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Well, who would want to use AU anyway? You snooze you lose. Oh, and Docohno, and Dumbank. Hang on, everything else relies on these silly networks, so... we are all screwed. It's okay, it's just too hot. Once a rainy day comes, all will be well. Thank god for Wi-Fi right? Long live LAN lines! If only they were free.

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I hope these people in the picture can sue METI when their eyesight screws up. Is this a first world country? Well, one that is bought by printing lots of yen... brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr goes the printer. Off goes the lights. Why aren't there fans on the floor as well? This is a sweat shop. Come down the beach. It's much cooler.

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The Japanese race is doomed if we think the way we have always thought, which is so archaic. There are not enough babies in Japan. We need more babies, and with these stupid oyaji run companies around (and government, legal system.... you name it, it's oyaji), there is no incentive to have babies. Japan is a corrupt, sinking ship, that's about to be set fire by the farts of rotting zombies in power. I hope he has a prosperous future with his family, because you only get one life. I respect him!

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That is one ugly ship I paid for. It needs some color on it. Does it really need to be grey these days? Couldn't it be cherry blossom pink? Why not? Radar doesn't see colors, it sees a ship.

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One time I was worried about this company was in 2013 when they said they would buy their produce from Fukushima in 2013, two years after one of the biggest nuclear boo boos ever. Why? To support Fukushima? To buy cheap products? To try and blow their trumpet? Who knows? I dislike all of these beef bowl places. Have a look around at how gritty these places are. I don't think health and safety inspections happen much here. On the good side, I think we are immune to bacteria in restaurants here because they are mostly pig pens. Spot the bugs on the wall. It's all good. Adds to the character.

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