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Well, let's see...

If Japan had to go to war tomorrow, it would undoubtably the most ready country in the world. You take a look at its neo-impeiralist school system and wonder how the country got around amending article 9 of its constitution, oh yeah this was it. They won't have a military, just a military-like school system based on absolute obedience.

If Japan would have discovered the nuclear bomb first,had the delivery capability, it would have nuked San Francisco and LA, maybe Seattle too. It is a fact.

Nuclear powered Aircraft Carriers are here to stay. Deal with it.

Just because Japan is hush hush about its military buildup and calls it Self Defense Force doesn't make their bullets any less lethal. Rather than through force, Japan has been conquering the globe one investment at a time.

Let's be realistic.

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When is Japan going to be invaded by the same pot smoking pop culture that the west has been enjoying for years. The lavk of an off season for Sumo may also be a contributing factor in this. Look at WWE wrestlers. They train and play all year round and the amount of drugs they take is exhorbitant. In my opinion, Japanese culture as a whole could have an effin joint from time to time and cool its heels. Perhaps they would be less prone to suicide from too much pressure, death from being overworked and perhaps it would lessen the strict class delineations between the haves and the have nots. Plus it is just weed. You can buy shrooms anywhere in Japan and people use it. Alot.

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