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Posted in: Woman arrested for assaulting judge in Tokyo District Court toilet See in context

cops are that swift in the courthouse? wow!

she sounds pretty hardcore. a 76 cm umbrella is no joke

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Posted in: University employee caught spending 50 hours a month looking at manga porn at work See in context

Well..........did he finish his assignments on time? If he did all that he was supposed to do, and on time, and if he's good at his job, you gotta let stuff sliiiiiiiiiiide....

Now if he was a bad worker, it's a problem.

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Posted in: Man who bolted when police came to arrest him turns himself in See in context

Good, because if he never turned himself in, the cops would've never found him.

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Posted in: Subway operators in Tokyo to conduct trial using robot guides See in context

The only time I've talked to the attendants or workers to find my way, was a result of not having sufficient signs or color coded systems or something to make the hallways look different.

One of the best examples is in Osaka in the Umeda-Osaka station area underground. There are signs and all, but they are not organized well at all. One second you're headed towards the Tanimachi Line and then all of a sudden, boom, it's the Midosuji Line? wait a minute.........

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Posted in: Parents arrested for child abuse after beating 1-year-old daughter unconscious See in context

We are going to start needing pictures of these kinds of people.

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Posted in: Introducing Roland: Top earner and most successful club male host in Tokyo See in context

Is he single?

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Posted in: Mother arrested for abusing 7-month-old son See in context

Can we please get screening processes done on potential parents in this country?

If they pass, feel free to have a child.

If they fail, they immediately get tied or cut on the spot, they can make the choice on which.

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Posted in: Come celebrate the 30th anniversary of 'Commando’s' Japanese TV debut at special screening in Tokyo See in context

Only 3 years late with this event.............

"Sully, remember when I told you that I'd kill you last?"

"Don't bother my friend. He's DEAD tired."

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Posted in: Former taxi driver arrested for robbing woman cabbie See in context

Wow, BIG man there. Here's to (not) winning in life! Good luck in jail, partner!

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Posted in: Man arrested for paying taxi fare with counterfeit money he printed at home See in context

$50 dollar bill! $50 dollar bill! Guys we have $50 dollar bill!

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Posted in: At high-tech Tokyo Game Show, old school ones are the best See in context

There's a lot of factors why retro games are more popular than the newer ones.

Paying endlessly for DLC and the redundant first person perspective games will never replace finding the RAFT in Zelda or the addictive manner of completing a Tetris line.

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Posted in: Heat wave in Japan sends record 30,000 people to hospital in August See in context

As long as they don't set the AC at any lower than 27 degrees, it's all good!

Cool Biz? Only if you still wear a jacket.

Daylight Savings time? Never heard of it. Mythical.

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Posted in: 36-year-old father arrested for beating 8-year-old son to death See in context

At the time of the incident, Yushin's mother was also home and police are questing her about her knowledge of what went on.

Soooo arrest them both now. Throw them both in jail. Question them later. Maybe next year or before the 2096 Olympics. Whenever you have some free time, I guess.

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Posted in: Tokyo Medical University chooses 1st woman president after sexism scandal See in context

Was this woman given the job because of her gender or because she is the right person for the job?

Really? Why does everybody say this when a woman reaches a position of power. Is it so unthinkable that a woman be intelligent and hard working? I never see anybody questioning men about if they were chosen just because they're men. (which probably actually happens a lot more often than the reverse.)

I say it about men and women that don't deserve to be in power. It isn't about race or sex, it's about being competent. Hire based on skill, not based on seniority or the current scandal or issue plaguing the organization. In Japan it happens all too often.

The reason why people question it is because it so "conveniently" happened as soon as there was a problem. Hopefully the woman is more than skilled enough to fill the position, or at least given absolute power. Otherwise it's just a complete farce.

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Posted in: Police officer loses loaded gun while guarding Abe's motorcade See in context

This is what happens when Police Officers pass a difficult "written test" but have no "in the line of duty" skills.

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Posted in: Packed fall TV brings Julia Roberts, life after 'Roseanne' See in context

Wow, John Goodman looks smaller than Aunt Jackie in that pic.

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Posted in: Will a 'Saturday Night Live' makeover boost the Emmys? See in context

Get Larry David or Jeff Ross to host, then I might watch.

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Posted in: Kono says Japan will accept more foreign workers See in context

sigh...............where to begin. So many things mentioned in the article that deserve an "oh really?!?"

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Posted in: Is it OK to put other food on top of your white rice when eating in Japan? See in context

Yes it is. The end. Take your pick, shoyu, furikake, yukari, chicken, beef, eggs, any Donburi or Doria, etc etc.........

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Posted in: Osaka to provide multilingual disaster information for foreigners See in context

Why are things always planned AFTER a disaster or incident? Shouldn't there be a plan "in case stuff happens" already? Can Japan NOT plan for the future, you know, anticipate unfortunate incidents and prepare accordingly?

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Posted in: Police on lookout for Arashi 'fan' who stole articles about group from public library See in context

Which would be a harder thing to admit?

You're an Arashi fan

You're a cop, looking for a faceless individual(s) who apparently stole pictures of Arashi.

You're the person to open this can of worms and actually ask the employee "Where's Arashi?"

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Posted in: Part-time convenience store worker arrested for stealing ¥2 mil from store See in context

I'm surprised the cops found him in a parking lot in another prefecture.

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Posted in: 'Top Gun: Maverick' release date pushed back to June 2020 See in context

I'll only go and see it if they can guarantee Iceman Val Kilmer will do a loud teeth crunch at Maverick in the movie.

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Posted in: New station on Tokyo's Yamanote line unveiled to media See in context

Call it 2020 eki. That's because no one even remembers there is a year 2019.

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Posted in: When cars fly? Japan wants airborne vehicles to take off See in context

I hope there's a completely made up "S crank turn" on the flying vehicle road test for licenses as well. What better way to drive than to be tested on things that don't exist in the real world, but only on driving school courses.

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Posted in: Saitama police apologize for arresting wrong man as robbery suspect See in context


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Posted in: End of an era: Emperor's abdication to reset Japan calendar See in context

The upcoming end of the Heisei era was even reportedly a factor in the government's decision to implement death sentences this year against 13 members of the Aum cult behind a 1995 sarin attack. Government officials apparently wanted to a draw a line under the cult's attacks before the Heisei era ends. All 13 executions were carried out in July.

So, if the Emperor were ti never stepped down, those 13 members would never be executed?

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Posted in: Drunk man looks for free ride home from police by claiming he stole gun; gets arrested instead See in context

nine officers rushed

The cops weren't doing anything else at the time, why didn't they give him a ride home? They are there to serve the public.

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Posted in: Scorching heat continues for much of Japan See in context

"I'll be gone till November" - Wycleff

let me know when Halloween is over, then hopefully most of this heat will be gone

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Posted in: Japanese charity telethon '24-Hour Television' faces criticism for poor spending and low popularity See in context

So basically viewers are paying the celebrities salaries here, great. Isn't there a free app or something that allows people to make straight donations to their favorite charities? Eliminate the middleman.

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