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Posted in: Man decapitated in suspected terror attack on French factory See in context

Until the whole of Europe grows a spine terrible incidents like this will just keep on happening over & over.

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Posted in: Skinny jeans could make you a fashion victim: doctors See in context

You don't have to be fat to not fit into skinny jeans. Plenty of people have low body fat but very well developed upper legs & butt, especially sprinters & people who do weight lifting. Moral of the story is screw fashion & wear what is appropriate for your body type.

Glad to hear she's ok though. Death by skinny jean would not be a nice way to go.

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Posted in: Australia, France, Canada advance to quarterfinals of Women's World Cup See in context

Well this Aussie is genuinely shocked that we beat Brazil, but very happy! Brazil the better team of the two overall but Australia the better team on the day & took their opportunities. The Aussie goalie had a great game.

The last game I saw between Japan & Australia in womens soccer had to of been the most frustrating game I have ever watched. A stack of possession & shots on goal but couldn't get it in the back of the net. Japan is the champ & deserves respect but I think the Aussie girls will give it a red hot go. This is of course provided Japan beat the Dutch.

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Posted in: 'Final Fantasy VII' remake officially announced See in context

This was one of my childhood fav's (one of my fav parts was near the beginning when you get Cloud into the Honeybee inn, good times). I got a very excited SMS from an old school mate about this remake, both of us are looking forward to playing it on PS4 when it comes out.

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Posted in: Flight attendant sues JAL for 'maternity harassment' See in context

Disgraceful treatment of this new mother. She has had a baby & wants to keep working. Last I checked Japan's birth rate was low & there was supposedly an effort to get/keep women working. She has done everything right here & yet JAL is punishing her. No fair on the lady at all.

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Posted in: Women's World Cup set for knockout stage See in context

I know they'll try to put up a fight but my Matilda's will most likely get beaten by Brazil.

Japan look solid enough for mine to beat the Dutch.

Its been a pretty decent tornie thus far.

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Posted in: Film industry not an even playing field for women, Kidman says See in context

With female characters you can find some exceptions (there were some top female roles in 40's movies) but female characters are usually just dolled up for titillation regardless of what their role is in the movie. Female roles don't take on 'male characteristics' if anything its the reverse, Hollywood would not have the stones to have genuinely masculine women in their movies. They keep regurgitating the same crap over & over. I don't mind the occasional comic book movie but I do agree with clamenza. There should be a variety of stories from different points of view & better developed characters. It will take time for things to change.

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Posted in: Language fail: 22 embarrassing tales of Japanese language missteps See in context

This article had me laughing a lot. If any one I know tells me they are having a bad day I'll send them this article for a pick me up.

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Posted in: 4 women jailed for beating acquaintance to death See in context

You don't bash people to death for bitching about you behind your back. You simply find better friends.

Some people would be in jail for the rest of their natural life if they killed every person who ever said a bad word about them.

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Posted in: Blatter vs Prince Ali for FIFA top job as Figo, van Praag exit See in context

I feel like anything involving FIFA these days should just be put straight under the "crime" section of the news & not under "sport", its a joke.

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Posted in: Hero lady apparently saves guy from groping accusations by posing as girlfriend See in context

If I was hearing this guys story in person I'm sure my response would be "cool story bro".

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Posted in: Mother admits throwing 5-year-old son from 13th-floor apartment See in context

I can't get over how often this happens in Japan. Its almost like every couple of days there is a new story of a parent killing their child. Do people have such shame in admitting they aren't coping with life that they don't get themselves any help? It boggles my mind how anyone could kill any innocent child, let alone your own flesh & blood.

RIP little one.

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Posted in: How women can manipulate clueless men See in context

The point they tried to make about mono-tasker & multi-tasker is BS. The human brain is not designed to multi-task.

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Posted in: Cherry blossoms also bring out the yakuza See in context

@katsu78, I was thinking the exact same thing. Kudos to that lady for standing her ground.

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Posted in: Will Mayweather-Pacquiao fight live up to hype? History provides a clue See in context

I'd like to see Manny win but I think Floyd will.

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Posted in: 81-year-old climber dies after being pinned under rock See in context

A lot of people dont get to 81 yrs of age let alone have the ability at that age to continue with something like climbing. He did well, may he RIP.

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Posted in: Risa Yoshiki is back to yell at us, help us become better workers See in context

“Shut up and get your s**t straight!”

You know what, she's right, I do need to get my s**t straight. Thankyou for sorting me out Risa! (lol).

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Posted in: 'Final Fantasy XV' and Coleman team up for camping scenes See in context

I'm afraid FF lost me after FF10. Not sure about the product placement. I know after playing MGS Snake Eater I had a strange urge to try "Calorie Mates".

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Posted in: Japanese victims of Tunis museum attack identified See in context

Husband losing his wife & not leaving her side. Wife loses her life. A mother who had a tight relationship with her daughter that had her whole life ahead of her - both gone.

This was a brief but very sad story to read. May they all RIP.

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Posted in: Rinko Kikuchi stars in film about girl who went looking for 'Fargo' buried money See in context

I would have preferred the "psychological" route too rather than the "treasure find story". I like Rinko though so if I'm up for a sad movie I'll check it out.

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Posted in: Landmarks go green for St. Patrick's Day around the world See in context

Each to their own what they do St Patricks day, for me its all about food, drink, mates/family gatherings, & tipping my hat to my Irish ancestors that suffered greatly for my current generation to have the life we have now.

Unfortunately we don't get St Patricks day off in Oz so it really sucks when it lands on a weekday :(

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Posted in: In this digital media age, do you still like to read books (the printed kind)? And who are your favorite authors? See in context

When it comes to non-fiction books like travel guides or technical books which get updated over time I prefer to use the digital version. They become obsolete when they get newer editions. I may get fictional titles on the e-reader too if I can't find the physical version. This helps save room & of course it is more portable to carry & you have less books to try & get rid of if you're done with them for good.

However, I find that for most fictional books (including manga) I like the physical version & if I had unlimited space I'd only have the physical version. There is something nice about "book smell". One of my favourite authors is the late Richard Laymon - The Celler, Flesh, & The Beast House were very good titles from him.

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Posted in: WWII firebombings of Japanese cities largely ignored See in context

It must have been horrific to have lived during that firebombing. I do wish that these things did not happen. Rare to have a war where poor defenceless civvies don't cop it.

I try to feel empathetic towards the suffering of the Japanese during the war because I feel that is the right thing to do. When I think of documentaries I've seen about the Burma Railway where Japanese soldiers talk about the suffering of POWS I know that not all Japanese deny their piece in the war. For me, it is more about a lack of education in the Japanese system that causes the ignorance to filter down to the masses. However, it does not stop the frustration & infuriation grow inside me when met by complete denial of the past by the Japanese. You feel like you're doing all the work to meet them halfway & they're just not even trying to see past what is spoon fed to them.

As far as war in general goes, conflict will never stop. We'll never have a hippie style utopia where everyone gets along. That's sad but true. It will keep going till this ball rolls into the sun or we have some kind of comet-meets-the-dinosaurs type of catastrophe.

Credit to the US BTW. I think they are becoming more & more off the cuff about their war past. But when it comes to self-reflection & acceptance of past wrongs during war time - no one beats Germany.

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Posted in: Families of missing tsunami victims struggle to move on See in context

This is very sad. It must be difficult to get closure when you cant recover the body of a loved one lost.

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Posted in: Agriculture vice minister in trouble for kissing married colleague See in context

Who cares. Has nothing to do with her job. Its no one's business but the direct people involved.

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Posted in: Video game makers grapple with need for diversity See in context

@scipantheist. I don't see how whether I'd date a real life Shinji Ikari has anything to do with the comment I made. But I do have a mate of mine who was a lot like that character as a teen & he's punching well above his weight now married to a nice lady & has kids. So I guess there are those that would date a Shinji Ikari. I find people who bitch about women being involved in gaming to be far worse than a cry baby teen reacting normally to an abnormal situation though.

Anyway, that's my piece, I'm leaving it at that. Video game discussion never stays rational for long.

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Posted in: Video game makers grapple with need for diversity See in context

I'm female & a gamer. Started with Sega Master System, then Mega Drive, then PS1, then PS2, skipped PS3 to focus more on PC games, currently I have a PS Vita & PS4. I have to say though that I've grown to hate the term gamer even though I actually am one. I first discovered the sensitivity of gamers in High School when a male class mate of mine said he was most like Scorpion from MK. I responded honestly that he seemed more like Shinji Ikari from EVA (& everyone in class agreed) but whoa! I've never seen such a melt down, "I'm nothing like that p**y #^$&)@^&)*%@". I think getting more varied female characters in gaming would be great but I feel sorry for the females in the gaming business if they are dealing with guys like my Shinji friend - all the best & Gods speed ladies.

PC games appear to be more inclined to have variety, perhaps they truly are the master race ;)

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Posted in: Japanese activist wins U.S. Woman of Courage Award See in context

Great work by Sayaka Osakabe. People who have gone through or witnessed similar behaviour that she was subjected to need to come forward & support her.

This kind of discrimination against women who are pregnant, wish to get pregnant, or are raising kids is not just a Japanese thing. It's almost as if employers think that a woman doing any of these things is the equivalent of being blasted by the "Men in Black memory eraser" & makes them forget all their education/training before & during their time on the job. News flash employers - they don't become useless just because they've had a baby.

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Posted in: Around 700 koalas killed in Australia See in context

Well this Aussie is pissed. Don't kill them, relocate them! Idiots.

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Posted in: Kawasaki murder victim's mother releases statement to media See in context

Feel for the mother. Even keeping him in may not have saved him. I know at that age I used to sneak out my bedroom window at night & meet up with other kids. You could do everything right & still things can happen. The only ones to blame are the teens that killed him.

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