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I don't know why the world's economic analysts proceed with the belief that Abe has any power over the economy (outside of market sentiment) whatsover? It was always the case that the 3rd Arrow needed to succeed for Abenomics to have a prayer, but any sort of reform in Japan is immediately stifled by the bureaucrats and invested interests.

Japan will smother itself to death with its status-quo pillow before it will ever changes. So perhaps it wasn't "designed" to fail as Supey11 suggests, but I would hazard that Abe and his cronies knew it would never succeed but would at least perhaps buy them enough time to continue the right-wing push for constitutional revision and militarization.

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Is there some sort of law about who can dispose of ashes? Otherwise, why would you have to pay someone to put them under a tree or scatter them in the ocean? Can you legally keep an urn in your home?

I can't imagine why anyone would pay 200,000 for something a family member or friend could promise to do for free.

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Regarding number 1, the Yamanashi side of the mountain is far superior - even the author refers mainly to touring the Fuji Five Lakes area which is Yamanashi, not Shizuoka.

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