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Posted in: Japan invests an increasing amount of funds in nuclear power plants, going against global trends. See in context

I have always been pro nuclear. One learns from one's mistakes. Do not put your backup generators in the basement in a tsunami flood zone.

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Posted in: Students take stand against sexual violence at Japan's universities See in context

Perhaps there is something wrong with me, but I always thought sexual activity was suppose to be a two way street. Am I wrong? Isn't it suppose to be two people sharing with each other to satisfy the other in pleasurable ways?

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Posted in: Multiracial athletes sparking debate in Japan ahead of 2020 Games See in context

My kids have dual American and Japanese and they are all adults. The Japanese passport people turn a blind eye towards it. On their passport renewal application they blatantly put it in big bold letters, do you have another passport? My kids were always told to tell the truth, but the Japanese guy behind the desk always tells them to leave it blank. Interesting.

I think holding a legal passport is more than enough to qualify anyone for any sport at the Olympics.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers open 2nd-chance lottery for Japan residents See in context

There are lots of tickets available, but you need to deal with package tours to get them. Go to any travel agent and ask. I was amazed at all the tickets for all the events they are holding.

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Posted in: FamilyMart apologizes after rodent video goes viral See in context


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Posted in: LDP lawmaker Koizumi, TV personality Takigawa to tie knot See in context

Get pregnant, get married, get divorced. Quite common in Japan.

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Posted in: Japanese women's breast size boasts 40 years of continued growth See in context

I disagree with the following. I find Japanese young and especially middle and older women to not want to boast cleavage and breast size unlike American women, and often heading towards obesity want everyone to look. Showing cleavage does not show beauty when the rest of the parts are loaded with cellulite and other unhealthy displays of the human physique.

Japan has a culture of exposure, says Taniguchi, so women here want to emphasize their cleavage

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Posted in: More than 1 in 10 U.S. elderly are binge drinkers See in context

I found this. My opinion that 5 or more drinks in two hours for a man is called getting wasted.

Fact Sheets - Binge Drinking

Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is a serious but preventable public health problem.

Binge drinking is the most common, costly, and deadly pattern of excessive alcohol use in the United States.1,2,3 The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism


 defines binge drinking as a pattern of drinking that brings a person’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to 0.08 grams percent or above. This typically happens when men consume 5 or more drinks or women consume 4 or more drinks in about 2 hours.  Most people who binge drink are not alcohol dependent.

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Posted in: More than 1 in 10 U.S. elderly are binge drinkers See in context

I read the whole article, but in no place did it explain what binge drinking actually is. Why?

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Posted in: Japan Post to end Saturday standard mail delivery next year See in context

I like the postal system here, except for the Kampo sales people.

If you order standard shipping with Amazon, it comes in one day. Do not need prime.

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Posted in: Japan's food self-sufficiency rate lowest in 25 years See in context

I think summer watermelon prices are fair. Less than 300 yen for a nice sliver. Tastes great and does not rot.

Other produce is great too. For two hundred yen I can get 7 cukes. Same with a big bag of tomatoes.

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Posted in: Japan household spending rises in June on strong travel, TV demand See in context

Average monthly income ¥880,805? Huh?

880805 × 12 =

¥10,569,660 per year? Isn't it about half of this number? My income was about this but I am paid well.

I think some numbers are wrong here. Can anyone correct me please and let me know.

After adjustment for inflation, the average monthly income of salaried households with at least two people was up 3.5 percent from a year earlier to 880,805 yen

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Posted in: 'No Japan' banners scrapped in Seoul district after outcry See in context

I enjoy going to Korea. They understand Japanese very well in general.

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Posted in: Why do Japanese make fewer charitable donations than people in other countries? See in context

Wrong! People were not on equal terms after the war. The rich were still rich and the regular people were poor. Look at Abe's history and others to see the truth. They retained their wealth and get around the inheritance tax as well.

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Posted in: A bit crowded See in context

They are off the green. Photo is an illusion, or else she would be an amazon.

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

War rules are silly. When at war, you should be able to do anything you can to beat the other side.

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Posted in: Body donations surge in Japan amid changing views of death See in context

@Brian: She only had two eyes so how can three people have benefited from her cornea donations?

I signed the back of my shigakukyosai card 26 years ago to donate my whole body. If nobody looks at the card, then my body goes to waste. We need a data bank.

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Posted in: Sales of Japanese cars in S Korea slump amid growing diplomatic row See in context

I can't recall seeing any American cars on streets in Korea as well @kaerimashita

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Posted in: Find wheelchair accessible restaurants in Tokyo with barrier free gourmet guide See in context

Great picture. That door is wide enough but not a barrier free door at all. Handle to high plus she could not manouver around it while trying to open it. 95% of restaurants in Japan are not barrier free. Cannot be helped. Tiny little places.

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Posted in: Chicago braces for rise in gun violence amid summer heat See in context

@Joe: Please review the definition of racism. What Trump said was not racist at all. It was truthful and the truth hurts.

Personally I am anti-gun, and most definitely not a republican nor democrat, but stopping the sales of guns will do nothing to stop the carnage. Education might, but there is a mindset in the rotten areas of major cities in America due to poor family situations to let education take hold. Being street savvy and thuggish is more popular than education and a good mind.

Guns are everywhere. Perhaps the government should issue guns to all educated adults.

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Posted in: Mini wearable personal air conditioner See in context

I do not think it really is that hot outside. People need to step up to the plate and quit complaining. Soldiers in the past never complained, but now everyone is so wimpy.

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Posted in: Angry South Koreans accuse Japan of 'economic invasion' See in context

An invasion would be dumping products. This is more like an embargo.

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Posted in: Weather watchers record 30 C at 6 a.m. at marathon starting point See in context

It is already light out at 4am due to the seriously needed two hour daylight savings time, so why not start at 4am?

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Posted in: U.S. records nearly 20 mass killings for the year so far See in context

I am so happy to be an expat. Will never visit America ever again. But I will be sure to stay away from Anime studios here as well.

Sounded sarcastic and I was being so. Bad things happen to good people everywhere. mankind is not kind. That word needs to be erased from the English Language.

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Posted in: Smoking bureaucrats find themselves on the outside looking in See in context

Ban it in all restaurants. It is horrible.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven mobile payment service to end in Sept due to weak security See in context

FamiMart has started one too.

Actually, I prefer paying with cash. I know what is in my wallet and how much is leaving it.

By the way@Scrote: What are contactless debit and credit cards. I spent a few months in Hawaii a couple of months back surfing, chilling and drinking great local beers and every time I used a card, it was stuck into new devices that were very slow, even though they just started reading chips on the issued cards, both Japanese and American.

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Posted in: Katy Perry and record label hit with $2.7 million copyright judgment See in context

The Flame of the Burning Bush in the dessert is finally proved to be real.

Good for him in listening to her music...How did he really find out?

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Posted in: Fish and shellfish that sushi restaurants used to throw away in one day can be used for about a week. See in context

The word decay reminds me of the dentist.

Will the decayed but so called safe fish be taxed at 8% or 10%?

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Posted in: What are your best money saving tips when it comes to grocery shopping in Japan? See in context

Go online to Fushu.com and compare prices for all your local grocery stores.

Remember it is always bait and steal. Get you in store for a sale and buy at a whim higher priced stuff...but the next store down has it at a lower price. This is a great way to get in exercise by walking the routes between all your grocery stores. I do it daily.

There are so many special prices out there, but you got to stick to your guns and not be lazy.

For example: Ozeki in Chuorinkan on Mondays has Eggs for ¥98. Big eggs and fantastic price. But gone by 11 am. No other sales at that time worth hitting on for me. But, exercise and healthy cheap shopping is great.

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