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shugotokumaru comments

Posted in: Japan urges calm after China severs contacts See in context

This has been Japanese territory since the 1800s, and China only claimed it in 1971 after resources were discovered in 1969. The vessel was operating illegally in Japanese territory. End of story, if not for a Chinese government that loves to get its people angry at Japan to keep them from revolting domestically.

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Posted in: EXILE concert tour expected to draw 1.1 million fans See in context

Exile are another formulaic pop act, sure, but they're laughing all the way to the bank. Ninety percent of you don't like Exile (including me) would gladly trade your stringent artistic standards for the truckloads of yen and poon-tang the band is enjoying.

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Posted in: Japan split over maiden names, foreign suffrage See in context

What a one-sided article.

It is no longer an issue of Koreans being forced to live here! Every article like this seems to infer that since Zainichi people (or their ancestors, for the most part) were forced here, they ought to have the special right to maintain citizenship in another country but still have voting rights here. If they want to become Japanese citizens and enjoy voting rights, there is nothing stopping them. Nothing. The only thing stopping them is their unwillingness to renounce their loyalty to Korea, whose government-funded Mindan organization is the biggest backer of this voting rights movement, I might add. Japan is well within its rights as a sovereign nation to require loyalty from people who want to determine its future through voting.

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Posted in: Sakaguchi, Yada to star in Japanese version of 'Die Hard' See in context

This movie will be very bad.

I shave my head, so a lot of Japanese people tell me I look like Bruce Willis. They are incorrect. I do not.

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Posted in: Krispy Kreme's spring lineup See in context

Yeah, they overexpanded and had some kangaroo accounting going back then. Their donuts were always good, though.

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Posted in: SDP leader wants U.S. base off Okinawa See in context

People in Hell want ice water.

The fact is that Okinawa's economy relies heavily on the US bases, and unless the government wants unemployment there to climb even higher (already worst in Japan), they'll just have to stand the vocal opposition and do what the quieter majority of residents want: For there to be jobs.

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Posted in: Should foreign residents have local voting rights? See in context

Eddisofbextar, I don't even know where to start.

First, I echo the sentiments of realist in saying that despite my foreign origins, I am quite capable of understanding Japanese politics. It's not really a matter of passing level one as much as following what is going on.

Second, your assertion that the typical Japanese citizen does not follow politics is sorely refuted by the 69% voter turnout rate in last month's election.

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Posted in: LDP could re-emerge after losses See in context

TokyoRoughGuy, I hope you're being sarcastic, since the Prime Minister remains Aso and the DPJ is still not in power.

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Posted in: Billy Blanks speaks of June wedding See in context

"Billy, welcome to Japan. We know you'll enjoy continued success."

Mr. Big, Toto and Velvet Revolver

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Posted in: Why do Asian pop stars have a hard time succeeding in the U.S. market? See in context

I agree that talent has even less to do with selling well in Japan than it does in the States. The agencies have everything lined up, and the public eat it up. I think there is at least a larger chance for truly talented artists to get big in America.

The lack of a merit-based music market shows up glaringly when Japanese artists try to expand abroad. Also, the stylistic use of nonsense English phrases kills any respectability J-pop artists might have garnered, and that includes Utada Hikaru.

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Posted in: Masatoshi Nakamura sheds tears over son's drug arrest See in context

"Dude, mellow out," as it were.

I looooooove how big a deal cannabis is made out to be by the hima na Japanese media.

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Posted in: Plum blossoms See in context

Plums smell better too. Okay bye.

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Posted in: Plum blossoms See in context

ume > sakura

Blasphemy, I know, but the plums make me a lot happier, since by the time the cherries bloom it's warm. The plums bring me out of the winter funk.

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Posted in: Jun Hasegawa capitalizes on 'haafu' look See in context

Yeah, the law says 22, but the MOJ doesn't enforce it.

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Posted in: We’ve seen the collapse of communism and now we’re seeing the collapse of capitalism. Surely, somewhere in between there must be a better middle road for us to travel. See in context

We haven't seen the collapse of capitalism. We have seen the results of government intervention, where companies that get big enough know the government will bail them out, and practice their businesses accordingly.

We have not had a free market. We have had a government-controlled market in which politicians, not consumers, decide which companies should be favored.

Finding something between communism and the recent interventionist system is exactly what governments are trying now, and it will prove to be much more disastrous.

For example, bad assets such as foreclosed homes must be allowed to take on their true market value, yet no politician who wants to win his next election is going to sign on for that. By propping up home prices, we will just perpetuate the boom-bust cycle, since the market will inevitably correct itself later, but with far worse results.

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Posted in: J Soul Brothers join Exile See in context

This got edited out:

"The new move is expected to result in skyrocketing stage construction costs, as current structures are not capable of holding such an unprecedented number of fancy men."

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Posted in: Half and haafu See in context

The best way to defend yourself is attacking? Incredible.

It comes down to what you want out of life, I suppose.

If you want to be offended all the time, create a victim identity, and have an excuse to b**ch and moan about how poorly you are treated, an entire life of just that is yours in Japan.

If you want to relate to people, form friendships, and even make money, the fact that you are a little different from most people in Japan is an incredible advantage.

I wish people who elect to attack would just admit that they are unhappy due to their own actions, not those of the average Japanese person.

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Posted in: Half and haafu See in context

Take the victim mentality and go back to the States.

Guess what, Corey, just about every perceived slight you encountered is something every foreigner in this country has run into. If you are a secure, happy person there is no reason any of it should matter to you.

99% of Japanese people are just being friendly when they ask about being haafu and all the other mundane questions. Your judgment of them as racist or ignorant is what keeps you from forming meaningful relationships.

Pretty much everyone in the world needs to grow a thicker skin, period.

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Posted in: Scorsese plans film on early Japanese Christians See in context

This is one of the best books I've read, and I couldn't have hoped for a better director and cast to handle it.

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Posted in: Red star rising: With global capitalism on ropes, communism gains in Japan See in context

It boils down to the following two choices:

A system which tries to prevent humans by force from pursuing their own interests, and fails (socialism).

A system which allows humans to pursue their own interests, and creates wealth, while taking into account that the unpleasant aspects of human nature cannot be changed.

I'll take #2.

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Posted in: Aso says world religions can learn from Japan See in context

Japan's actual productivity per hour of work is low, somewhere near that of Spain.

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Posted in: Sony unveils pocket-size VAIO laptop See in context

If Sony says the battery lasts 4.5 hours, that means it actually lasts 2.5 hours. I'm a brilliant translator of Sonese.

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Posted in: Maybe what Japan needs right now is a dictator, a dictator with good intentions. If you spend your time discussing issues, then for example the abductions issue will remain unsolved. Certain things ca See in context

Great idea, Regis Philbin of Japan. I'd much rather have some abducted people back than have millions be safer from a nuclear attack. By the way, any progress on the people Japan has abducted/ enslaved/ disenfranchised/ massacred?

I am no Japan-basher, but I think you have to either be for forgetting (or at least forgiving) everything you and your enemies have done, or remembering and prosecuting everything your enemies and you have done, or you come across as a hypocritical country (and of course all nation states do).

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Posted in: Che See in context

I'll always enjoy the capitalist industry that has sprung up around Che Guevara, proving him wrong and causing him to roll over in his grave simultaneously.

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Posted in: The Diving Pool See in context

I am probably a cretin for feeling this way, but I just want to find some Japanese literature that doesn't make me want to hang myself? Is this too much to ask?

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Posted in: Tourists to be barred from Tsukiji tuna auctions for a month See in context

So Tokyo is down to about four or five interesting places to see, then?

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Posted in: Beaujolais bath See in context

Yunessun is an unpleasant place with lots of peeing kids, and that's food coloring for the most part.

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Posted in: Actress Yoko Maki announces she is married, pregnant See in context

Cheers Maki and her soon-to-be well-nourished baby.

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Posted in: Quarter Pounder See in context

Sarge, nice Pulp Fiction reference.

"I dunno, I didn't go into Burger King."

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Posted in: U.S. congressman warns of Obama dictatorship See in context

Bush and the Republicans are the ones who have chipped away at my civil rights. But both parties are socialist anyway.

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