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Posted in: Japan to beef up anti-cyberattack operations with China in mind See in context

A prudent move by Japan, China are already fighting a full blown cyber war with Japan and the west.

It just goes to show you how two faced and backstabbing the Chinese are, holding out the hand of friendship to Japan, whilst holding a knife in the other.

They can never be trusted, and only have themselves to blame, but like a chronic alcoholic, or a compulsive gambler, they will always deny they have a problem.

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Posted in: JAL, ANA change 'Taiwan' to 'China Taiwan' on websites See in context

Never thought I would see the day when major Japanese companies kowtow to China, they have no honor.

JAL & ANA should show further loyalty and obedience to China by placing the Chinese flag logo on the wings of every aircraft!

China lies to you when it says there is only "One China"......there are actually two,....Democratic China (ROC) and Communist China. (PRC)

Communist China does not own Taiwan, it belongs to the ROC

The ROC could be considered the legitimate Chinese government in exile, before they were overrun by the communists and fled to Taiwan.

The Taiwanese nationalists never surrendered their government to China, nor did they sign a peace treaty.

So there you have it, big communist China wants to devour little democratic China, in order to extinguish any heirs or claims to mainland China.

Taiwan would have a bigger claim on mainland China, than China having a claim on Taiwan.

"Believe in a lie long enough, eventually it will become a truth"

Wake up JAL and ANA

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