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Posted in: Kishida pledges at climate summit to phase out coal-fired power See in context

Japan vowed to contribute $10 million to a new international fund to support developing nations incurring loss and damage caused by climate change.

another drop in the well for Japan I guess.

everyone gets millions!!!!

except the Japanese people.

btw, love the picture of people walking out while Kishida is talking.

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Posted in: Japan hopes for early easing of tensions in Gaza, Kishida tells Israel president See in context

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told Israeli President Isaac Herzog Friday that he hopes tensions in Gaza would ease as soon as possible

well, that’ll change things for sure then……

maybe he should go to NK and tell Kim, I hope all the tensions there would ease as well?

maybe Kishida will end all world wars…..

what a waste of time and money.

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Posted in: Kishida departs for UAE to attend U.N. climate meeting See in context

"I would like to demonstrate Japan's determination to take a leading role in Asia" to realize carbon neutrality, Kishida told reporters at his office before leaving Tokyo for Dubai.


By taking an endless amount of unnecessary flights around the world?

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Posted in: Kishida departs for UAE to attend U.N. climate meeting See in context

Kishida has expressed eagerness to encourage COP28 participants to make more efforts to accomplish the goals outlined in the landmark 2015 Paris Agreement.

Maybe he should encourage his LDP cronies to make more efforts and stop creating scandals and embezzling money, instead?

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Posted in: 2025 Expo ticket sales begin with 500 days to go amid cost concerns See in context

Advance sales of admission tickets for the 2025 World Exposition in Osaka began Thursday,

>  sales target of 23 million tickets for the event

> The organizer hopes that 14 million tickets, or about 60 percent of the sales target, will be sold in advance.

> an adult one-day ticket purchased during the event priced at 7,500 yen.

> Multiple-entry season and summer passes for adults are also available priced at 30,000 yen and 12,000 yen, respectively.

> "lack of efficient communication with the host."


I love comedy in the morning.

They should make a website or app about the running numbers on how many actual tickets are being sold.

That would entertain us for the next 500 days.

I can imagine the people buying tickets now.

"Should we drop all of this money on tickets father? I mean the event is 500 days away, and they have shown NOTHING completed or even worth going for yet.

SURE, mother! Why the heck not!?!? We'll buy ten tickets please."

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Posted in: Japan university to disband scandal-hit American football club See in context

Japan university to disband scandal-hit American football club

oh no.

nice! I got a cookie in my lunch box!

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Posted in: Kishida to meet Israeli president possibly on Friday during Mideast trip See in context

And there it is.

He just got called out for blatant miscalculated funds, and off he goes.

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Posted in: Tokyo to call governor election on July 7 with incumbent Koike in focus See in context

Almost forgot she existed. Where has she been hiding?

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Posted in: Women's sport revenues tipped to break $1 billion barrier See in context

Not the WNBA.

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Posted in: Osaka expo careens toward a looming disaster, for an event that few even want See in context

What a money pit. Good job, Japan.

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Posted in: House of Representatives staff member arrested for shoplifting See in context

Hiding 9000 yen of groceries in his coat, and he thought no one would notice…… of a genius.

gotta be one of Kishida’s boys.

The hell was he stealing anyway? Pocky and Katsu bentos only add up to about 600 yen.

What did he have? Fugu sashimi and a 69 year old bottle of wine as well?

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Posted in: Shop employee fights off three robbers with polearm in Tokyo's Ueno district See in context

The camera person had one job to do……horrible capture.

I dug the dude in suspenders swinging the “man catcher,” smashing the little bikes.

That made my day for sure.

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Posted in: Kishida grilled over alleged gifts to IOC for Tokyo's Olympic bid See in context

Kishida said in response, "I would like to think about concrete responses after carefully considering the circumstances surrounding the retraction" of the governor's remarks.

translation: “you got me dude, you got me. (Under his breath) Damn that was a good one……..psst, Tanaka, get me the hell out of here. book me on a 21 day “peace tour” to anywhere. You know the drill.”

I gotta admit, as much as Kishida is hated, he’s got tremendous balls to show his face anywhere in public, thinking everything is all G.

He's just asking for disaster to happen.

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Posted in: Japan's new foreign trainee program to enhance rights protection See in context

has been in place since 1993

only 30 years? that's fresh. usually it takes 50 years to make any changes.

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Posted in: Survey of middle-aged wimps provide case studies in male inadequacy See in context

individuals with annual income of 4.5 million yen or less

i wonder what the total population of Japan falls into that category.

Male or female

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Posted in: Japan confirms object launched into space by N Korea orbiting Earth See in context

The picture and the title make this whole thing feel like that running gag from Austin Powers............


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Posted in: Man arrested for spitting on woman on Osaka street See in context

Sounds like a winner.

someone get this fool a job.

spit shining shoes, preferably.

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Posted in: Police investigate report of someone spreading white powder on street in Hyogo See in context

Morons have a lot of time to waste, apparently.

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Posted in: Suntory announces massive price spike for its whisky, some types more than double in price See in context

● Increasing from 5,500 yen to 7,500 yen (36-percent increase): Hibiki Japanese Harmony

● Increasing from 4,500 yen to 7,000 yen (56-percent increase): Yamazaki Hakushu

● Increasing from 5,000 yen to 6,000 yen (36-percent increase): Suntory World Whisky Ao

● Increasing from 4,000 yen to 6,000 yen (50-percent increase): Chita

Lol. You might as well add in 1 or 2 more digits to those prices if you like.

Say good night to your whisky division there, suntory.

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Posted in: 77-year-old man arrested for hitting wife after suspecting she allowed man in her nursing home room See in context

 “I guess I must have hit my wife if I’m at the police station.”

I guess…….moron

Kyushu danji

oh, the jokers with “male high pride?”

the “male high pride” thing is such a joke. I guess it’s a nicer way call someone an “a-hole.”

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Posted in: Law change puts traditional Japanese daikon farmers in a pickle See in context

puts traditional Japanese daikon farmers in a pickle

I see what you did there

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Posted in: Japan to ban cannabinoid HHCH from Dec 2 after gummies make many ill See in context

I guess the Japanese gov’t couldn’t find a way to get a cut on it?

otherwise, it would’ve been ignored like other things………

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Posted in: North Korea says it put military spy satellite into orbit on third try See in context

So, what they want? A cookie?

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Posted in: Kishida questioned over LDP revenue underreporting claims See in context


Says, absolutely no one.

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Posted in: Hawaii may allow Japanese tourists to pass border checks from Japan See in context

Hawaii may allow Japanese tourists to pass border checks from Japan

That's all fine and good, Hawaii can do whatever they want.

But as long as the Yen is trading at 148 - 152 to $1 USD, the Japanese tourists are not going to be showing up in droves.

Even if they do make it to Hawaii, there's nothing left for them to spend on frivolous shopping.

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Posted in: Japan cracking down on illegal taxis as tourism boom drives demand See in context

taxi ceo: hey we need more taxi’s. Too many tourists, not enough drivers or cars.

driver: what about using Uber or Lyft?

taxi ceo: we don’t get a cut fool, make them illegal. call them “dangerous.”

Driver: didn’t we just have three taxi drivers crash and mistake the gas pedal for the break pedal?

taxi ceo: shut up. Go ahead and distribute those paper maps, now.

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Posted in: Sony lures record female engineers despite talent shortage in Japan See in context

"It is often said that if one group accounts for about 30 percent of the entire population, they are not a minority," said Hiromi Yokoyama

i’m definitely no math expert. But I’m pretty sure anything less than 50 percent, is the minority.

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Posted in: Figure skating icon Hanyu announces divorce; blames slander, stalking See in context

the couple has been troubled by slander, stalking and overheated media reporting.

the more you keep things hidden, the more people want to find out what you’re hiding.

the whole thing sounds like a publicity stunt, or just a scapegoat……but even if it’s sincere, just put everything out in the open from the start.

that way, maybe initially it would be a big deal to the “media”, but no one will care after a month.

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Posted in: Japan sees 2.52 million visitors in Oct, exceeding pre-COVID levels See in context

Now imagine how many more tourists would be in Japan, if the tourism industry actually promoted OUTSIDE of Honshu.

Are there really many people visiting Kyushu or Hokkaido?

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Posted in: Kishida plans Latin America tour in January See in context


When’s his Antarctica and to the moon tour?

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