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400!!! Next are we heading towards the 4 digit mark?

Really wanted to go out during the Obon holidays, but now doing so is like playing with fire...

Can someone recommend some good ways of enjoying the leisure time at home?

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160 were aged in their 20s and 30s, or about 60%

This information is not needed, it only makes people care lesser, making them think that the virus is well under control and nothing to worry about, but actually it is the contrary.

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I completely disagree with Monty, if we don't have a planned and complete lockdown for 3 weeks, we will need to live this slow paced life with so many precautions until the vaccine is widely available (which in best case scenario can take at least a YEAR).

So, no lockdown means all what he said, not the other way round!

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60 percent beds are full, already? This is really turning into places like New York and Italy where the patients were not admitted due to lack of beds.

Shocking that the govt. is not imposing an emergency, or laying out a plan to increase the beds.

With the 4 days holidays approaching and the govt. still discussing about the Go To campaign, there is an URGENT need for all of us to collectively follow the precautions even more now.

On a lighter note, I got the Ice Cool Masks from Mizuno, I hope they will open up the lottery for more soon!

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Interesting to see how the numbers have been reported to keep the total just below 300.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 143 coronavirus cases; below 200 for 2nd day in a row See in context

What is the point of testing people who are not sick? You would have to be constantly testing everyone to get accurate figures and would still be none the wiser regarding transmissibility. It would sate the hysterics fearmongering needs though.

If you read more about this topic, you will know better.

People who are asymptomatic can also infect others. And this is no basic flu, researchers are still finding new findings which suggest that it can affect almost all the organs of the body.

I think it is not fear mongering, but a selective and careful approach to tackle this problem and fight for survival.

Also, do look into why countries like the US and others are conducting almost 50 times the tests per day compared with Japan.

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This is so cool! I have always felt the need for a way faster method to pay for my groceries, especially in these times, where we need to do social distancing and refrain from staying in closed environments with strangers for long.

Really excited to see this tech grow and be the norm in as early as the next year. Surely as with any other tech this one also has some downsides, but for me the positives outweigh those pitfalls.

And as far as people working in the stores are concerned, I am optimistic that the industry will find a new way to employ them. Similar ground breaking tech will directly or indirectly create new opportunities for these people, though they will definitely need to up their skills too.

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Talking about number of tests is as important as the total number posted, for example if they had a news like 143 of the 2000 people tested were infected resulting in 7% infection rate, it would give a clearer picture. Because if say 100,000 people were tested and only 143 were infected, we should be very happy with the low numbers.

Currently that data is not shared, making this whole article completely useless to infer anything!!

Clearly, people with some sense will notice that 7% infection rate is quite HIGH and its lack of reporting is even more concerning. We all need to keep following the social distancing and all measures, cannot keep our guard down just yet.

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Where is the news about government's action plan to stop this?

All the news we can see is about how relaxations that are given, from allowing 5000 people to attend events to opening of amusement parks.

And then there is no talk about the number of tests done.

From this only action plan one can see is to hide the numbers by doing less testing.

We want the vaccine ASAP, cannot rely on the government now...

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How many tests were conducted is important, only positive infections count shows nothing. The day when cases shot up to 243, I heard the total tests conducted in Tokyo were about 2400 on that day, this means about 10% people are infected of the number who went for testing.

If this is a pattern then we all must be very scared, as research has shown that even young and healthy people with no previous ailments, and no symptoms can have blood clotting and heart problems after getting infected with this virus.

Coming back to the number of tests, US is doing about 100 times as many tests, total is 30 million, Japan it is 300,000 only. And the number of cases of Japan is 20k vs 2M for US. This is also 100 times. While the number of deaths are definitely lower, one thing is for sure that the number of infections is atleast 10 times higher.

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This is even more scarier in a country where people are reluctant to allow their employees WFH.

I am the lucky one to be allowed work from home but some of my colleagues still need to go to office because the customer prefers this!

How can even companies implement social distancing when their customers are reluctant, and how will they all of a sudden start to understand?

The only answer is when the government imposes strict laws and forces companies to work remotely, for the rest the government needs to provide economic packages. There is no stopping this virus with the current attitude of the government!

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