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To anyone saying that this is laughable or stupid on Japan's part, I believe whether there has been any attacks or not, a RISK is still a RISK. And from nigelboyToday, it seems there have been attacks so it is definitely right to call this out.

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noypikantokuToday  10:48 am JST

If women are forced to wear high heels, how about the neckties? Women are not required to wear it but Men are. It's uncomfortable and choking but we have to wear it and women will definitely not make a noise of it in behalf of men. Can men also demand to stop employers and companies forcing men to wear neckties? Or can we just get rid of this whole dress code and uniforms?

The way the article is written, I agree with you that you could argue about neckties. But, in the petition they talk about heels being a health hazard, causing long lasting pain in feet and backs, and also that it slows down movement when your work involves having to move which is bringing down productivity. Neckties, sadly, don't fit that criteria. Hate having to wear neckties though

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