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Posted in: Theme-park food to be taxed 10% if eaten at table; 8% if eaten while walking See in context

This is actually an Olympic Math Mind Juggling Event.

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Posted in: North Korea conducts new projectile launch See in context

Estimate the cost of developing and firing each missile, and subtract those costs from humanitarian donations.

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Posted in: Theme-park food to be taxed 10% if eaten at table; 8% if eaten while walking See in context

Real food, not processed, medicines, baby diapers and other baby items, school bags/books/pencils etc., eye glasses, hearing aids and other physical devices for those handicapped should have zero tax.

Everything else at 10% is fine with me. But Make tobacco 100%

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Posted in: Gov't delays budget surplus forecast to FY2027 as fiscal reform struggles See in context

The economy is fine. What law says inflation is necessary?

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Posted in: Japan factory output tumbles as trade war bites See in context

@rgciv....¥150 =$1.00 for reality.

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Posted in: Japan factory output tumbles as trade war bites See in context

Then this justifies $1.00 to ¥150

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Posted in: Unlawful sales of Japan Post Insurance products found See in context

The Kampo agents are ruthless, and I still cannot figure out how they gain entrance to my building so easily.

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Posted in: WHO says e-cigarettes 'undoubtedly harmful' See in context

I was one of those 4%

Took me about 17 times, but have been smoke free for about 12 years or more.

Massive asthma attack took me out...and I was convinced.

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Posted in: Upper house begins renovations for wheelchair-using lawmakers See in context

Last year I had to carry something heavy on a cart through Shibuya station. I hit so many dead ends with escalators leading to steps etc. It was a nightmare. I had to keep going to get my ticket changed so I could go i and out of other exits and entrances in order to get this thing to the platform. The elevators were far and few between.

That station is looking cool, but it will be a nightmare for the Olympics.

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Posted in: Leaving Japan: What you need to do See in context

Do not give up your pension. You probably have an agreement with your home country and can add the years of your Japanese pension to your home or origin pension. The money goes a long way if you do that. The lump sum is very low. Only includes so many years of what you put in and not what your place of employment put in as well.

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Posted in: Longer, wetter than usual rainy season ends in Tokyo area See in context

One of my kids pools melted one season. Was so hot. I love it though.

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Posted in: S Korean cities suspend exchange programs with Japan See in context

Went out for dinner in Korean Town near Shinjuku last night. None of my Korean friends even mentioned anything about this silly protesting.

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Posted in: 3 killed, 15 injured in shooting at California food festival; suspect dead See in context

Guns out of control. Thank you Japan for keeping us safe.

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Posted in: Apple will face tariffs on components imported from China: Trump See in context

I actually thought this was going to be an article about Apple joining in the Cheese Grater business, but it was not such. Imagine how expensive Apples will become if they make the components stateside?

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Posted in: Smokers have more complications after skin cancer surgery See in context

I quit for like my 14th time 12 years ago after inhaling cigars, which I totally loved to do...that sugar sweet taste...yummy, but have not looked back. That massive asthma attack while smoking a Panama stogie hospitalized me. yikes....but I can still taste that sweet dream.

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Posted in: Assistance dogs are hygienic and docile. They won’t cause trouble to stores or other customers. See in context

They need to have certificate of health tags, and daily logs that they are bathed each day then nobody can say no.

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Posted in: Start-up firm's rocket crashes into sea shortly after liftoff See in context

Wow, Takafumi is back. Good to see him going for it again, and hopefully legally all the way this time around.

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Posted in: Firms slow in applying to gov't program to ease tax hike impact See in context

Cashed based system is so much better as you know what you are spending monthly....wallet gets thinner, you hold back. I have always lived that way, and if I do use a card, it is a one payment finish.

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Posted in: Darvish criticizes Japan's high school baseball system See in context

Thumbs up to that coach who probably and hopefully saved that young man's arm to become a pro later on.

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Posted in: Angst in suburbia: Tokyo's once-gracious Setagaya Ward faces increasingly tarnished image See in context

There are a real lot of international school students running around as well. Probably the thickest enclave of foreign men too.

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Posted in: Skateboarders stoked to send sport to greater heights at Tokyo Olympics See in context

At least the venues are stable. Surfing is iffy.

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Posted in: Shonan: The birthplace of Japan's modern surf culture See in context

Tenji Oda owns Coast Line. He is a friend and I am a member. Great place to hang and chill when no waves. Super crowded out there though so I prefer to bodyboard as during the summer all the surfers are jammed into a small area near the Surfer Pavilion which has good showers buy the way. See you in the surf. Got swell now due to this taifu.

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Posted in: Woodstock 50 fest will go on -- in Maryland See in context

Watkin's Glen rocked.

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Posted in: Suicide jumper flung back onto train platform, injuring 2 See in context

This might sound cruel, but you cannot stop someone who really wants to do it, so why not make designated spots? I am not being mean here, but trying to find a way to stop all the trouble it causes for others. States in America do it. Not all but some. Some other countries allow for it as well.

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Posted in: China says it won't rule out using force to reunify Taiwan See in context

I love Taiwan. Look at it as an Island...no way can the mainland land on it and travel across through it and conquer it.

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Posted in: Is Japan’s tourism industry sustainable? See in context

I love deflation and so should everyone else. It balances the reality of living and existing.

150 to the dollar would be more reasonable in my opinion.

There are so many things people miss when visiting here. Supermarkets for one.

I help visitors all the time. There is much more to Japan than the routine tourist spots.

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Posted in: Huawei unit cuts more than 600 jobs following U.S. sanctions See in context

My Huawei cell phone is a lemon. Besides not liking Android, and having a phone with it in Japan, I am amazed at how SoftBank, Yahoo Mobile, Google, and Huawei itself pry into my own private being. I cannot escape it...plus it keeps crashing over and over again, and even right after a system update. Cannot wait for this contract to end so I can buy a real phone...an iPhone.

I hope these workers apply to Apple.

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Posted in: Study: Millions should stop taking aspirin for heart health See in context

This is so late. Last year's news. I stopped immediately after reading about it and consulting with my heart doctor.

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Posted in: Letters From Japan: 2 couples in trouble See in context

I wonder if the speak the same language when together. Language issues when speaking the same language are hard enough but when you bring in two different languages and cross cultural issues...fireworks.

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