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Posted in: 11-year-old girl slashed in neck by man at shop in Kagawa Pref See in context

A 28-year-old unemployed man....

It always starts out something like this. If Japan could eradicate unemployment, it'd stamp out crime completely.

There are more jobs available than there are people. It's on him to blame, no one else. If he can't handle a job, he better step up his game real quick.

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Posted in: Narita, Haneda airports predicting 5% increase in travelers heading abroad for year-end holidays See in context

Hopefully the JAL pilots are all juiced up and ready to go then. Gonna be a lot of flights, gotta make sure each pilot has enough drinks for the journeys.

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Posted in: JAL says pilot evaded breath tests over 100 times since last year See in context

JAL has not decided how to reprimand the pilots.

How about first the Japanese Government make an example out of JAL and reprimand them? Ban them from airport operations until they cut the crap and actually test every single one of their airplane staff before flights? How about JAL clean house and rid of anyone on top, get rid of the cancer.

I don't ONLY blame the pilots, I would also blame JAL for OBVIOUSLY running a tight ship.

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Posted in: Japan to stop charging extra for pregnant women's hospital visits See in context

Male Japanese Exec 1: "We need more money and a bigger population, what do we do? "

Male Japanese Exec 2: "I got it! We shall encourage women to have babies and then raise their fees when they go for medical check ups!"

Male Japanese Exec 1: "I like it! Win-Win! Women have more babies and we have more money. We can't lose! "

Female Japanese Exec 1: "Won't that make it too expensive and therefore difficult for families to have children? It's costly as it is....... "

Both male Japanese Execs: "Quiet woman! Where's our coffee!?!"

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Posted in: Shibuya calls for stores to refrain from selling alcohol in glass bottles on New Year's Eve See in context

Those three cops look pretty cute with their little plastic bullhorns. I guess it's almost time for the 7th inning stretch. I wonder if they are gonna play the telephone game with those when the alcohol levels rise.

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Posted in: Japan to make alcohol tests mandatory for pilots See in context

ummmm, it wasn't before? Good ole Japan, always making changes AFTER the fact, never anticipating what might happen.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven removing storefront ashtrays across Tokyo See in context

Good. But why even say anything? Just remove them all. Tell smokers go smoke in their house.

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Posted in: Experts question Tokyo medical school's reasoning behind gender bias See in context

I'm going to start a medical school, only for women! How about that? Cash me outside!

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Posted in: Policeman leaves pistol in Osaka convenience store toilet See in context

I wonder if he left it there as a scavenger hunt clue? If so, the combini store employee just completely wrecked the entire game!!

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Posted in: Policeman leaves pistol in Osaka convenience store toilet See in context

"We will try to prevent such incidents by handling our equipment more carefully," Tsuneo Fujii, an official of the Osaka prefectural police's security division, said in a statement. long as you try, I guess it's ok. No harm done. I mean what would have been the worst that would happen anyway? A curious teenager stumbling upon it and showing it off to his friends, shooting up the school yard? Never.

Let's just bow, apologize, and act as if the taxpayers money are not going to waste.

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Posted in: 2 men fined ¥100,000 for overturning small truck during Halloween revelry See in context

Does the owner of the truck get the money?

Silly, this is Japan, of course not. The money goes directly to the Police Friday night Nomikai fund.

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Posted in: Man throws bike from 2nd-floor parking area, injuring woman below See in context

53 years old and throwing temper tantrums because of a bad parking job? Time to get a stuffed animal and learn to relax. If your biggest problem in life is a bicycle, you have an easy life!

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Posted in: Ex-Fleetwood Mac guitarist Buckingham says his lawsuit is settled See in context

Ahhh, the genius behind the all time great song known as "holiday road!"

I found out long's a long way down, to Holiday Rooooaaaad......

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers to change more event starting times to beat heat See in context

The 2020 Olympics will not be about who are the best athletes, it will be about who can survive the heat the longest. Rename the event the 2020 World Battle for Attrition Supremacy.

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Posted in: New station on Tokyo's Yamanote line to be named Takanawa Gateway See in context

The railway company, also known as JR East, said the name of the station was decided based on suggestions submitted by the public.

Takanawa was the No. 1 choice of people, with 8,398 entries, while Takanawa Gateway placed 130th with 36 entries.

「(°ヘ°) puzzled, scratches head....

Japanese logic......if you try to make sense out of it, you will lose your mind.

It just shows that there was no actual vote involve, they already had a name picked out and wanted the public to feel as if they had a say in it.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing 2 policemen in Hiroshima See in context

If two cops, NHK, or anyone NOT delivering me a package, came and bothered me before I had my breakfast, I'd be pretty angry as well.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for leaving father with Alzheimer’s at expressway parking area See in context

Damn that's cold.

"Thank you for raising me for 46 years, good luck as you wander aimlessly.........."

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Posted in: Some Japanese firms encouraging employees to take worktime naps See in context

Better yet, make everyone work 15 hour shifts and then have them sleep for one full hour instead! Win Win!

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Posted in: Man arrested for selling modified Super NES Classics with extra games See in context

The real crime here was just adding 5 games, the memory had enough to house over 200. Come on now player!

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Posted in: Osaka to host 2025 World Expo See in context

I used to live in Osaka. I love Osaka. I still have many friends in Osaka. I would like to live there again someday.


Osaka is a very dirty and seedy place. Osaka needs to stop being Tokyo Jr. and become a top player on their own. We shall see if this event can make changes necessary. Step up your game Osaka, clean it up, and show the world how it's done!

Although I don't think I have heard anything on the World Fair in decades, what is the World Fair exactly in 2018?

On a side note, how many of the people in that main picture even be around in 2025?

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Posted in: 3 Keio University students arrested for sexual assaulting, robbing unconscious woman See in context

You guys are too lenient.

They need to make posters of these guys' faces an plaster them all over campus, saying have you seen these sexual predators? And then when caught, have them go to classes wearing a sign that says, I am a sexual predator. Then after a month, expel them, then arrest them, the castration.

Then have them pay restitution.

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Posted in: 'I want to thank me,' says rapper Snoop Dogg on getting Hollywood star See in context

"I want to thank me..."

I like the Dog but this reeks of that ugly American self congratulatory mindset. Me, me, and me.

Congrats but learn a little humbleness.

I believe that is called light hearted humor, relax.

Snoop, you da man!

1, 2, 3 and to the 4, Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr. Dre at the door

Ready to make an entrance, so back on up.........

Gimme the microphone first, so I can bust like a bubble

Compton and Long Beach together, now you know you in trouble

Ain't nothin' but a "G" thang, baby!

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Posted in: Fabrication allegation rocks popular Japanese TV variety show See in context

TV stations actually using their imagination to create original content? Say it isn't so!!!!!

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Posted in: 11-hour waiting time at Mickey Mouse attraction at Tokyo Disneyland See in context

good to know. I'm gonna start waiting when the park closes at night.

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Posted in: Taiwan grandpa catches 'em all playing Pokemon Go on 15 cell phones See in context

Grandpa must be rich. More power to him. Although in reality, he should have just bought a real life pokemon and call it a day.

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Posted in: 340,000 foreigners may flow into Japan in 5 years under new visa system See in context

I am happy to be here!

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Posted in: Gov't OKs bill to make 10-day holiday around 2019 imperial succession See in context

Good! Then I can finally start playing my Zelda game on the Switch.

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Posted in: Passengers to be banned from carrying knives onto all trains in Japan from April See in context

"in April" about "from November?"

Well, get your stabbing done before April while the getting is good.

These trains should definitely have some kind of checking procedure before passnegers get on.

Honestly, is it much different than from being on a plane? A bunch of strangers in one moving room for 2-3 hours. Chances are there are going to be some crazies on board while you're sleeping.

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Posted in: Temples aim to attract youngsters with disco balls, planetarium shows See in context

they should consider offering free food or mario kart tournaments instead

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Posted in: Man clings to car hood for 370 meters as thief gets away See in context

Wouldn't it have been easier to take pictures of the license plate?

It was his car he probably knows the make/model and plate number...

I wouldn't bet on it. Do you know how many people I've asked "oh what kind of car do you drive?" and they can't answer? Sometimes, I BARELY get a correct color out of the person.

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