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Good. Looks like the Philippines, Japan, USA and Vietnam are expressedly committed to oppose PRC in the Western Philippine Sea (South China Sea ).

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@Living Memory

No, its not enough to just oppose China and waltz away. Whose claims do you support? Cause if you have not sussed out who does own this or that, you CAN'T dismiss China's claims.

Exactly as in the complex situation of overlapping claims. Any party should not take advantage of a complicated situation by unprecedentedly & rapidly manufacture Islands. Using the complicated situation as Cover to Actually quickly grab land & sea as which is currently happening is malicious and evil. Parties should at the very least respect International law such as UNCLOS (EEZ) not unilateral or Chinese law alone.

Shall we please align ourselves to those who respect International law (and also try to shut down the islands building/fabricating as soon as possible)

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Posted in: Beijing says U.S. South China Sea actions irresponsible, dangerous See in context

This is not really about spy planes. It is about creating/fabricating "Chinese" island(s) 250km (135 nautical miles) close to Palawan, Philippines, Southeast Asia (within the SE Asians' EEZ) versus this island(s) 1300km (700 nautical miles) distance to the closest (at the same time southernmost) Chinese island of Hainan. The island(s) building/fabrication is the serious provocation.

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