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Posted in: S Korea beats Japan 2-0 to win soccer bronze See in context

Obviously they were afraid of getting hurt/killed but pretty sure that South Korea dominated that one this time. And to be 100% honest with korean, I hate to say congratulations to them but they deserved to have bronze. But it's not going to be easy like this time as A daihyo is ready for it!!! SHINJI HONDA NAGATOMO!!!

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Posted in: Some Japanese customs that may confuse foreigners See in context

Some Japanese people even bow while talking on the phone. I used to always do this unconsciously, and now in New Zealand as well. By the way I'm wondering what MADAME RiRi would like to do... I can often see its article like this. I can't figure their purpose out and it's as if they tell us `Japanese style is weird eh.' Who cares. Where is it? It's neither USA nor Europe. It's Japan. There is nothing to care about for us. But what we have to do is just to behave well or properly as usual.

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Posted in: Aoki reports to Brewers camp See in context

As it's written, he's not Ichiro and there are not many guys like him. Absolutely right. I hope Norichika Aoki can surprise U.S.A with a good result.

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Posted in: Japan thrashes Malaysia 4-0 in Olympic soccer qualifier See in context

Way to go. Although they must have been having so many pressures they could beat Malaysia with a brilliant score as all Japanese hoped.

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Posted in: AKB48 members take part in mini-concert in Beijing to thank China for 3/11 support See in context

I reckon that they are gonna go there to gain a popularity as a main purpose. If they'd like to say `Thank you', why don't they go to all countries which donated much money for Japan.

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