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Events such as the marathon, scheduled for the morning, could be held during cooler hours -if-clocks- IF EVENTS were moved forward by one or two hours.

FIFY :-)

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OneSeg. That's the smartphone feature that I think is at question here. Many Japanese phones come with OneSeg functionality. iPhones don't. Nexus phones also didn't.

"OneSeg" means one segment of the 13 allocated for digital TV, if memory serves. The other 12 segments carry an HD signal. The 13th segment is just for smartphones and the like.

So, if your phone is android, and it has OneSeg functionality, then you're legally on the hook.

I guess TV vs. computer display is similar. If you only have a computer display hooked up to a computer to watch hulu, Netflix, etc., then you're not legally obligated to pay dir NHK. If you're using a TV though, it can receive NHK and you're on the hook.

Now if only there was a class-action suit to force NHK to shoulder its obligation to remain independent of the LDP, then there would be justice.

For now, if you don't want to be obligated to pay, but toy want to watch videos, use only big screen displays, not TV's, and choose a phone that doesn't have OneSeg.

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If you want to watch a DVD on tour PC, you have to pay MSFzt $15 US for a DVD driver app.

Won't VLC Player work to play the DVDs?

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Posted in: U.N. envoy calls on Japan to ban extreme child manga porn See in context

I don't care for the stuff, but the arguments laid out make no sense. Drawings are not children, so there are no victims there. And when the natural issue of how such portrayals affect real child sexual abuse, we hear about poverty.

As distasteful as this artwork sounds, remember that there are a lot, A LOT! of anti-sex campaigners that want everyone else to adhere to their mores, and they will exaggerate and deflect to get their way. Force them to at least cogently articulate argument before you consider joining forces with them. For all I know, Japan's kiddie erotica manga/anime just results in presumably unhealthy fantasies that are never acted out. Prove me wrong before trying to outlaw a whole artistic enterprise.

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bogva, google's PV also says the price is 780 yen. Maybe someone made the common nana-nine translation mistake:

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M3M3M3 wrote

Will any popular American shows be available? What's that,..No? I see. Thanks anyways.

You can already get a US Netflix account, with a credit card with a Japanese address, by using a VPN account. privateinternetaccess is one of the bigger ones. I spend about 400 yen per month and I can appear almost anywhere in the world for streaming. I let most of my PC's default to the Japanese node so that my connection is about as fast as with no VPN and no one can snoop on what I'm reading nor can they see from the other end where I am (works with bittorrent for that).

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