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gogogo what an absolutely horrible thing to say.

As a former "fattie" (one who could not eat mcdonalds or pizzas due to a pretty severe white flour allergy FYI) I take offence at your comments to that himehantai person.

In the end I went to my doctor about this complete inability to lose weight, 3 times actually. I was told many things by him - that "It takes time" (the most frustrating thing in the world to hear when you are working very hard and losing NOTHING) and "try eating less and moving more" (duh) " have you tried swimming?" and after 6 months of me going back and saying "its not working" he began to take me seriously and ran some tests, and it came back as an underactive thyroid.

A lifetime supply of meds and 1 year later, I have dropped massive amounts of weights, by doing nothing more than I was doing before. In fact, less than I was doing before. Im eating more now and exercizing less.

I dont believe you are in the "used to be fat" camp, because I don't see how anyone who had been sumo sized would be so cruel to someone struggling with their weight. And you will know that this tough love thing doesn't work for someone feeling a bit down in the dumps about how they look.

The problem is, that in Japan most doctors don't take weight issues seriously. The vast majority of the population is very slim, and as a result they expect those who are not are literally sitting watching K-dramas and scoffing boxes of krispy kremes at a time. This is often not the case.

Good luck losing weight himehantai. Go and see your doctor first here (if you can find a sympathetic one) before beating yourself up over nasty comments like gogogos.

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glycol - Its time to stop inventing reasons why its NOT okay to kill dolphins and wales.

Apart from people thinking its "bad" or "wrong" I have still not been able to find a reason why the people of Taiji should not.

I feel so bad for these people - no wonder they hate foreigners coming in and criticizing everything they do. I would too if I was them.

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"I'd like to see you make that claim to all the proper massage therapists, injury rehabilitation specialists and acupuncturists out there."

Jason6, I dont think you can compare these girls to the people who are mentioned above. There is absolutely NOTHING to suggest these girls are anything other than random people off the street. They are certainly not trained sexual therapists etc (From what I have read at least, please feel to correct me If Im wrong.) We do not know they are not "some thai girl lied to about a job in Japan" and they are not volunteering - they are being paid fairly well for this. You certainly have to consider the option that these girls are sex workers, being drafted into the homes of disabled to provide this service.

Zenny11 mentioned that they do "other standard work of day-nurses/helper, etc too." - could I ask where you found this out? I have been googling this issue a bit, and have never found anything out about the girls who are providing this service, except that they are contractual workers, pretty much there for the 15 minutes- an hour, who leave after. Nothing to suggest they are their regular carers who do a HJ on the side.

As someone else mentioned - If this was a legitimate healthcare concern, why is it not covered by insurance? Or provided for free by the government?

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mg2008 - TOTALLY agree with you!!!

I personally hate american airlines. Rude staff, bad food, compared to the Asia based ones they are awful. If I was going to the US, I will always choose a Asian, followed by European airline to get there.

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Metintokyo, I was referring to mental problems with that statement, NOT the physically disabled. There was a link to the article which has now been deleted. For example ... I have a younger brother who has severe learning difficulties and autism plus a variety of physical ailments. He is now in his mid twenties, and cared for exclusively by my aging parents. He has never had a girlfriend, and has never openly discussed feelings of sexual desire with us, although I dont doubt that he feels it. My parents opinion, and mine too actually, is that it is better to keep him away from that side of the human experience, just because we suspect he could not "handle" it. His highly addictive personality (and other personality traits common of many sufferers of his condition) means that he would never be able to stop once he had started, and we dont know if he would be able to process the difference between consensual and non-consensual sexual relations. That is perhaps the best way I could actually describe why I feel this way, although I understand you will all jump on me screaming "not ALL people with mental difficulties are the same." And I agree, they are not.

Proudnippon - hardly. As i said, I was NOT referring to the physically disabled, but to those with mental illnesses or problems with that comment.

Sakurala - see above. I have had more experience dealing with someone with mental and physical disabilities than most of you, I would imagine. Please dont judge everyone by their screen names. Not all "shyuufus" sit at home all day eating chocolate.

Limboinjapan - I don't think that because someone sees a problem with this kind of service it makes them a prude. And not all girls are like the girls in you bars.

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maninjapan yeah I agree... someone posted a link before me and I was commenting on the link, and now my post looks very random and out of context because that comment was deleted ... the link was referring to mentally disabled peoples sex services in the UK.

Sorry about that ... all a bit random :)

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These kinds of "services" are particularly dangerous for the mentally disabled, even those who are mildly affected, and open to all kinds of abuse.

It has been proven that once you "open" the sexual urge for young men with mental disabilities, its often very difficult to control it again. IMO Abstinence is best in these cases. Im sure you will all disagree with me though. I would rather see a guy go without a sex life than a guy end up raping someone due to having his urges met previously, and being frustrated they couldn't be again.

On a different note ... who are these girls providing these services (in the story above)? Are they carers? Or just random girls off the street? I guess no one seems to have mentioned that there is a kind of security risk with sending girls into disabled peoples homes to do sexual acts, for example, what If she decided to dip into the rainy day fund while she was there?

And is there not some kind of medication a man can take to help control sexual urges? Why is prostitution being looked into as an option above this?

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Japanese whiskey is okay, but not a touch on the "real" stuff. Especially the Scottish and Irish 25 year olds.

I find Japanese whisky just too sweet.

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But Thon ... what about those who are single who go without? Or those in sexless marriages? They generally DO just "go without" and dont go around hiring people to do sex acts ...

I just find it hard to draw the line of where to stop if we allow this, thats all ...

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Im sorry, and Im not intending to start a fight over this, but in my opinion this is prostitution under the guise of something "good."

I am always supportive of the rights of disabled people, but what about the thousands of Filipina, Thai and Chinese women being trafficked over to Japan to perform these kinds sex trade jobs? How can we overlook these people so that a couple of hundred can get their sex kicks, and then decide its "okay" because they are disabled and its not their fault ?

I really dont believe sex is a human "need" - a wonderful benefit, yes, but "NEED" , NO. I dont doubt for a minute these women working for this company do go further than "washing" with some of these men. And I certainly don't believe all the customers of this company are disabled.

I think you have to make a choice to legalize prostitution or not. "White hands" are not a government based support group for those who are disabled and want/miss sexual gratification. They are Pimps.

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Im sorry for being "narrow minded" but in my opinion this is nothing more than legal prostitution. And "white hands?!? Who came up with that name?

Whatevers next? Hikikomoris not being able to have sex because of their mental condition and hiring these services? Or perhaps salaryman bob down the road works too hard and calls in these services instead... Its just too fine a line. "Disabilities" exist in many way, you cant say thats its okay for people with cerbral palsy and not for everyone else.

Care workers are there to care, not do hand jobs. I see a VERY direct difference.

To say sex is a bodily function like eating or drinking or pooping is absurd. It is NOT a basic bodily function at ALL - many people in Japan go years without engaging in in sexual activity with a spouse. In short I feel its awful because it is nothing more than prostitution - ie sexual services for money.

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I want to vomit ... It seems like such exploitation ..

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Sarge at 08:49 PM JST - 14th August "entertainment ( for kids ) so they don't scream for the entire flight" That's what tranquilizers are for. Every kid under 10 should be required to take one upon boarding the flight.

And every man who consumes more than 10 units of alcohol, gets rude and obnoxious, proceeds to grab the female flight attendants arse, picks a fight with the male flight attendants, before falling asleep on the person next to them and snoring loudly for the next 6 hours.

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Sarge at 11:20 AM JST - 14th Augustl. "the location of your seat" Be sure your seat is not in economy class, unless you have an emergency exit row seat or a bulkhead row seat.

Sorry Sarge, Kirakira and her kids have taken the bulkheads already :D

"I can't understand why airlines allow people to take these big bags aboard. It would certainly make boarding and exiting the aircraft a lot easier if people would just bring one small bag onboard and wear a waist pouch, like I do."

The problem with this sarge is, if you are flying with children you require at least a diaper per hour per child, at least 2 clothing changes for each, and 1 for parent, wipes, entertainment (so they don't scream for the entire flight and anger the other passengers) snacks (no food provided for kids unless they are over 2) and toys. This (the bare minimum) doesn't fit in a bum bag.

Im also going to be travelling with my brood in September, I warn you all. Please try not to repeat the mantra "dont let them be sitting next to me" out loud when you see me walk onboard...

I get really stressed about flying with my children, You walk on the plane and you get looked at like you have walked on with " I HAVE THE PLAGUE" written on your forehead. I understand that people dont like children on aeroplanes, but anyone on that flight with me ... yoroshiku :)

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"A_Cruise at 02:09 PM JST - 11th August Ichihashi's appeals are of no use, there is too much publicity and pressure not to receive the maximum punishment. Everyone knows he is guilty, and even if his intentions were rape, they need to put him away for good. "

Ummm... are you serious? Going by recent history the murder of a foreign national in Japan is nothing. Ichihashi will get a slap on the wrist at best.. Its the "one gaijin limit" rule in action again.

Ichihashi will go the same way as Atsushi Watanabe and Hiroshi Nozaki went. If he kills another foreigner then he will be treated like Joji Obara.

Sad, VERY sad, but true. Unfortunately I have no hopes of anything other than a suspended sentence.

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"gogogo at 10:03 AM JST - 28th July Firstly Japanese people are not fat, they are just told they are for some reason. "

I would disagree. Japanese are very small, and very thin, but with an absurd ratio of body fat to muscle. As in (most) Japanese have very little muscle and an awful lot of fat - but yet they are much smaller than westerners. "Fat" is a useless term when describing appearance. Fat is a body component, not a description of how someone looks."Overweight" or "obese" are more accurate. Many Japanese are neither overweight nor obese, but they do have a very high body fat percentage.

I have a theory that there is possibly something in the asian genetic make up which makes it easier for the body to process carbs. If I was to eat as much rich as the Japanese eat I would actually be the side of a house.

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“To burn off one kilogram of fat, it’s said a person needs to run the equivalent of three and a half full-length marathons,” Asano points out.

What an absolute load of nonsense. For an "average" sized man or woman to lose 1lb they need to burn 3500 calories over and above normal daily calorie expenditure. For someone who is morbidly obese, they need to do less to lose weight. Men lose weight more quickly and easily than females.

Low carb will make you lose weight, but it is pretty unsustainable.

Scrote - I really object to your generalization of "fat" people however. I currently am super skinny and actually underweight, because of a thyroid condition. Less that 2 years ago I was morbidly obese thanks to the same thyroid problem (except it was moving too slowly instead of too fast, which it is now.) My diet and exercise is exactly the same, but my thyroid is now on the road to recovery.

I have real sympathy for fatties nowadays - they really have a hard time. While some ARE just lazy and sit around on the sofa eating macudos all day, some are not, and really try and achieve very little.

I have a fatty friend who tried everything her doctors said over 3 years. In the end the conclusion was "you are just not meant to be thin." I think that IS the case for some people too. Not everyone is built like tiny Japanese.

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Hey you should all leave Beiber alone.

She is just trying to make her way in the world. She cant help it that her mum cuts her hair like that ...

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"sctaber56 at 10:29 AM JST - 18th July What a struggle most of the Open golfers are having dealing with the inconsistent and powerful wind conditions. Hopefully the winds will die down on Day Four. And aren't those invisable bunkers a challenge?!"

Um ... welll ... its Scotland. What do you expect? Or do you imagine Scotland is a little country somewhere near Guam?

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I hope the nice scottish people teach him about the 19th hole ...

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yea .. lets let all the dolphins out of the aquariums.

In fact lets let ALL the fish out of the aquariums, and while we are at it, lets just let all the animals out of the zoos.

In fact lets stop eating anything fish related, or meat related. Its "cruel" you see...

This is getting way out of control. Japan is being victimized here, and over something which is a relatively minor problem in current international relations.

Of the list of things wrong with Japan "dolphins" are not so high up on the list. I know many will disagree .. but this is just my opinion.

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Im a bit skeptical about this whole thing. I dont necessarily think that this guy is doing a good thing, and I definitely dont think that these fathers are going to want to be re-united with the kids of one night stands.

I think we have to think about the fathers in this as WELL as the kids.

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"Ever since I was a kid, I always thought a woman having to give up and change her maiden name, her real name, was unfair and didn't make any sense. I never saw men running down to the DMV or Social Security office trying to change their names after marriage.....and you won't."

Afrosensei - As a woman I can appreciate your concern. For me the choice of taking the name of my husband, or retaining the name of my father had very little weight. I went with my husbands name. Lets not forget that - a womans family name is not her own generally, but it comes from men too.

You sometimes do hear of men taking their wives names here. I once read an article about this couple who, because the husband had taken his wifes name, had to get divorced everytime they had to fill in government documents. They had been divorced and remarried over 30 times, I believe.

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"Despite being born in Japan, living here for decades and paying taxes, many such ethnic Koreans, known as “zainichi Korean,” chose not to take Japanese citizenship to retain their sense of ethnic identity or as a form of protest at Japan having stripped their families of their nationality after World War II.

This disqualifies them from voting."

And quite rightly so. If we start letting "some" permanent residence get to vote in Japan, then we have to let them all.

If Koreans want to vote in Japan they can get Japanese citizenship like the rest of us. I don't think a special exception should be made for them.

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The758 - I agree.

I think its great that now people have a choice where to go. For example, I would definitely choose a smoke free restaurant (or a place with a non-smoking section) if I was going somewhere with my kids, but to be honest I think the whole thing has been blown out of proportion.

It seems the people who are the most angry about smoke are the ones who used to smoke themselves. Surprising really, as I would expect that ex-smokers would be the most understanding about how difficult it is to stop.

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I missed the original article, but how do we know that it really is a case of bad behaviour etc?

I mean ... I can never justify this kind of action, but how do we know the "victim" in this case wasn't beating this girl silly every day after school and making her life hell? Japanese bullying can be really mean.

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If Im honest I dont really get the point of this article. Just get bicycle lanes in major towns and cities if they dont want cyclists on the roads or pavements,

But I will say I personally find Mama charies to be a whole lot better to ride than little bmxs and that. They are without a doubt slower, but a whole lot sturdier and safer.

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spankychan, well ... yes ... technically they would ... but ..... you know?

To Japanese gaijin just means not Japanese..

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thepro - EXACTLY what I was thinking!!!! He got himself a sugar momma there ...

Whoever she is, shes not touching that gaijin for all the umeshu in Toronto...

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I see some hilarious things in English. I saw this woman who must have been in her 50s today ( a bit of a yankee but nevermind ) and she was wearing this t-shirt which said " I Got Lucky Last night."

I was wondering if she thought it meant pachinko...

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