse would be if N.K. won a medal or two and S.K. didn't.

That would create some interesting stories I would think?

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Posted in: Theme-park food to be taxed 10% if eaten at table; 8% if eaten while walking See in context

I think the rules are too simple, how can we make them more difficult?

If you take a napkin-tissue with your food, you must pay a 13% tax.

If you require oxygen while in line waiting to order, that's a 37% tax.

If you are wearing shoes in the establishment that's an additional 7% tax, but if you are wearing sandals it is only an extra 3.5%. If you are barefoot, we give you a 10% refund.

If you are wearing anything with a Yomiuri Giants logo on it, you pay a 85% tax.

If you enjoy logical thinking, sorry you are not allowed in our restaurant. House rules.

That will make things easier.

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Posted in: Chicago braces for rise in gun violence amid summer heat See in context

Killing mothers that are trying to STOP violence? Man there's a special place in hell for people committing those murders. So sad.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder after driving off with husband clinging to car hood See in context

Makino drove for about 4.1 kilometers while her husband desperately clung to the hood before he fell of jumped off.

Either she's a terrible driver, he has monster kung fu sticky grip, the car sucks, or possibly all three.

If you can't shake a maniac on your hood for 4 KM, you're doing it wrong.

On the other hand, if you can keep a solid grip on a smooth surface like that for 4 km without trouble, I need a wide receiver for my football team. Come play some time!

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Posted in: Shirtless man beats male victim with ashtray and steals cash See in context

Great article, no names, no pictures, no motives, no relationship information, no backstory, no mention of criminal apprehension, no idea if 100 or 1,000,000 yen was stolen and pretty much no details.

We basically got two men fighting, one shirtless, one ashtray and a bunch of cash in Ueno. Spectacular.

Can I have a side of fries and a milkshake with that to go?

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Posted in: Tokyo's 5 major networks to test simultaneous online streaming See in context

which will begin simultaneous online streaming of its terrestrial broadcast channels by March 2020

I seriously cannot wait till it's 2020. No, not because of the Olympics, but because I am sick and tired of hearing that everything and anything is designed to take place in 2020.

If it can be done now, just do it!!! who cares if its 2019 or 2021?

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Posted in: 11 dead, 5,600 sent to hospitals last week due to heatwave See in context

And yet some people (mostly Japanese males) carry around or wear sweaters and jackets, claiming it's "not hot" and some go as far as saying "It's cold" in the office.............give me a break.

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Posted in: Kyoto’s awesome fire ramen: A one-of-a-kind dining experience See in context

How can I sign up for this fire in my face restaurant? I've always wanted to pay for such an experience.

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