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Posted in: Can COVID vaccine technology help make a better flu jab? See in context

how about making a better covid jab?

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Posted in: Kishida says Fukushima wastewater release can't be delayed See in context

"Can't be delayed"

but if they do delay then what happens?

"...will reach their capacity late next year."

and then? overflow and spill into the ocean? same thing as they plan to do. If one is bad then both are bad.

...except that they have over a year to either build more tanks or clean the water further.

If it's "Safe" then sell it as bottled water! Get all the politicians and 'geinoujin' to drink it "umai'n da na kore ga!" and show us how safe it is. I'm sure it's rich in minerals and could sell for 50yen a bottle half the price of the cheapest stuff on the market.

The whole thing makes about as much sense as a vaccinated person being worried about being infected by unvaccinated person with a virus that they are vaccinated from !! ;-)

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Posted in: Kishida says he'll work closely with Koike in tackling virus See in context

If the vaccine works so well and they are both vaccinated, what's with the mask and forearm bump?

You'd think they'd want to show everyone how all of that is not necessary now that they are double vax'd !


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Posted in: It's flu vaccine time, even if you've had your COVID shots See in context

more cash for big-pharma I guess

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Posted in: It's flu vaccine time, even if you've had your COVID shots See in context

Flu vaccines seem mostly useless for most people. (likely helpful to some demographics though)

Efficacy is about 50-60% I think I read

The two years I got that jab in the past were the two years I got influenza

When I stopped, only family members who got the jab, got the flu. Too small a sample to say that this means anything statistically but seems like a waste of time.

I'm not saying it's a big conspiracy, I just can't help but think "why bother?"

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Posted in: New Fuma ninja being recruited for first time in 400 years See in context

First lesson is free and you get a plastic ninja star engraved coke can

Limited time only

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Posted in: Japan to begin discussions on 3rd COVID-19 vaccine shots this week See in context

People asking me to quote sources...

Don't believe me, or any one on this forum.

Learn how to get your own information. It's a useful skill to have.

On vaccines and deaths etc, there are lots of official numbers on government medical sites. I tend to believe those even though I'm a skeptic. These are official numbers but they are cherry picked by the media to say what they want. Read for yourself and make your own opinions and learn how about the traps of statistical presentation

They are cherry picked by people on forums like this to say what people want. (yes, by people like me too)

So I say, don't believe me! I don't mean "go and read fringe blogs" I mean go and find real information. Not just sound bites of a politician's long speach on Tv or a website where context can be corrupted.

This may be the information age, but that doesn't mean it's all true. In fact it means it's often weaponised for an agenda. the people of today need to be careful and don't "believe everything you read". Mass media is not an authority, fact checkers are not always correct or change their stories.

If Corona has one good outcome is that it (will hopefully) help people to look harder for the truth amid all the noise.

Regardless of what we believe to be the truth or 'fake news' today, the truth will get out eventually and then we'll know who we should and shouldn't believe next time.

People need to have longer memories so they can learn from before

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Posted in: Japan to begin discussions on 3rd COVID-19 vaccine shots this week See in context

There won't be mRNA boosters for ever. negative reactions climb with more you take. you'll get doctor-stop orders after 3 or 4.

Research data coming out of Israel is showing all sorts of new information.

Don't believe me, don't believe the media, don't believe the govt (or the 'doctors' they claim to use). ... educate yourself, especially if you have kids! look at real articles from established universities with real statistics doing their own research

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Posted in: Japan to begin discussions on 3rd COVID-19 vaccine shots this week See in context

Waiting for Novavax before my kids get vaccinated. (a 'Normal' vaccine)

mRNAs have killed 1100 healthy people in Japan in 6 months. Covid has killed 8000+ not so healthy people in the same period. Flu vaccines killed only about 20 people in 5 years of shots

Hard to compare covid and mrna deaths for various reasons but easier to compare mrna and flu mortality.

mrna vaccines are statistically 1000x more likely to kill you than a flu vaccine

mrna's should be used for the elderly and immunue infirm, BMI 30+ people etc. not on healthy young people.

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Posted in: IOC gives itself more power to remove sports from future Olympics See in context

A group of people voting themselves more power

What an surprising outcome

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Posted in: Takato wins gold for Japan in judo; Tonaki takes silver See in context

I always love watching the Judo but to be honest this was disappointing.

Having medals won and lost due to very minor penalties is not in the spirit of the sport. It looked more like the Ref's defeated the athletes or that the ref chose the winner.

I was going for Japan but if I was going for Taiwan I would have felt robbed. If anything Taiwan was more aggressive. I think if the match had been allowed to play out Japan would have one but now we'll never know.

Korea vs France bronze ended like this too.

I'm not sure if petty rules are taking over Judo or this is some Olympic push on minor infractions. Whatever it is, I hope the trend doesn't continue.

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Posted in: 2 children killed, 3 injured after being hit by truck driven by drunk man See in context

The legal limit is zero isn't it?

Above that isn't necessarily drunk or even impaired. I don't intend to excuse the driver but are they sure they have the correct cause?

Still, regardless of the cause, it doesn't bring the kids back. That's the really tragic part

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Posted in: Eco-friendly certified bonito flakes debut at restaurants See in context

Now we just need to stop the chinese from illegal fishing in everyone else's waters and this kind of good behaviour will pay dividends!

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Posted in: BOJ assets quadruple to ¥714.56 tril under Kuroda's aggressive easing See in context

With this kind of sovereign debt they can never raise interest rates so inflation has to come eventually. I'm impressed how long they've managed to kick the can but it's gonna hurt one day as it can't go on forever.

Countries around the world are doing the same thing too, ZIRP and NIRP all over the place. Not going to be pretty.

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Posted in: Ford CEO: Electric vehicle demand will transform industry See in context

Now they just need to figure out how to make an environmentally friendly EV car :-\

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