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"“New hirees at a regional bank didn’t even know how to pour tea." And what is scary too is that a bank evaluates its employees by checking if they can poor tea or not.

"“Now, you no longer see workers who aspire to rise to the top of the ladder and become president of a company,” "

Who would be such a dreamer in a country that puts hierarchy over actual skills, and where old men never leave the place to the young generation?

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Knight and Day's release is only now?

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UK is in Europe. "I'm just saying the cream of the crop by western standards are in the US and UK, and that's the reality."

Not anymore. It really depends on the field actually. I don't know what's going on in the US but seems they are loosing there rank, universities are a business like another and the competition is fierce. Even Japanese are waking up.

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"There has been a 50% decline in the number of students studying in American universities, since 2001, and last year the trend continued with another 7% decline over 2008."

Maybe because they go elsewhere? Europe? For example somewhere cheaper with high quality curriculum?

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"I was in the midst of a life-altering decision: I was about to make a potentially reckless career change by pursuing my childhood dream of going to graduate school in the States. And here’s this 50-something “oyaji” accusing my generation of being cowardly underachievers?"

Because goign to grad school even abroad is something incredibly ambitious now? Actually going to grad school or going to study abroad for a short period of time is quite the norm nowdays.

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