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Posted in: Takato wins gold for Japan in judo; Tonaki takes silver See in context

I always love watching the Judo but to be honest this was disappointing.

Having medals won and lost due to very minor penalties is not in the spirit of the sport. It looked more like the Ref's defeated the athletes or that the ref chose the winner.

I was going for Japan but if I was going for Taiwan I would have felt robbed. If anything Taiwan was more aggressive. I think if the match had been allowed to play out Japan would have one but now we'll never know.

Korea vs France bronze ended like this too.

I'm not sure if petty rules are taking over Judo or this is some Olympic push on minor infractions. Whatever it is, I hope the trend doesn't continue.

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Posted in: 2 children killed, 3 injured after being hit by truck driven by drunk man See in context

The legal limit is zero isn't it?

Above that isn't necessarily drunk or even impaired. I don't intend to excuse the driver but are they sure they have the correct cause?

Still, regardless of the cause, it doesn't bring the kids back. That's the really tragic part

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Posted in: Eco-friendly certified bonito flakes debut at restaurants See in context

Now we just need to stop the chinese from illegal fishing in everyone else's waters and this kind of good behaviour will pay dividends!

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Posted in: BOJ assets quadruple to ¥714.56 tril under Kuroda's aggressive easing See in context

With this kind of sovereign debt they can never raise interest rates so inflation has to come eventually. I'm impressed how long they've managed to kick the can but it's gonna hurt one day as it can't go on forever.

Countries around the world are doing the same thing too, ZIRP and NIRP all over the place. Not going to be pretty.

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Posted in: Ford CEO: Electric vehicle demand will transform industry See in context

Now they just need to figure out how to make an environmentally friendly EV car :-\

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