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It seems people have forgotten why the tourists want this particular shot. Someone took a shot and put it on Tik Tok or somewhere. People decided that they had to have the same shot. There was a bandwagon that they all jumped on. You know how these things go. Now, the place where the original shot was taken became a must-go-to place. Now, it's not set up for large groups of people. There is a dentist's office on that street and these people were making it difficult for patients to get in. They were leaving trash everywhere at a spot not set up for this kind of thing. The mentality of the people wanting this particular show was that they were entitled to go there and make a big crowd. The Lawson's had to be part of the shot. If they didn't behave like hypnotized robots, there would be no problem.

Japan welcomes tourists but a lot of tourists (like these people) don't appreciate the problems they cause. This isn't a problem with Japan. It's a problem of those silly people wanting a shot of something stupid in an area not even meant for them.

People who say this isn't a problem should know about the imprint of a rat on a sidewalk in, I think, Chicago. Nothing but problems for the people who lived on that street.

Gene Hennigh said that this problem occurred if someone took a shot and put it on social media such as TIK TOK and other people started to imitate it, the place became a tourist spot. There are also too many people, making it difficult for others to use and littering also becomes a problem. Japan is welcoming a lot of such tourists, but the government should think seriously about this. Also, this is not a problem for Japan.

I totally agree with this opinion because I think it's wrong that Japan's requtation is being lowered because of such unmannerly people. The number of tourists coming to Japan has been increasing, which is a good thing for Japan's economy. However, these people are causing a lot of problems for example, noise and littering, as well as traffic congestion. And these can affect a lot to the atmoshpere.

I also think these are not because of Japan being a tourist attraction, but we need regulation like those reported in the news to maintain public order in Japan.

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