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Posted in: Air Japan pilot bumped off flight after failing breath test See in context

The pilot started drinking vodka at home before 5 p.m. and the company contacted him around 7:40 p.m. to request that he be on the flight. The company prohibits drinking in the 12 hours before a flight, and the pilot said he had not breached this regulation. The flight to Yangon was scheduled for 11 a.m.

Was the pilot on standby call that night?

If yes, he should've never started drinking at all.

Was the call a complete random surprise without notice?

If yes, blame the airline for not giving a proper amount of notice time. I mean sure, the flight was leaving at 11 am, but obviously the pilot needs to be there a lot earlier than 11.

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Posted in: Policewoman resigns after being reprimanded for moonlighting in sex industry See in context

The only reason she took the job was, because she actually wanted to do some work to contribute to society and help in some small way to make the world a better place.

She was tired of just sitting in the police koban, "working" and typing at the computer or going for daily bike checks at the local conbini.

My hats off to you glorious woman!

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Posted in: Arashi's decision to suspend activities at end of 2020 shakes fans See in context

After hearing this news, life officially has no meaning now..................

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Posted in: Ex-policeman pleads guilty to shooting sergeant in 'koban,' citing mental stress See in context

Imoto was in charge of training the teenager, who graduated from police school in January last year and was posted to the police box about two weeks before the incident.

Prosecutors said the former policeman had become angry and frustrated with his work, which piled up as Imoto repeatedly directed him to correct documents the teenager had written.

Hmmm...... The kid was two weeks into the job.

As far as I can tell, either Imoto was a bad instructor, the THEN 19 year old was completely useless and never had a responsibility or job in his life, the Police Academy teaches NOTHING practical, or perhaps a little bit of all three?

But the accused's lawyers argued he was struggling with adjustment disorder due to psychological stress and his "capacity to judge between right and wrong and to control his behavior had been reduced prior to firing the handgun."

Wow! If you can't judge between right and wrong, you're definitely in the wrong profession. But then again, since this is Japan and the police force have nothing better to do but fill out paper reports and hassle bike riders, so maybe he was actually in the right profession.

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Posted in: Japan's 10-day Golden Week holiday stirs concern among investors See in context

Why can't Japan ever spread things out? Does everything always have to be bunched up?

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Posted in: Spotify releases feature to block specific artists See in context

I don't see nothing wrong. With a little bump and grind. That's because It's the freakin' weekend baby and I'm about to have me some fun.

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Posted in: Japanese teacher punches high school boy in face; social media on his side See in context

In Hawaii there's a thing called the "moke factor."

A moke is basically a physically big bully with no job or education that could kill you with one punch. Long story short, most people are smaller than mokes and know better than to make one angry.

In Japan there is no such person as a moke, so punks like this think it's ok to mouth off to someone much larger than them. There are also little to no consequences for doing bad things in school here.

The teacher shouldn't have STARTED with a fist to the face, a slap to the cheek would've sufficed. But maybe now the yankii won't be so quick to seem so tough.

And by the way, the Yankii's little friend better learn how to focus the camera better next time.

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Posted in: 4 men arrested over online romance scam See in context

People gotta learn the hard way. Use paypal.

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Posted in: Yakuza member arrested for having honest job, dishonest application See in context

Japan is in need of more workers...................yet they fire and arrest you because you kick it with some dirty people.

Good job Japan. If all companies knew the truth of their employees, at least 50% of the work force would also be fired and arrested.

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Posted in: Man arrested for rape 11 days after release from prison for same offense See in context

I blame him for being sick and needs to be put to sleep. Seriously.

I blame the police for being completely useless. They need to be disbanded, all of them. Really, what good are they?

I blame her for having the ignorance of going to wherever it was. She's old enough to know what isn't right.

Everyone is a loser in this story. Thank you for printing such negativity.

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Posted in: 3 men jailed for theft of 160 kgs of gold in 2016 See in context

How did they even know gold was being transported? Was it being carried in a open view display?

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Posted in: 69-year-old man who hasn’t had license for 20 years arrested in hit-and-run See in context

Throw him in jail. 30 year sentence. He knew it was illegal for him to drive. Should've been taking the bus.

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Posted in: Female imperial family members to be barred from key succession rite See in context

What do these people do again?

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Posted in: Foreign tourists spend record ¥4.5 tril in Japan in 2018 See in context

Wow, what a concept.

Foreign visitors bring in money to Japan.

Now imagine if Japanese nationals also traveled around Japan freely at reasonable rates all year round. Not during Golden Week or Obon only at inflated prices. The economy would be even better than it is!

It's too bad, its much cheaper to travel abroad than it is to do it domestically. What if.........

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Posted in: Osaka subway drivers win court case over right to grow beards See in context

Why is this even an issue?

Do beards improve or distract drivers from doing their job? A complete waste of time and money. Let them wear beards or not, who cares? Can they drive, that's all that matters.

When do people even see the drivers? Everyone is looking at their phones or watching the doors open and close, not a factor.

What a choice Japan. Train drivers with beards or airline pilots who drink on the job? I'll take not dying in the air for the win.

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Posted in: 2 Nepalese men arrested for placing bicycle on train tracks See in context

According to police, the two men, aged 21 and 22, who are vocational school students, have admitted to the charge and said they were drunk at the time, Fuji TV reported.

It's funny. Everytime we see a story where a drunk Japanese male "can't remember a crime due to being drunk." However these two foreigners can remember all of their illegal activity despite being drunk? Something does add up.

Either way, deport them all! The two degenerates and the police officers involved.

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy falls to death from 4th-floor apartment See in context

I work with a bunch of 11 year olds. While the majority are fairly competent and more or less have common sense, there are a few that make you go hmmmmmmmm.

There have been an instance or two, where a kid does something pretty foolish right in front of everyone, and it's like "kid, are you serious?"

While this story does seem incomplete, there may not be more to it then an unfortunate accident.

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Posted in: 24-year-old man arrested over murder of parents See in context

Good job Tsuyoshi. Who's going to pay your credit card bills, wash your clothes, and cook your food now, you degenerate? Enjoy prison.

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Posted in: JAL faces fresh disciplinary action after drinking by flight attendant See in context

Can we have a name on the female cabin attendant that was drinking on the flight? I think I have the proper reprimand and punishment for her. Thank you.

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Posted in: Streaming TV is getting complicated See in context

Disney can keep their Marvel, I'm over it. Star Wars, I got all the blu-rays. I would like to see some old school Mickey Mouse Club, 90's live action movies or Disney animated shorts though.

But keep it going Netflix! Hopefully all this competition and over flooding the market will lower prices across the board. If every subscription was $5 a month (600 yen?) I think more people would subscribe to mulitple channels.

Where is Nickeloden - Nick at Nite in all this? I much rather see their 80's-90's programming than Disney's.

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Posted in: 11-year-old girl slashed in neck by man at shop in Kagawa Pref See in context

A 28-year-old unemployed man....

It always starts out something like this. If Japan could eradicate unemployment, it'd stamp out crime completely.

There are more jobs available than there are people. It's on him to blame, no one else. If he can't handle a job, he better step up his game real quick.

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Posted in: Narita, Haneda airports predicting 5% increase in travelers heading abroad for year-end holidays See in context

Hopefully the JAL pilots are all juiced up and ready to go then. Gonna be a lot of flights, gotta make sure each pilot has enough drinks for the journeys.

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Posted in: JAL says pilot evaded breath tests over 100 times since last year See in context

JAL has not decided how to reprimand the pilots.

How about first the Japanese Government make an example out of JAL and reprimand them? Ban them from airport operations until they cut the crap and actually test every single one of their airplane staff before flights? How about JAL clean house and rid of anyone on top, get rid of the cancer.

I don't ONLY blame the pilots, I would also blame JAL for OBVIOUSLY running a tight ship.

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Posted in: Japan to stop charging extra for pregnant women's hospital visits See in context

Male Japanese Exec 1: "We need more money and a bigger population, what do we do? "

Male Japanese Exec 2: "I got it! We shall encourage women to have babies and then raise their fees when they go for medical check ups!"

Male Japanese Exec 1: "I like it! Win-Win! Women have more babies and we have more money. We can't lose! "

Female Japanese Exec 1: "Won't that make it too expensive and therefore difficult for families to have children? It's costly as it is....... "

Both male Japanese Execs: "Quiet woman! Where's our coffee!?!"

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Posted in: Shibuya calls for stores to refrain from selling alcohol in glass bottles on New Year's Eve See in context

Those three cops look pretty cute with their little plastic bullhorns. I guess it's almost time for the 7th inning stretch. I wonder if they are gonna play the telephone game with those when the alcohol levels rise.

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Posted in: Japan to make alcohol tests mandatory for pilots See in context

ummmm, it wasn't before? Good ole Japan, always making changes AFTER the fact, never anticipating what might happen.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven removing storefront ashtrays across Tokyo See in context

Good. But why even say anything? Just remove them all. Tell smokers go smoke in their house.

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Posted in: Experts question Tokyo medical school's reasoning behind gender bias See in context

I'm going to start a medical school, only for women! How about that? Cash me outside!

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Posted in: Policeman leaves pistol in Osaka convenience store toilet See in context

I wonder if he left it there as a scavenger hunt clue? If so, the combini store employee just completely wrecked the entire game!!

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Posted in: Policeman leaves pistol in Osaka convenience store toilet See in context

"We will try to prevent such incidents by handling our equipment more carefully," Tsuneo Fujii, an official of the Osaka prefectural police's security division, said in a statement. long as you try, I guess it's ok. No harm done. I mean what would have been the worst that would happen anyway? A curious teenager stumbling upon it and showing it off to his friends, shooting up the school yard? Never.

Let's just bow, apologize, and act as if the taxpayers money are not going to waste.

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