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Posted in: Is Japanese canned sushi everything we ever dreamed of? We try it out See in context

I remember seeing canned bear for sale in Hokkaido, but decided to stick to the king crab. We bought one for breakfast. It cost my wife and I around 22,000 yen and was absolutely delicious. The fish market owner not only cooked the crab for us, but made a great soup out of the broth. Imagine having a huge crab and beer at 8:00 in the morning,....we love Hokkaido.

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Posted in: Police sergeant disciplined for stealing about ¥200 from shrine donation box See in context

Never ever try to take money from a monk, they have absolutely no compassion, if they had not caught the policeman, they would have blamed the Buddha!

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The Chinese should come clean, tell the truth and apologize to the Japanese people.

The following Chiang kai shek listed atrocities are only a small sample of crimes committed, as he killed over 10 million Chinese from 1927-1949.

When the communists won their Civil War, they decided to sanitize his past by changing the narrative (sounds all too familiar) and removing him from their history books. Someone had to take the blame for his murderous spree.

Nanjing Incident, Chinese soldiers attack foreign consulates, kill Europeans, civilians and loot many buildings. 24/3/27 

Hankou Incident, one hundred and fifty homes damaged, and dozens killed when the Chinese army invades and loots Japanese concessions. 3/4/27

Shanghai Massacre, (April 12 Purge) Chinese nationalists kill around 300,000 communists. 12/4/27 Japan is blamed.

The "Manchurian Incident" (Mukden Incident) Chinese bandits blow up a section of the track belonging to the Japanese owned South Manchurian Railway. Very little to no damage is done. The Chinese blame the Japanese 18/9/31

Jiangxi-Fujian Communist Purge, National Revolution Army kill 700,000 Hakka. 1931-1934

Chinese contaminate hundreds of water wells dysentery, anthrax and cholera resulting in the death of 6,000 Imperial Japanese soldiers and 2,000 horses. Civilian deaths unknown. Unit 731 builds a water purifying plant so that this never happens again. 1935

Tungchow Massacre, Chinese soldiers attack and kill more than 250 Japanese, Chinese and Korean civilians. 29/7/37

Cathay & Pacific Hotels Massacre, Chinese Air Force bombed the hotels resulting in 3,500 civilians killed and wounded. China tries to blame Japan but there are too many witnesses. 14/8/37

Nanking Massacre, General Tang Shen-chih threatens to severely punish soldiers who stop fighting. He kills many of his own troops. Destroys roads, railways, bridges, sinks boats to stop escapes across the river, burned houses so that his troops have nowhere to hide. 11/12/1937. Japanese soldiers are shocked when they enter the city.

Chinese army deserters found hiding with numerous weapons inside the Nanking Safety Zone. They admit to looting and rape blaming it on the Japanese army. When arrested the atrocities stop. Minnie Vautrin was devastated that it happened on her watch. 3/1/38, she committed suicide a short time later.

Chiang kai shek breaches dykes holding back the Yellow River flooding an area of 21,000 sq. miles washing away valuable topsoil. This one act alone killed over a million Chinese through drownings, starvation and disease. Survivors cannot be rescued as roads, railways and bridges have been destroyed during Chiang's "scorched earth period". Chiang tries once again to blame the Japanese.

Great Changsha Fire Massacre, Chiang kai shek sends arson teams to burn the city to the ground, the greatest fire in Chinese history, more than 30,000 killed and 56,000 buildings destroyed. 13/11/38

The Taiwan "228 Massacre" in which as many as 28,000 people were raped and murdered by troops sent by the Chinese nationalist leader Chiang kai shek, many more went missing. 28/2/1947

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Posted in: China lashes out at Abe over his warning on Taiwan See in context

The Chinese communist are inherent cowards, this cannot be altered, it is built into their DNA and Xi knows this. The communists are all bluff and bluster, all fat and no ham, forever rattling and playing with their little sabre,....STOP IT Xi!....or you will go blind!

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Posted in: Japan to beef up anti-cyberattack operations with China in mind See in context

A prudent move by Japan, China are already fighting a full blown cyber war with Japan and the west.

It just goes to show you how two faced and backstabbing the Chinese are, holding out the hand of friendship to Japan, whilst holding a knife in the other.

They can never be trusted, and only have themselves to blame, but like a chronic alcoholic, or a compulsive gambler, they will always deny they have a problem.

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Posted in: JAL, ANA change 'Taiwan' to 'China Taiwan' on websites See in context

Never thought I would see the day when major Japanese companies kowtow to China, they have no honor.

JAL & ANA should show further loyalty and obedience to China by placing the Chinese flag logo on the wings of every aircraft!

China lies to you when it says there is only "One China"......there are actually two,....Democratic China (ROC) and Communist China. (PRC)

Communist China does not own Taiwan, it belongs to the ROC

The ROC could be considered the legitimate Chinese government in exile, before they were overrun by the communists and fled to Taiwan.

The Taiwanese nationalists never surrendered their government to China, nor did they sign a peace treaty.

So there you have it, big communist China wants to devour little democratic China, in order to extinguish any heirs or claims to mainland China.

Taiwan would have a bigger claim on mainland China, than China having a claim on Taiwan.

"Believe in a lie long enough, eventually it will become a truth"

Wake up JAL and ANA

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