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Posted in: We can't afford to hire new graduates as we have no work for them to do due to the coronavirus. See in context

My son just graduated from university here in Japan; he too is facing the coronavirus hiring freeze.

I told him there is always the SDF...

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Posted in: Ghosn, in Lebanon, says he left Japan to avoid 'injustice and political persecution' See in context

They let him go. It’s the only explanation for the ease of his escape. ;)

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Posted in: Investigators inspect Okinawan castle ruins for fire cause See in context

I drove by the site this morning and saw the burned shell of one of the buildings, and could smell the lingering smoke. Such a terrible tragedy for Okinawa, but thankfully no one was injured.

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Posted in: Nuts may boost male fertility: study See in context

Suffice it to say, one can't really have male fertility without nuts...

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Posted in: Naked nationalist stirs up election campaign See in context

This should be an interesting erection season to watch...

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Posted in: Powerful typhoon hits Okinawa See in context

In Naha right now, sipping coffee on the veranda. Just a a little wind and rain, nothing to worry about...

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Posted in: Emperor's cousin, Prince Tomohito, dies at 66 See in context

Its a shame that people put respect for the dead ahead of far more important matters.

You mean like the succession policies of a figurehead monarchy? Yes, very important indeed...

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Posted in: No. of fake marriages between Japanese, foreigners jumps by 49.2% See in context

Thank god my PR was just processed and approved; no more ridiculous spouse visa paperwork for me!

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Posted in: 60 years after WWII, Okinawa still rife with bombs See in context

A series of incidents this year—including the death last month of an American Marine involved in their disposal—have caused an uproar on Okinawa.

An uproar, really? The nightly news flashes a story everytime unexploded ordinance is found, and yet the streets of Naha remain as quiet as ever. No angry exchanges, no heated protests, no vitrolic demands for the Americans to leave...I'm not a fan of the heavy military presence on the island, but to call the situation an uproar is journalistic hyperbole at its worst.

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Posted in: Yoshio Kojima dyes hair blonde for new Nissin Cup Noodle commercial See in context

Another proud "STOP THE PRESSES!" moment for the Japanese media...

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Posted in: TV personality Yukiko Shimizu found dead in Shizuoka cemetery See in context

Possibly attempted murder-suicide?

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Posted in: American consul general in Okinawa doused with coffee See in context

I'm sure there are many older folks whom long for a "base-free" Okinawa, but I wouldn't say that necessarily holds true for the younger generation. I have met literally hundreds of kids while teachng at university here who want nothing more than to find a good paying, permanent job on base.

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Posted in: NFL star Reggie Williams Tasered, arrested on drug charge See in context

A truly great receiver when he was at the University of Washington. Like Jeremy Stevens, yet another ex-Husky NFLer flushing his career down the toilet...

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Posted in: American consul general in Okinawa doused with coffee See in context

I have met Kevin Maher on several occaisions and can honestly say that he is a good and decent man with a deep appreciation for Okinawan culture. This incident took place at the Starbucks directly next door to the U.S. Consulate, which is itself quite ironic. The bum wants American bases out of Okinawa, but has no problem whatsoever buying American coffee...

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Posted in: Man beats pedestrian to death in Kanagawa; says it didn't matter who See in context

What's truly surprising is that a Japanese hospital actually accepted an emergency victim...

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Posted in: Japan beats S Korea to set up semifinal with U.S. in WBC See in context

Hopefully the bats stay warm for Samurai Japan...Team USA is falling apart with injuries, so it's entirely possible for us to see Korea vs. Japan for a FIFTH time UGH!

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Posted in: H.I.S. sets up travel agency on Hainan Island See in context

I would hardly call H.I.S. a discount seller. I always find them to be about 10 - 20% more expensive than other outlets...

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