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Posted in: Data of over 8,000 at Mitsubishi Electric feared leaked in cyberattack See in context

gogogoToday 07:54 am JST

Japan has no concept of security. The government recommended installing anti virus software to stop hackers. They just have no grasp of what an attack is.

You speak as if other corporations around the world have not been hacked in and leaked data.

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Posted in: Renovated Shibuya subway station with M-shaped roof begins service See in context

Looks nice. Simple and practical. Nothing too fancy, adding a modern aesthetic, but also a practical arch support.

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Posted in: M5.5 quake hits eastern Japan; no immediate damage reported See in context

And I went straight back to sleep. That was a pretty tame one imo.

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Posted in: 4 injured after 80-year-old man backs car into them in Osaka See in context

I am convinced these incidents caused by the elderly have been happening for a long time, but are now just starting to be widely reported. Maybe this reporting will put some pressure on the Government to make some changes to the driving laws.

These accidents have been reported all the time. It's been glossed over in TV and used as tropes in political satire movies. The whole ''stop elderly people driving'' debate has been around for a long time.

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Posted in: Typhoon slams into Japan; 68 injured See in context

Wow really...? The ignorant attitude here of some people is beyond Vongfong;;

People have died, homes damaged and who knows what else happened. Just because you haven't seen anything bad, does not make this storm a 'dud'. I mean what? Like seriously? WHAT? Another point lost for faith in humanity, now standing at -196.

I'm living in Chiba, where it's not as bad. It's been raining in and out all day, strong winds; enough to blow my curtains even when the windows are closed.

I consider myself lucky that I didn't get the short end of the stick.

What some of you are saying is like saying... 'The earthquake barely shook where I live, what a dud' - Whereas in other areas people have died or have been injured.

Also umbrella's are pretty much the worst thing to take with you during a typhoon, as it actually kills people rather than protecting you from rain.

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