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ShyDingo comments

Posted in: At least 120 killed in six Paris terror attacks; police hunt for accomplices See in context

What I find astounding is that there are some people who are surprised at these events. This & more attacks are coming to Western countries.

Its absolutely terrible but not a surprise.

Sending my best to the people of France.

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Posted in: New Zealand beats Australia 34-17 to retain Rugby World Cup See in context

Was getting excited when the Wallabies got closer but the AB's deserved winners, too good.

As a Crsuaders fan I will miss Dan & Richie.

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Posted in: England dumped out of Rugby World Cup by Australia See in context

They brought a busted chariot to a tank battle.

Danny Cipriani said not a single player from Australia's squad would be picked to play for England. Well Danny this Aussie says read em' & weep (I was going to say something else but I don't think it would have made it past the censors).

I didnt think the Wallabies looked all that great going into this game & England were horrid so I would not be jumping to conclusions about Australia's chances going further into the RWC. For mine I really like the look of Ireland, they've been clinical so far in their pool.

At any rate I'm celebrating this mornings win. Well done Wallabies!

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Posted in: Japan beats Samoa 26-5 to keep Rugby World Cup quarterfinal hopes alive See in context

Well done again Japan! Now on to the USA game. Regardless of that result I'd say this has been an excellent tornie for Japan already.

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Posted in: 'Evangelion' episode to be shown on giant skyscraper monitors across Japan for 20th anniversary See in context

I loved (still do) this anime.

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Posted in: Critic review 'Attack on Titan' movie: 'I wished the titans would eat the kids so it would end' See in context

@harvey, cheers for the comprehensive warning. I'm still probably going to watch (I guess I'm a masochist too) but at least I'm fully prepared for the worst : (

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Posted in: Zimbabwe: American lion killer's extradition being sought See in context

Cecil has a brother Jericho who is protecting his cubs so hopefully they'll survive from any attacks by rogue male lions.

What a waste of a beautiful animal.

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Posted in: More decapitated cats found in Kobe See in context

Poor kitties. I hope this sicko is caught soon. As others have said here there is plenty of support to show they move from animals to humans later on.

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Posted in: Syria army, Kurds push IS out of Hasakeh city See in context

Getting bombed by Turkey while fighting ISIS at the same time, the Kurds have their hands full. I may be wrong but the Kurds appear to make the most gains against ISIS than anyone else.

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Posted in: The female cosplayers of summer Wonder Festival See in context

Love those outfits! You can tell they put a lot of work into them.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward to begin legally recognizing same-sex partnerships See in context

Anyone that thinks homophobia is dead just needs to take a look at some of the comments that accompany gay-related articles. Disgusting to see the complete lack of logic or understanding against a community thats probably one of the most peaceful.

On the other hand its always uplifting to see the positive comments & know we're not all completely doomed.

I agree with Stephen Knight that it seems the paper is not legally binding which would mean nothing more than all flash and no substance. Sort it.

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Posted in: Secrecy around TPP trade deal fuels suspicions and worries See in context

For all I've read about the TPP I've yet to see anything that actually benefits anyone other than corporations. That's pretty scary given a lot of the finer details have remained secret.

Not anything new here though, still higher-ups trying to screw over everyone underneath, just trying to put up even bigger walls to do it.

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Posted in: Middle-aged not-so-easy riders still have fun on their bikes See in context

I come from a family of motorcycle riders, you ride till you cannot physically ride no more. I love it. Interesting that this article puts the bike as more expensive, I've found that even after purchasing protective gear the bike is cheaper than running a car. A car is really only good for me when the weather is absolutely crap, rain is ok but wind gusts are not a bikes best mate.

I think its great older people are getting back into riding, if they go to riding school & find they can still control the bike then power to them, get out there & have fun.

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Posted in: Retired Japanese man who saved over 500 from suicide to be featured in documentary See in context

Its nice to hear a story about someone doing something good than bad for a change. Top guy doing great work. There is not nearly enough support for mental health.

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Posted in: Surfer fights off shark during South Africa competition See in context

The footage is some scary stuff right there. Thankful Mick is alive!

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Posted in: Johnny Depp's wife charged with smuggling dogs into Australia See in context

“I guess everyone tries to go for their 15 minutes, including some government officials,” the 29-year-old actress told Australia’s Channel 7.

And I guess some people completely miss the point that when you do the wrong thing you are accountable. Any idiot with 2 brain cells floating around in their head would have to think that traveling with pets to another country would likely face quarantine laws. At the very least a sensible person would check for these laws BEFORE going to that country.

In an interview last month, Heard said she and Depp planned to avoid Australia as much as possible in the future “thanks to certain politicians there.”

I'm not a fan of politicians in general so I'm not defending Barnaby Joyce but what a pretentious twat Heard is. Avoid away love, you won't be missed.

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Posted in: Pluto close-up: Spacecraft makes flyby of icy, mystery world See in context

I think its a nice touch that the ashes of Clyde Tombaugh (the person who discovered Pluto in the 1930's) was aboard the spacecraft sent to Pluto.

And Pluto does look like it has a heart on it. Awww.

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Posted in: Canadian Henderson set for debut in Japanese sumo See in context

Many sumo purists say foreign wrestlers lack the culture and manners — often described as “hinkaku”, or dignity — to reach the higher ranks.

What a complete load of BS.

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Posted in: Japanese firm to apologize to U.S. WWII veterans for forced labor See in context

@tonttu "Were the Americans the only people who were treated that way in Japan during WWII?".

Nope. I can't speak of the other allies (although if I had to guess I'd say their were quite a lot of Brits & Dutch) but for Australia "Of the 22,000 Australian prisoners of the Japanese more than a third died in captivity" - according to the ABC article (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2011-03-04/japan-says-sorry-to-former-australian-pows/1966180).

So obviously they arent the only ones but according to the ABC article an apology was given in Australia in 2011 (the date of the article). I'm guessing these US POW's have been waiting quite some time.

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Posted in: U.S. beats Japan 5-2 to win Women's World Cup See in context

@Fadamor, no I did not think Japan snuck in a male goalie. The goalie is playing in a womens football team, in a womens sporting competition, & the WWC on top of all that has gender testing. So she is undoubtedly female.

Not all females look feminine, some tomboys you can still tell regardless but others can pass for male. Passing for male & having a lack of feminine features doesn't mean they ain't the same under the clothes as any other female player.

I fail to see how a players appearance has any relevance to the game BTW.

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Posted in: Happy fan See in context

Congratulations to the US, definitely deserved the win.

Commiserations to Japan.

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Posted in: Happy fan See in context

"Lloyd is having a cracker or a game." I meant "of" not "or" gez my spelling has gone out the window amongst all this excitement.

Morgan has had a few chances too. Gone very close if not for a very good save by the Japanese goalie.

Still time to pull off the unthinkable Japan.

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Posted in: Happy fan See in context

I dont know how any half wit could vote down "And just like that the US strikes again!", pretty much just describing what happened.

Lloyd is having a cracker or a game.

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Posted in: Happy fan See in context

And just like that the US strikes again!

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Posted in: Happy fan See in context

Japan! 4-2 clawing their way back. Game on!

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Posted in: Happy fan See in context

I missed the 1st 10mins of this game, turned in & was like WTF!? 2-blot already!? US is on fire!

Now 4-1. Come on Japan! Lets make it a tight contest!

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Posted in: England beats Germany 1-0 in extra time to finish 3rd at Women's World Cup See in context

I was going for Germany but good on the English girls after that loss to Japan.

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Posted in: Arnold (but little else) is back in 'Terminator' See in context

I'm a terminator fan from way back but after seeing T3 I knew my love remained with T1 & T2. My fav character from the movies is Michael Biehn's version of Kyle Reese from T1.

T1 Kyle Reese looked like he came from a bleak future of constant attack, white light, & a diet of rats. He was a very sympathetic character that seemed quite realistic. His sacrifice for Sarah gave a gritty end to the movie I appreciated - despite traumatising me as I was quite young at the time. Jai Courtney's version of Kyle doesn't look or act like a guy from a desolate future where people are struggling to survive, he looks more like he's in the gym most of the week & sucking down protein shakes in his spare time. Pretty disappointing character development but not surprised the way movies are being made now days.

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Posted in: Japan reaches Women's World Cup final after England injury time own goal See in context

Us Aussies like to get stuck into the Poms & vice versa but its very hard for me not to feel sorry for poor Laura. You could see what she was doing, just wanted to clear the cross out of the park to stop it reaching the Japanese attacker, but with fatigue setting in late in the game the chances for a miss hit on the ball increases, & it happened to her. We've all had moments where we've wanted to disappear up our own backside, I hope she gets over it soon.

As for US v Japan. The US have been pretty good most of the WWC, the 1st half against Aus was probably the only time they looked out of sorts.

Japan have said consistently after their games that they are capable of more, then the next game rolls around & they control the game but produce much of the same intensity & effort as before. So the question is does Japan have a few gears to go up as they say or is that just BS & they're actually already at their limit. If its the former good night US, if its the latter the US will roll them.

As a neutral I'm looking forward to watching this game no matter what way it ends. May the best team win.

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Posted in: Japan beats Australia 1-0 to advance to semifinal against England at Women's World Cup See in context

Proud of my countrywoman's efforts, brilliant game Matilda's, fell only very late in the game. The average age of the Aussie squad is 23, this is a good sign for their future. I think the accumulated efforts of the US & Brazil games finally took their toll too. Our defense was better than most predicted, our attack on goal & possession however (whilst we had some chances) were a lot more patchy compared to Japan. People also need to remember that although on average we are taller then the Japanese girls its far harder for a larger person to run around in the heat than a smaller person, & they sure had us running a lot, their control of the ball was excellent.

Credit to Japan, they deserve their victory. Oz v Japan are great games & I'm sure looking forward to more in the future. I know Australia will get there eventually, we are too damn competitive not to at some point.

Good luck to Japan for the rest of the cup. Given I have a German grandparent I'll be supporting the German girls for here on in :)

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