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Posted in: Sendai man arrested for spitting at taxi driver over 20 times See in context

How did he keep his fluid levels up? He must have been swilling something on the side... Perhaps he had a lisp?

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Posted in: To fly through ash or not? That's no easy question See in context

It's an interesting problem but the idea that they would worry about long term damage to engines seems absurd. The airline industry is probably the only one which spends so much time checking systems and mechanical parts and replacing parts whether they need to be replaced or not.

On a separate point, where are the unmanned aircraft at this, our hour of need. Why not redirect a drone from the battlefields of Iraq on a fact-finding, truly humanitarian mission to learn the true effects of volcanic ash on (at least one type of) jet engine? The military would probably say "too costly", but compared to the money being lost by a) the airlines and b) the passengers, you think it'd even out...

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