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Posted in: Mars CEO sees 'moral' duty in tackling climate change See in context

Virtue Signalling

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Posted in: Fujitsu to conduct 5G field trials to deliver robust operation automation for data centers See in context

Surely a system that has an LED knows when it's having a problem such that it can turn it to red or whatever the camera is looking for, or a monitoring system talking to that system does. There is a reason that nobody has bothered to put crashcart cameras in data centers and it has nothing to do with a lack of 4k cameras or 5g networks.

When you outsource to fujitsu though, this is what their staff do, manually walk through and check LEDs and check a box on paper with a pencil so they think this is automation and digital

Imagine the comfort of the operator, knowing his alert message arrived via 5g! instead of 100ms it took 5ms! wow!! It took 1000x that time to read the email alert though.

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Posted in: Ready for landing See in context

Plane Spotting

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Posted in: U.N. nuclear agency chief says Fukushima transparency important See in context

Bottle it and drink it if it's safe.

If it's not then don't put it in the sea where our food lives because we'll end up consuming it anyway :(

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 18,287 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 97,833 See in context

Not sure why people care so much about infection count and the "scandal" of testing.

Just take a look at the hospitalisation count https://covid19japan.com/ and see if it's aligning,

"Two data points don't make a trend" as they say but if you map the data based on any specific day of the week we seem to see it shallowing out. It suggests that the peak is close, or perhaps this is it.

That said, perhaps it's just a ledge in the graph and it will climb again like in late 2020.

My feeling is that we will have a good spring and numbers will be down. we'll know they are down not from testing or infections which I'm sure will be down but from hospitalizations, bed counts and other more reliable data.

Then we'll see if there is another wave in summer... do we care? Some do I guess

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Posted in: Undertakers, rabbis join global fight promoting COVID shots See in context


I would agree if the vaccines prevented transmission properly but that seems to be a weak point as evidenced from all the vaccinated people getting infected around the world.

The biggest benefit of the vaccines seems to be to the individual who receives it.

I'm not saying that they shouldn't be recommended, I just don't think they quite qualify for "moral obligation" and certainly not general mandates.

IMHO, the biggest benefit of the vaccines that it reduces the chances of hospitalisation drastically and so reduces the burden to the health system is a key strategy. (Remember 'flatten the curve' ? That was a valid strategy to protect the health system)

If the health system goes then mortality (and pain) goes up for everyone, not just people suffering from covid.

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Posted in: Dutch police fire warning shots as COVID riots hit Rotterdam See in context

The lockdowns are not all that effective and people are sick of them. Japan is doing better than most countries that have had much stricter lockdowns.

Governments need to stop trying to do things that make them look like they are in control for upcoming elections and get a bit more creative.

Suga might not have had much of a plan in Japan, which was quite frustrating but the Japanese mindset of wanting a consensus before taking action meant that we didn't have any horrible knee-jerk policies either.

The Japan constitution also provided the people with some air cover.

Compare that to Australia where the peace-time-created constitution offered no protection to the population from harsh knee-jerk "we are in control" policies that locked them all up.

I guess it's a shame that after seeing a variety of different strategies in different countries that had some successes and failures, we don't see many countries trying to learn from what happened in other places.

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Posted in: TEPCO says impact from release of Fukushima water will be minimal See in context

external radiation from the environment and internal radiation from ingesting it is not the same thing. This gets into the food chain through the bottom crawlers and builds up.

even if it does cause no damage, the damage the to the local fisheries through poor image is terrible.

They want to push more nuke power as low carbon emmissions, is this how they will manage it? "sorry, we need to pollute the environment... for the environment"

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Posted in: Reluctant to retire? 3 signs you're ready See in context

Don't wait till you retire to enjoy life!

By the time you are 60 or 65 (or whatever the age is when your time comes), your body won't be as strong as it was and the things you can enjoy will be a little more limited. You'll likely start noticing this in your 40's and you'll definitely notice it in your 50s

Learn to live now, have the courage to take a risk or two.

More good memories and less regrets on opportunities not taken, is where you want to be

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Posted in: Hybrid cars' green credentials under scrutiny See in context

Meanwhile, fully electric cars aren't necessarily all that green either.

Their batteries, which are getting bigger and bigger, require a lot of energy in their production.

Where the electricity comes from is also important to determine their environmental credentials. The debate around hybrids is also a political one.

China makes the batteries and China uses Coal.


China is the largest producer and consumer of coal in the world and is the largest user of coal-generated electricity, with over a thousand coal-fired power stations.[1] The share of coal in the energy mix declined during the 2010s, falling from 80% in 2010 to 58% in 2019,[2][3] but still emits over 10% of global greenhouse gas. China's large demand was in part responsible for the delay in peak global coal production,[4] and coal consumption in China is forecast to reach a record high in 2021.[5]

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Posted in: 'Greenwashing' or genuine? Behind big business climate promises See in context

Too much politics in all this.

Maybe it's already too late and the money would be better spent on coping with the effects and we are wasting precsious resources trying to prevent something that is too late to prevent.

How would we even know if that is the case with all this noise of talking heads predicting different levels of doom in different ways that isn't even consistent.

Cleaner energy is good, sustainability is good, recycling is good. But is being better at this going to solve the problem? Sure we should do them but is that where the bulk of the investment should go? What problem is humanity trying to solve (specifically)? The plan seem to be all over the place.

Then someone says "I don't eat beef and I have an EV so I've done my bit!" ... I don't think humanity is going to dodge this at the rate they are going. Likely better to prepare for it while we have a few decades

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Posted in: Roll up your sleeves: Kids' turn arrives for COVID-19 shots See in context

CDC updated their online definition of "Vaccine" in September as these covid vaccines didn't fit the definition. They changed "provided immunity" with "provides protection". In 2015 they watered it down too.

"Pandemic" also go watered down by the WHO during Covid as it was falling off the scope.

I'm not saying "you shouldn't get vaccinated" but given that the vaccines are not all that effective (compared to vaccines I had as a kid) and adverse effects rates are much higher than vaccines I had as a kid (check VAERs if you need the numbers) , they shouldn't be mandated and they should be more careful pushing them on the very young

I'm glad I'm in Japan

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Posted in: Gas giants: Can we stop cows from emitting so much methane? See in context


Most of the anti-beef discussions don't go into any depth that I've seen.

Comments like "cutting fossil fuels are not enough to save us from global warming, we need to change our diet" then high level numbers of calorie substitution if we didn't have as many cows. No depth on whether that food for cows was actually something that would go away, or it's production could be avoided since it's actually just a by product of other industry.

Granted, the link below is probably sponsors buy someone in the meat industry but try to find a study that's not biased these days. at least this looks to be somewhat complete in detail, rather than "I'm for the good of the people, I'm a scientist so believe me even though I provide no facts and my methods don't seem scientific... I'll wear a white coat if that helps"


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Posted in: Gas giants: Can we stop cows from emitting so much methane? See in context

This whole "Beef is the cause of greenhouse gas and uses too much drinking water" is BS.

Cows get most of their water from what they eat

Cows eat a lot of what humans leave behind creating a market for reuse (soy been husks, corn plants etc)

Cows gas outputs are not coming from deeply burried fossil fuels, it was in the air already

Cow droppings are a key non fossil fuel fertiliser

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Posted in: COVID-19 global death toll tops 5 million in under 2 years See in context

wow, Sydney is bigger than LA

Didn't know that

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Posted in: COVID-19 global death toll tops 5 million in under 2 years See in context

Lots of Covid death stats but not a lot of stats on:

Number of covid deaths, vaccinated vs unvaccinated by country and age-group

Number of covid deaths with and without co-mobitities

Number of vaccine deaths, by country and vaccine brand (Japan ministry of health has some frightening numbers here but the media never pick them up and the Media correctly assume that people don't go to the govt web page and look at the PDF files!)

Media never publish numbers without some bias or agenda. They want to create fear in direction A, or direction B but can't just lay out the facts so that people can decide for themselves, there's always a few pieces of the puzzle they conveniently don't share or cherry pick

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Posted in: Cheap antidepressant shows promise treating early COVID-19 See in context

Cheap covid drug?

Must be a conspiracy theory by anti-vaxx or something!


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Posted in: Lagging youth vote still a concern in Japan elections See in context

Even if I could vote in Japan... What would be the point?

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Posted in: 5 Russian navy ships enter Sea of Japan after circling around Japan See in context

The vast majority of Japanese debt is domestic. The Japanese government, having the ability to issue sovereign currency, can choose when to pay back this debt. Therefore this "debt" is no problem.

Well, it is if you want to pay pensions etc. Someone domestic holds that debt, so someone domestic gets screwed if they default. GPIF are likely sitting on a lot of that as are the post office and many local banks.

Printing our way out locally can lead to hyperinflation... not really a better option to default

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Posted in: Baldwin was told gun was 'cold' before movie set shooting See in context

I don't understand how two people get shot, wouldn't you drop the gun in shock after the first?

I don't understand why the cinematographer got shot. Why is he pointing at her and not another actor when pulling the trigger?

Hopefully things will be clearer later.

Baldwin tweeted a while back after policy wrongly shot someone "I wonder what it's like to wrongly kill someone". sadly he's finding out.

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Posted in: Ex-U.S. envoy Hagerty slams Japan's justice system over Nissan case See in context

"With this type of justice system, I fear that American executives will start thinking twice about doing business in Japan."

Because they are all corrupt law breaking elites with a lot to lose if it's possible that they get treated equally under the law? (unlike in the US where the elites are untouchable)

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Posted in: Can COVID vaccine technology help make a better flu jab? See in context

how about making a better covid jab?

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Posted in: Kishida says Fukushima wastewater release can't be delayed See in context

"Can't be delayed"

but if they do delay then what happens?

"...will reach their capacity late next year."

and then? overflow and spill into the ocean? same thing as they plan to do. If one is bad then both are bad.

...except that they have over a year to either build more tanks or clean the water further.

If it's "Safe" then sell it as bottled water! Get all the politicians and 'geinoujin' to drink it "umai'n da na kore ga!" and show us how safe it is. I'm sure it's rich in minerals and could sell for 50yen a bottle half the price of the cheapest stuff on the market.

The whole thing makes about as much sense as a vaccinated person being worried about being infected by unvaccinated person with a virus that they are vaccinated from !! ;-)

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Posted in: Kishida says he'll work closely with Koike in tackling virus See in context

If the vaccine works so well and they are both vaccinated, what's with the mask and forearm bump?

You'd think they'd want to show everyone how all of that is not necessary now that they are double vax'd !


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Posted in: It's flu vaccine time, even if you've had your COVID shots See in context

more cash for big-pharma I guess

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Posted in: It's flu vaccine time, even if you've had your COVID shots See in context

Flu vaccines seem mostly useless for most people. (likely helpful to some demographics though)

Efficacy is about 50-60% I think I read

The two years I got that jab in the past were the two years I got influenza

When I stopped, only family members who got the jab, got the flu. Too small a sample to say that this means anything statistically but seems like a waste of time.

I'm not saying it's a big conspiracy, I just can't help but think "why bother?"

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Posted in: New Fuma ninja being recruited for first time in 400 years See in context

First lesson is free and you get a plastic ninja star engraved coke can

Limited time only

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Posted in: Japan to begin discussions on 3rd COVID-19 vaccine shots this week See in context

People asking me to quote sources...

Don't believe me, or any one on this forum.

Learn how to get your own information. It's a useful skill to have.

On vaccines and deaths etc, there are lots of official numbers on government medical sites. I tend to believe those even though I'm a skeptic. These are official numbers but they are cherry picked by the media to say what they want. Read for yourself and make your own opinions and learn how about the traps of statistical presentation

They are cherry picked by people on forums like this to say what people want. (yes, by people like me too)

So I say, don't believe me! I don't mean "go and read fringe blogs" I mean go and find real information. Not just sound bites of a politician's long speach on Tv or a website where context can be corrupted.

This may be the information age, but that doesn't mean it's all true. In fact it means it's often weaponised for an agenda. the people of today need to be careful and don't "believe everything you read". Mass media is not an authority, fact checkers are not always correct or change their stories.

If Corona has one good outcome is that it (will hopefully) help people to look harder for the truth amid all the noise.

Regardless of what we believe to be the truth or 'fake news' today, the truth will get out eventually and then we'll know who we should and shouldn't believe next time.

People need to have longer memories so they can learn from before

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Posted in: Japan to begin discussions on 3rd COVID-19 vaccine shots this week See in context

There won't be mRNA boosters for ever. negative reactions climb with more you take. you'll get doctor-stop orders after 3 or 4.

Research data coming out of Israel is showing all sorts of new information.

Don't believe me, don't believe the media, don't believe the govt (or the 'doctors' they claim to use). ... educate yourself, especially if you have kids! look at real articles from established universities with real statistics doing their own research

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Posted in: Japan to begin discussions on 3rd COVID-19 vaccine shots this week See in context

Waiting for Novavax before my kids get vaccinated. (a 'Normal' vaccine)

mRNAs have killed 1100 healthy people in Japan in 6 months. Covid has killed 8000+ not so healthy people in the same period. Flu vaccines killed only about 20 people in 5 years of shots

Hard to compare covid and mrna deaths for various reasons but easier to compare mrna and flu mortality.

mrna vaccines are statistically 1000x more likely to kill you than a flu vaccine

mrna's should be used for the elderly and immunue infirm, BMI 30+ people etc. not on healthy young people.

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