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Posted in: 1-year-old boy dies after being hit by car driven by mother See in context

Police said the mother, Mika Kawabe, 21, told them she was backing her minivan out onto the road but was unaware that her son, Kira was behind her.

Good job. You know of one place where the boy was NOT, inside of the car, where he should have been.

It's real simple people:

If no kids are in the car, do not start it. If all of the kids are in the car, start it.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka hires Belgian Wim Fissette as coach See in context

So why is she running through coaches like drunken tinder hook ups? Are they the problem? Or is she?

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempting to rob his girlfriend’s grandparents See in context

Police said that Yamato broke into the apartment at around 1:20 p.m. on Nov 24.

Well, at least he let them enjoy Sunday lunch. Such a nice guy......

> His girlfriend’s 69-year-old grandfather was home alone and Yamato bound his hands and legs and proceeded to look for money.

Yamato ended up fleeing the scene without stealing anything.

Yamato was quoted by police as saying: “I had to steal in order to pay back my debts. I knew that they had money somewhere.”

You knew they had money somewhere, but you didn't steal anything. Good work. So you're probably gonna be charged with attempted murder (they know who you are) and on top of that, your girlfriend will probably dump you. (win win!)

See you monday at the combini, Kaisei.

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Posted in: 2 junior high school students arrested for extorting ¥220,000 from boy on threat of violence See in context

I wonder if those punks can even count the amount of bills necessary to make 220,000 yen.

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' fans camp outside LA theater week before film opens See in context

"When Star Wars comes, you put everything on hold -- it's like having a baby," said mega-fan Nicolas Johnson, waiting with his dog Cookie.

No, it's not like having a baby. And I'm a fan.

Obsessed "Star Wars" fans with sleeping bags and a portable movie projector have started camping outside Hollywood's Chinese Theatre, more than a week before

Go to work! Or go and take a shower.

That being said, I am looking forward to seeing it.

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Posted in: Otsu City official suspended after sending 200 Line messages, phone calls to colleague See in context

He was quoted as saying, “After I didn’t receive a reply from her, I got emotional and didn’t think about the consequences of my actions.”

well, I am not a dating expert, but.......

the man sent messages to the woman, who is in her 30s, 202 times via messages and phone calls during August and September, asking to meet her outside work, Sankei Shimbun reported. In addition, the man pretended to be the woman on Facebook and posted 32 messages that badmouthed their workplace.

this is definitely something you SHOULDN'T do to win their affections. In any culture.

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Posted in: Accused groper who jumped onto tracks to escape turns himself in See in context

So, were there any consequences for the criminal? That part of the story usually seems to be absent.

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Posted in: Most people in Japan know acronym LGBT but understanding limited: survey See in context

91.0, 57.1, 54.4, 32.7, 2016, 2,600, 20, 69 , 83.9 , 428,000, 20, 69, 10.0, 348,000, 2.8, 348,000, 1.4, 0.9, 2.5 , 1.8, 1.2

That's a lot of numbers. Is this an article about sexual minorities or a calculus problem?

All that matters is that everyone work unpaid overtime, pay their 10% consumption taxes and make a very low minimum wage.

Isn't that right Japan?

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Posted in: Japanese lawyer comments on legality of tattoo ban at hot springs See in context

It's so simple.

Just make onsens with three sections. 1. Men 2. Women 3. No tats (if you hate tats you come to this one, regardless of sex.)

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Posted in: Japanese lawyer comments on legality of tattoo ban at hot springs See in context

Do tramp stamp tats count as a bad thing?

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Posted in: Seven-Eleven failed to pay some overtime wages to at least 30,000 employees for years See in context

Seven-Eleven will try to reimburse all the unpaid wages.....

You don't TRY, you DO!

although some workers are no longer employed, many records are missing and some stores have already been closed.

oh really? That still doesn't mean those people have been compensated at all.

It is a 2 sided deal though, employees should keep track of their hours logged and money owed. Oh well, life goes on I guess. Will any of this be fixed at all?

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 8-month-old daughter in February See in context

Yamashita call 119, saying there was something wrong with his daughter.......

Nope just you buddy. Just you.

But now there is definitely something wrong with her, as she is in a coma. Thanks to you.

Have a good day.

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Posted in: Man arrested for pepper spraying customers at supermarket in Gifu See in context

 the suspect -- whose name has not been released --

Why? There should be a mug shot and name to go along with every article about the incident.

has admitted to the crime, saying that he wanted to see the expression on a woman’s face as she choked on the spray.

I wouldn't mind seeing the expression on the criminal's face as he chokes on gun being shoved in his mouth.

A total of 11 employees and customers, including five children, felt throat pain and were taken to hospital. 

Because of the spray, the store had to dispose of about 220,000 products worth around 29.9 million yen, and close for two days.

Good job, you just inconvenienced and possibly wrecked the lives of all these people involved. Hope you feel good about yourself, big man!

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Posted in: Gang leader arrested over August shooting in Kobe See in context

Police are on high alert as the feud between Yamaguchi-gumi and the splinter group, Kobe-yamaguchi-gumi, appears to be escalating.

How about this? Invite both groups, their entire groups to a dinner together. Somewhere with a lot of room to move around. Maybe an abandoned zoo in Hokkaido. Offer them a big buffet and all they can drink. Let them bring their guns or boyfriends or whatever. Lock them in the place, let the good times roll.

Hopefully there would be no survivors.

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Posted in: Man gets life in prison for killing 7-year-old girl in Niigata last year See in context


Not good enough.

This should be his daily schedule. Tie him up at a driving school and let the terrible students run into him a few times everyday. Then send him to a rope making factory and let them test how strong the new ropes are by tying him by the neck and hanging him off the bridge every morning. Next have him clean up the train tracks of his favorite train line, hopefully getting banged by a few trains every now and then. Then at night, have him come back and get molested by his fellow inmates. Repeat

Now, that's a sentence we can all live with.

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Posted in: 62-year-old man turns himself in after robbing post office See in context

Prison again? Too easy for people like this. Ship them off to military boot camp. Have them dig trenches, put them on KP duty, and do the grunt rookie stuff to teach them some discipline. Possibly some working skills as well.

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Posted in: Japan enacts law to introduce flexible working hours for teachers See in context

limit their monthly overtime to 45 hours


eliminate unpaid overtime completely?

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Posted in: Anti-high heels campaigner steps up to fight 'glasses ban' See in context

How about companies focus on more important things than frivolous superficial things.

For example, eliminating the uniform vacation periods, Golden Week, Obon, Silver Week, etc etc for starters? It's near impossible to go anywhere during this period due to high prices and lack of available tickets.

Or how about raising minimum wage and lowering working hours?

Just for starters,,,,

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Posted in: North Korea says it’s up to U.S. to choose ‘Christmas gift’ See in context

I'll take curtain number 3.

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Posted in: Japanese beer exports to S Korea fall to zero See in context

Ok. Now what? Is Korea the only other country that imports Japanese beer?

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Posted in: Crown prince urges daughter to update public on marriage plans See in context

Wow, I can't believe this is still a thing. I thought everyone forgot about the engagement. I did.

This is like from the TV Show, The Office. Where Roy and Pam were engaged for years and years, and it became a running joke on the show. I wonder if the same thing will happen here.

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Posted in: Brazil's president accuses actor DiCaprio of financing Amazon fires but offers no evidence See in context

Bolsonaro appeared to be commenting on social media postings claiming that the environmental organization the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) had paid for images taken by volunteer firefighters that it then supposedly used to solicit donations, including a $500,000 contribution from DiCaprio.

Ahhh the WWF. These are the same guys that made it illegal for Vince McMahon and his WWE from using those initials ever again? The WWF, a bunch of trouble makers as far as I'm concerned.

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Posted in: Pussycat Dolls announce reunion tour 10 years after split See in context

Good? Bad? What's the correct response here?

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Posted in: K-pop singer sentenced to 6 years in jail for rape, sharing secret sex videos See in context

Only 6 years? Why not 60 years?

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Posted in: North Korea says it may deploy ‘super-large’ rocket launcher soon See in context

North Korea says it may deploy ‘super-large’ rocket launcher soon

I'm not scared.

Had they said

"North Korea says it may deploy ‘mega-enormous’ rocket launcher NOW!

I would be scared.

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Posted in: Long hours of gaming adversely affect daily activities: survey See in context

The survey also showed men spend more time on gaming than women do.

> a Japanese national health institute's survey showed Wednesday.

> I don't know about everyone else, but this blew my mind. My life is about to have meaning now. A game changer if you will...............

And oh by the way, everyone and their mothers knew this information from when the first arcades opened up and home gaming systems were introduced.

I seriously hope none of this "survey" was funded by tax payers money.

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Posted in: Anime studio arson-murder suspect undergoes unprecedented skin grafts See in context

Meh, find some old t-shirts or table cloths and wrap him up. He'll be as good as new. Or not.

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Posted in: Famed Tokyo sushi restaurant Jiro dropped from Michelin gourmet guide See in context

 where the chef's selection starts at 40,000 yen..........

So who payed for that Obama-Abe ¥80,000+meal? Japanese or American tax payers?

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Posted in: 15 tons of sweet potatoes stolen in Ibaraki See in context

At 15 tons, you're talking about roughly the size of 7 cars or elephants, gone in less than 48 hours.

Not only would someone have to know that he even had that amount in his shed, but they had to also know how to move it cleanly and fast.

I say you find those guys and start up a moving company instead. Never mind potatoes.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s AKB48 idol-themed cafe announces sudden, permanent closure See in context

That's what happens when you only showcase the "famous" members and not build up any new stars. Oh well.

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