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Posted in: Japanese Twitter users share entertaining anecdotes of their experiences with foreigners See in context

that second to last one though xD hahahahahaha

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i think the only issue that would arise from having the parents of a household having two different surnames is that, when a child is born, which surname do they use? obviously it can't be the child's choice cause they were just born etc lol

But then you could go about using a double surname instead etc. but then family names will just get longer and longer over generations..

i have both my mothers maiden name and my father's name (his one being my main, last surname) joint together as one.

Basically what i'm saying is that, i personally don't see an issue with them being told that they HAVE to take the father's name, the issue comes when they don't have the option to keep their own names legally. if i married i would still keep my own name legally but would be known as MRS..... whatever.

ah, i'm confusing myself xD anyway, maybe next time Japan.

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Posted in: Abe: Japan must face history, but future generations should not have to keep apologizing See in context

i think it was well said, but to further correct wrongdoings, what he should do now is take a trip to Korea and make an apology directly too the remaining survivors of the "comfort-women". if he did that, all would be forgiven. theres nothing wrong with what he said in this speech, i just feel that if you really want to let the issue finally settle an not burden any more generations, he should be doing anything possible to show his feelings.

At the same time i wish the Japanese would have stood up an encouraged this ages ago.. theres no shame in admitting your ancestors did wrong, the shame comes from denying people their lives an freedom, in this case, calling bullshit on the hundreds of accounts of ill treatment by the Japanese from neighbouring countries..

Just accept, apologise and advance.

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Posted in: Women forced into prostitution in WW2 hope for apology from Japan See in context

I don't see what the issue is, why Japan won't just apologise. I know this will sound naive but, even if i or my family did something wrong, but i wasn't there to witness it, but i can sense the hurt coming from the person telling me. i would apologise on their behalf. I would tell them straight up that, "i have to have faith in my own family, but i understand your feelings and sincerely want to apologise for however they may have hurt you. since i was not there i cannot confirm not deny it. but i hope you accept my apology." An apology don't always have to mean admitting you did wrong, it also means admitting someone got hurt along the way. Only the direct criminals can give a sincere apology. but since non of them will, they should at least be man enough to accept the responsibility of their elders. by choosing not to apologize he's not only hurting the victims, but the familes of the soldiers who took part in the war. Japan already knows that they did a lot of wrong in their war history, but because a group of men at the top of the political chain decide to be stubborn, the rest of the country have to just grin an bare and play the part of "He's right, We did nothing wrong" club..

-_-.. ahh i can't debate when i'm feeling stressed about something.. be right back ~

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Posted in: 2020 Olympic logo designer asks Suntory to withdraw 8 designs See in context

Couldn't it just be a simple issue of, they only searched for copyright issues against Logos that were already trademarked? i don't think they intentionally copied it, no one would be stupid enough to do that for something that would be promoted globally. It's the olympics for goodness sake. I feel like anyone in the Design industry can agree that it is impossible not to accidentally copy someone's idea. There's hardly a thing called uniqueness anymore, creativity is simply taking something and changing it into something else using your own imagination. yes he may have unconciously copied it, or taken a liking to a design, but we see stuff like this happen day-in n day-out. It's silly to go about accusing people of copyrighting, cause there's no such think as unique.

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sorry to be the cynical one, but it's possible he started the fire. Either by accident, and then he died trying to correct his mistake. or on purpose an got caught up, or changed his mind half way~

that was honestly my first thought.

But you're telling me, that no one else knew where he had gone off too before the fire broke out? I'm sure at least one crew member must have known... unless of course he snuck off to catch a few mins break.

But whatever happened i hope he can rest in peace now.

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Posted in: Odaiba YUME-TAIRIKU ~Mega Dream Summer MATSURI 2015 See in context

as long as you cover up your tattoos an keep running around as fast as you can, they won't be able to see or catch you or your tattoos .. no problem! haha

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