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Posted in: Tokyo Stock Exchange to extend daily trading hours by 30 minutes See in context

They can't even keep the stock exchange from working unpaid overtime.

And really? They do hour long breaks for lunch?

I'm sure the rest of the world will put trading on hold so that Taro can go wait in line at 7-11 for 15 minutes.

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Posted in: Was there no 'Song of 2021' in Japan? See in context


That “Usseewa” song is horrible.

I'm definitely not a fan of BTS, but that's all the minions talked about in 2021.

The choice should be a no brainer.........

Wait. I forgot. They aren't "Japanese."

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Posted in: 83 million unused 'Abenomasks' remain in storage in Japan See in context

This joker again..........

Q: How do you "show" you've done something for the people, distribute common face masks, pretend it cost "X" amount of tax money, and get away richer?

A: Make sure that "X" is the exact amount of tax funds you've embezzled over the years, right before you (conveniently) "resign" as Prime Minister.

It makes you wonder, how many of those masks came from the hoarded supply that Abe and his boys claimed during the pandemic to "cause" false scarcity during dire times.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor hospitalized for fatigue; 2nd time this year See in context

Hospitalized, JUST BEFORE the Olympics.

Hospitalized, JUST BEFORE the elections.

This woman loves to take a break, conveniently JUST BEFORE major events happen.

Are things in the government even affected when she takes leave?

Take a day off, take a month, even a half year off.

I doubt anyone would notice the difference there, Koiks.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 17-month-old son See in context

Why are these "humans" (and I use that term VERY loosely) allowed to reproduce?

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Posted in: Political parties promise increased child aid, but more than money needed See in context

Talk is cheap.

Kishida: Hey, Sugi. Where's that list?

Suga: What list?

Kishida: You know the automatic empty promises every new PM has to give.

Sugi: Oh, over there. Under the kyabakura mo..............I mean petty cash.

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Posted in: Princess Mako to only give written answers at marriage press conference See in context

Go ahead.

Ask me ANYTHING you want.

As long as it’s one of these 5 questions.

This will be the most staged interview in history.

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Posted in: Ota gov't employees in frantic pencil-shaving spree to meet election day See in context

City employees have been tasked with the monumental duty of sharpening each of the rush-ordered 10,000 pencils on their breaks in between work.

So instead of them taking a break and resting from work…….they make them do work on their break?

and for what?

People don’t know how to wash their hands yet, after going out in public in corona times?

just use regular pencils and have a couple of electric sharpeners at each voting station.

more unnecessary work given to people.

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Posted in: Kyoto police using targeted YouTube ads to warn would-be voyeurs See in context

Yes, much better idea than say a national sexual predators list or harsher penalties that are actually enforced on the guilty.

And how many of the cops who this video is supposed to represent, are a part of the actual guilty party?

Waste of time. As usual.

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Posted in: 47 trainee police officers punished for underage drinking, smoking See in context

I assume there is NO zero tolerance in the Police Academy in Japan either, right?

Generally this kind of rule breaking would result in expulsion or at least lowering in rank for such actions?

But what’s lower than a trainee? Being kicked out, I’d think.

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Posted in: 47 trainee police officers punished for underage drinking, smoking See in context

So they’re going to (eventually) “enforce” laws in Japan.

Yet they can’t even follow them. Ok.

Sounds like they’re perfect for being J-Cops.

Welcome to the team!

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Posted in: Japan adopts plan to push clean energy, nuclear to cut carbon emissions See in context


Are they gonna start by eliminating endless individual plastic wraps for small snacks?

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Posted in: Thieves steal 60,000 persimmons from Gifu orchard See in context

That’s a lot of picking. Who’s crazy enough to pull 60,000 fruit? That stuff will go bad quick.

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Posted in: First female to head Japan labor union vows to empower women See in context

Lot of talk. As usual.

Just do it. Prove that change will actually be done. Don’t worry about empty vows.

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Posted in: Former Prime Minister Abe becomes YouTuber See in context


Is he going to have a Patreon, TIK TOK or an Only Fans as well?

I'm sure the entire Nation has been waiting for Social Media Abe!!!

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Posted in: Daiichi Sankyo to launch COVID-19 vaccine in Japan in 2022 See in context

End of 2022.

That QUICK?!?!

They should really take their time on this one and not rush.

I'm sure the rest of the world will wait for Japan to catch up to the present.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stalking airline cabin attendant See in context

How do these stalkers have so much free time? Get another job or a hobby.

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Posted in: Chapelle special spurs Netflix walkout; 'Trans lives matter' See in context

Did any of those people even watch the show, without pre-viewing hate developing from just hearsay?

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Posted in: LDP, opposition clash over economy, COVID in election campaign See in context

I'll take two mic buffoon in the lower left to block, Jim.

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Posted in: Teen shogi star wins new fans for Japan's 'game of generals' See in context

Are there Shogi groupies?

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Posted in: Mel Brooks plans sequel to 'History of the World, Part 1' See in context

No way...........been waiting for decades on this one. Is Spaceballs 2, next?

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Posted in: 2 ex-workers at facility for disabled arrested for abusing teenage resident See in context

 Masami Nishimoto, 58, a children’s instructor, and Yoshihiko Kokushi, 46, a nurse

There are your mentally disturbed pieces of trash.

Hopefully karma rips these two useless viruses for the rest of their time.

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Posted in: Campaigning begins across Japan for Oct 31 general election See in context

Lot of dudes. Pass.

Besides Oct 31 is for Halloween! Dress up and hit the streets! Club 7-11 all night long!

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually molesting junior high school girl in library See in context

I get turned on whenever I set foot in a library.

Well, I mean the Dewey Decimal system can be a cerebral aphrodisiac.

For psychos.

Laminated pamphlets could also be classified as a rampage starter as well.

For lunatics.

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Posted in: Japanese celebrities urge young people to vote in general election See in context

but among those aged 18 and 19 it stood at around 30 percent, according to the government

That's because all they know how to do is follow others and study for the center or university exams.

Before Japan gets the young people to vote, they gotta teach them how to think and be independent.

Ask one of these young people what their favorite food is, they'll take at least 5 minutes to answer, or have to discuss it with their friends first.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for greater military capability, spending See in context

Isn't that the dude in the pink tie from the movie Battle Royale?

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Posted in: Top 10 YouTube channels popular among high school students in Japan See in context

This country's future (and present) is in trouble........

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Posted in: Rapper formerly known as Kanye West is now just Ye See in context

Too many syllables, too many letters.

I won't remember that.

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Posted in: North Korea fires at least one missile into sea, possibly from submarine See in context

Yawn. The biggest all bark and no byte country ever.

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Posted in: Princess Mako visits palace for her last imperial rite See in context

> Mr Komuro was shown on TV this morning sporting a very dandy haircut. No more ponytail manbun thingy.

Too bad. It was the only thing keeping this story, remotely interesting.

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