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Posted in: Man arrested after stabbing 17-year-old daughter with sword See in context


Did he think he was in a Tom and Jerry cartoon, and everyone would have a good laugh at the slice to her back?

Welcome to reality buddy!

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Posted in: Man arrested after convenience store clerk mishears him say 'I have SARS' See in context

SARS? When are we? 2003?

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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested for confining children aged 2 and 1 in room See in context

The wife, She's in her "20's".........what does that mean? They can't give her age? And she has a 7 year old kid. Which means she could have been as young as 12 when she was impregnated or as old as 23. It makes a huge difference there.

And why is she having more kids with this loser who clearly is a child himself, not ready for father hood?

The woman must also know this guy is unreliable. Please lock this fool up for life. Or at least get him neutered. Tie up her tubes as well while we are at it.

Sickening story all around.

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to molest baby boy mistaken for girl See in context

believing the child was a girl

Boy, girl, what's the difference? IT WAS A BABY!!!!! Gender of the baby was the least of his issues. Hopefully this "person" gets taken out of society quick. Clearly sick in the head.

while the boy's mother had stepped away

The baby is 1..........Why are you stepping away from your baby, mother? She also should be slapped with a consequence, a fine or something. What is wrong with her?

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Posted in: Male babysitter arrested for molesting 5-year-old girl See in context

sigh.............where is the mandatory sexual predator list? Where is the putting these people on blast all over social media so people know who they are? Come on now.

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Posted in: Gov't to promote staggered holidays to curb congestion, virus spread See in context

The Japanese government stressed the need for individuals to take their holidays at different times of the year.

Uhhh, really? You mean do what other countries have been doing for decades? You mean everyone going on vacation at the exact same time for GW, Obon and New Year's isn't a good idea?

I'm shocked!!!!

also, check same lunch time breaks.............

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Posted in: Yamato city aims to ban phone use while walking See in context

But Yasumi said there will be no punishment for those............

Then what’s the point? Quit wasting time and money and do something productive then.

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Posted in: Former AKB48 star Watanabe retires from showbiz over health reasons See in context

Wow I haven’t heard about AKB in like 5 years. How are they doing these days? Is Kojiharu still there?

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy picks worst woman to randomly ask if she wants to make an adult video See in context

Arrest the punk. Get him out of here. Or don’t. It doesn’t matter.

What does matter is,

that we need here some pictures of said undercover officer. So that if we see her in the streets, we can shake her hand and thank her for her wonderful service to the community.

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Posted in: Okayama to join other Japan cities issuing LGBT certificates See in context


Or welcome to the present?

Or BIG news, about 20 or more years ago in the rest of the world.

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Posted in: Universal Studios Japan to reopen on June 8 See in context

At least now wait times and lines will be short.......right?

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Posted in: Fireworks explode across Japan to cheer up virus-weary public See in context

I remember my wife saying something briefly about the news on Sunday night. I asked, where? No reply. I was also going to be working at that time, so it didn’t really matter to me anyways.

My point is how much of the population actually saw any of this?


If this was paid and coordinated by private companies to help ease the dark times, I applaud those companies for trying something positive.

If this was paid for and funded by tax payers money..............c’mon now, I’m sure you government politicians have wasted enough money and time doing nothing. Time to cut the crap and start making real moves and changes to help improve Japan, not mask the obvious problems.

I guess it’s better than having violent riots though.............

2020, you need to go away!

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Posted in: Man arrested for confining 3-year-old son in washing machine See in context

Please post pictures of these individuals and where they work. Hopefully justice will be served.

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Posted in: Lawyers say Japanese video game time ban for kids violates constitution See in context

It was a stupid idea in the first place and a complete waste of time and money to even suggest it.

But like any other law in Japan, where nothing is enforced anyway, did it really matter if it was legal or not?

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Posted in: Tokyo Tower reopens, but now you have to take stairs 150 meters up See in context

But I would walk five hundred miles

And I would walk five hundred more

Just to be the man who walked..................................stop.

Please get serious. I'm not paying to climb stairs. I can do that at my apartment for free.

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Posted in: Follow the leader See in context

Now THIS is what we need to see more of. More enjoyable pictures like this one please.

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Posted in: Police arrest suspect in Kyoto Animation studio arson attack that killed 36 See in context

Aoba sustained severe burns on his face, torso and limbs, and was unconscious for weeks. He reportedly still cannot walk or feed himself without assistance.

Japanese television footage Wednesday showed Aoba, his face scarred and eyebrows lost apparently from the fire, strapped to a stretcher as he was carried into a police station

still not good enough. What else can be done to him?

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Posted in: Getting back to normal See in context

That’s a lot of dudes in that picture. I can easily do without that whole scene.

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Posted in: Has Japan dodged the coronavirus bullet? See in context

However, Kazuto Suzuki, professor of public policy at Hokkaido University, said

> "Test, test, test is not the Japanese strategy,"

Hi there.

Have you ever lived in Japan or seen their endless test test test mentality?

I mean they have preparations for pre-test tests!!!!

well, apparently not.....

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Posted in: Two men arrested over assault, robbery of elderly woman See in context

Two men arrested over assault, robbery of elderly woman

Two USELESS COWARDS arrested over assault, robbery of elderly woman


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Posted in: Woody Allen's controversial memoirs to appear in French See in context

Umm, good? I take it he has many fans in France?

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Posted in: 2 men stabbed in Tokyo apartment over noise dispute; one dead See in context

He attacked with a plastic hammer? You mean like something a child plays with?

And how did the two stab victims not first check through their door peephole? They must’ve seen the nut job carrying said weapons.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce online system for reporting coronavirus See in context

A health ministry official said the new reporting system

YAY! Welcome to what South Korea started doing about 3 months ago!

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Posted in: Abe seeks to extend state of emergency by about a month See in context

So. A room full of experts. Great.

Did they actually come up with a solution or any progress for that matter?

Or did they leave exactly as how they came in?

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Posted in: Child care chaos looms if both parents fall ill with coronavirus See in context

Wow Japan, there's definitely a lot of problems and issues that are ill prepared for.

But I guess that's what happens when no one learns to adapt as times change or always waiting till AFTER the fact to make adjustments.

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Posted in: Cool Biz campaign begins across Japan See in context

Until shorts are allowed in cool biz, it isn't "cool biz."

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Posted in: Comedian says pandemic will prod pretty girls into sex industry See in context

Do that many people still listen to late night weekend radio shows?

Whether it was insensitive or not, I'm sure at that time, he was just making a one off joke.

You can debate on which side you're on, but my point is, to have such backlash off of something like that from a late night weekend radio show in 2020 is baffling to me.

When all of this corona business is over, who is anyone to judge on how someone makes a living? I'm sure all of us will struggle coming out of it, you gotta do what you can to survive.

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Posted in: Reinvent the reel: Hollywood mulls new measures to restart shooting See in context

Time to go Blair Witch style. Just grab your phones and make movies with your friends. Splice all the videos together and presto!

All it takes is some imagination and creativity. Hollywood. Something that hasn't really been around in a long time.

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Posted in: Man arrested after stabbing police counselor in koban in Tokyo See in context

a 57-year-old unemployed man

And also no name I guess?

muttered something about being hypnotized

counselor  counselor  counselor , can't you see? Sometimes your words just........

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Posted in: Essential workers taking risks despite harassment during virus crisis See in context

many workers at its member stores have reported that they are "worn out due to customer complaints"

I don't complain about the workers. They are doing a TREMENDOUS job of what they are paid to do. I fully respect that as should everyone else.

I do complain about these "customers" that ruin it for everyone. Not to stereotype, but they are usually Japanese "grown men."

For example the typical old retired guy and his buddy trying to smoke or get a drink and making a huge "complaint" when there's nothing really to complain about besides themselves.

But just the other day at the combini, some construction workers just got off and there was a group of them. I get it, they are tired from work and need a drink. So be it, you guys earned it, go for it!

(It would be a lot more realistic if they just bought a couple of six packs in coolers for miller time. But that's a whole different story.)

Anyway, their "leader" I guess, you know the loudest and coolest guy of the bunch, comes in coughing up a storm. No mask. Opens up the refrigerator, blows a bunch of dramatic coughs. Lines up behind me, is ready yo cough, thankfully the other register opens up first and he changes lines. Of course midway, let's off more rounds of droplets.

Yeah, thanks guy. You were so manly!

I'm sure the workers have a plethora of customers and stories that definitely make life difficult. I mean I was just in the store for about 3 minutes, and I was very irritated as it was.

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