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shogun36 comments

Posted in: Mister Donut apologizes for selling 'Meat Pies' that didn’t contain meat See in context

They always got stuff that don't match!

Cereal, no milk

Peanut butter, no jelly

ham, no burger!

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Posted in: Older Japanese men making up for lost time by dipping into cosmetics See in context

Cosmetics or not, since when does anyone care what old Japanese men look like?

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Posted in: We want to distribute the money to the generation that is struggling and promote this in our recruitment activities. See in context

We want to distribute the money to the generation that is struggling

so, in other words, everyone in the current working class?


how about just giving competitive salaries to all the minions?

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Posted in: Tokyo Gov Koike plans to run for third term: source See in context

and the crowd goes mild

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Posted in: Transport ministry reviews safety at JAL after spate of incidents See in context

These incidents have been occuring from before the female CEO.

that's the point. incident here, incident there. (before the new CEO) uh-oh, someone is going to get the blame for this. I don't see these issues ending anytime soon.

psst, Tanaka. we need to hire a scapegoat here, AND fill out this "diversity deal" as well.

I got an idea, it'll kill 2 birds with one stone........

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Posted in: Two men arrested for attempted murder after bar fight Osaka last week See in context

Old boyfriends getting jealous of new boyfriends.

Throw them all in a cell for 24 hours, no guards, a dozen knives and let nature take its course.

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Posted in: Transport ministry reviews safety at JAL after spate of incidents See in context

Didn't JAL, JUST promote a woman to become the first CEO of the company?

It's a little too coincidental with all of these accidents.

Hmmmmm, can we say "scapegoat?"

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Posted in: Japan to require firms to expand support for employees with kids See in context

Yeah…….we’ve heard all this song and dance before.

How about getting some results for once?

Until these companies are seriously punished in some way, nothing is going to change.

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Posted in: Former politician Super Crazy-kun gets 4 1/2 years for sexual assault See in context

Someone named Super Crazy Kun was elected to a city council…….

What were those voters thinking?

I had to google this fool.

just looking at his pictures.

what a winner.

What other outcome were they expecting?

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Posted in: Transport ministry reviews safety at JAL after spate of incidents See in context

Hmm, what about the recent JAL incidents, outside of Japan?

Seems they forgot to mention those, here.

They can bow all they want in Japan, when it happens in other countries, they can’t just bow and think it’s all good.

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Posted in: 24-year-old man arrested for abusing one-year-old daughter, breaking her leg See in context

24-year-old man Ryo Tanzawa

That's not a man. That's a sorry excuse for a human, and a piece of trash.

Police said the welfare center had contacted them once before about the possibility that the child was being abused at home.

Then that's on the welfare center and the cops now.

If this loser doesn't go to prison for this incident, throw every single one of the cops and members of the welfare center, should be put in jail.

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Posted in: What effect do you think the increasingly bitter U.S. presidential election campaign is having on the U.S. image around the world? See in context

Not much of a different effect.

Since both jokers have already been in power for the last 8 years combined.

I wonder how much of a clown show it would be if Kishida had to run a campaign against someone in Japan.

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Posted in: 2 Chinese held for stealing 999 pairs of branded sneakers in Tokyo See in context

held for stealing 999 pairs

999? what did they do? take one down and pass it around?

Just get a 1000!

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Posted in: New bill will block convicted sex offenders from jobs involving children See in context

background checks dating back 20 years

20 years back?

As in, when the law should’ve already been in place?

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Posted in: Wing tips of 2 JAL planes come into contact at Haneda airport See in context

How are the runway traffic controllers NOT aware of where each plane is?

Are there THAT many planes? Or are the workers just incompetent?

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Posted in: Cannes gets steamy with strippers and sex motels See in context

Cannes gets steamy with strippers and sex motels

it’s about time

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Posted in: 80-year-old man arrested after attacking his daughter with machete See in context

How do you NOT die after getting slashed in the head with a machete?

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Posted in: Japanese players in MLB: Are they overhyped? See in context

Irabu was the worst.

“who these Padres? I only play for Yankees!”

and then proceeded to be sub par……

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Posted in: Ex-college employee gets 23 years for raping drugged students See in context

the college should also be held accountable for the crimes.

you telling me NO ONE knew anything was happening for 8 years?

and, what? there aren't any surveillance cameras in the entire institution?

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Posted in: Japanese firms offer highest pay hike in 32 years in spring wage talks See in context

Can't wait for that next 5% increase in 2056.............

hold on, I haven't even seen the 5% increase in 2024 yet......

So when does the next ACTUAL raise come?

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Posted in: Saudi crown prince puts off Japan trip due to king's health See in context

Saudi crown prince puts off Japan trip

So what?

Life is rough I guess?

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Posted in: SDF officer denies shoplifting at drugstore, saying ‘I just forgot to pay’ See in context

alerted a police officer who just happened to be in the store on another matter

all kinds of problems happening at this drug store.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy suffers burns while watching parade See in context

Pathetic Jackhole. Who are these deadbeats with nothing else better to do? Give them some hard labor. Get some use out of their pathetic lives.

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Posted in: Man arrested for putting girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughter in washing machine See in context

Where do these women find these losers?

Hideaki Masui.

Sounds like a fake name from a Hideki Matsui fan who tried to give a bogus name, but was too stupid to even do that.

Lock him up for life. Or like others said, throw him in the cement mixer. Either way, would be a win.

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Posted in: How often do you use self check-outs at supermarkets and convenience stores? Do you prefer them over human checkout counters? See in context

Which ever one has the shorter line.

It's not even a preference, just common sense.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s beckoning cat temple asks foreign tourists to stop writing on the beckoning cats they buy See in context

 Each figurine sells for between 500 and 7,000 yen, depending on size, and the temple says it’s been selling up to 800 in a single day

some pretty good sales there, especially if they are pushing 7000 yen cats.

asks foreign tourists to stop writing on the beckoning cats they buy

and then ignorance kicks in.......

fools, they bought them, they can do whatever to them.

or would they rather see the sales stop happening.

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Posted in: Japan passes revised law allowing joint child custody for divorced parents for first time See in context

for first time

well, congratulations.

Something that should’ve been done some 30-40 years ago.

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Posted in: 'Flying car' makes Tokyo debut at international tech event See in context

That’s not a Delorean.

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