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Posted in: Thailand charges ex-PM Thaksin with terrorism See in context

just some key situation before and during the violence.

26 Febuary, Supreme court order seizing more than half of Thaksin’s 1.4 billion (US.)dollar fortune same day thaksin on his twitter said "I will fight in every way that I can." (http://twitter.com/thaksinlive - look for what he said in feb 26 if you can read thai.)

12 March, Red Shirt protesters which backs ousted former premier Thaksin Shinawatra arrive at the streets of Bangkok.

28 March, first round of peace talk btw government and protesters start.

29 March, 2nd round talk came to agreement that they will dissolving the House of Representatives, but no agreement on new election date. and not thing on give back thaksin money.

30 March, the protesters announce that they will not do the peace talk any more!! the the government try the whole week to get them back to the table but they didn't want to. (google it for those won't believe.)

then after the first crash

3 May, Abhisit announces Nov 14 to be the election day, but only if Red Shirts will end protest in Bangkok.

4 May, the leaders of the red shirt protester "publicly" said that they agree with the Nov14 election.

11 May, a week later, protester still in bangkok blocking the business area, no answer yet of when they will leave.

14 May, big crackdown.

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Posted in: Bangkok burns after protest leaders arrested See in context

As a Government/Media you should be in power for the populace.

“TRY” read what happen over there before you try to comment base on your know-nothing knowledge.

I believe the PM had many ways to fix problems, but refused to do so for whatever selfish reason. Now everyone must pay the price

For crying out loud read the news! The new election data has been agree by both parties. Who “refused” to do what they had promised?

people refuse to speak up and fix problems until the problems are "too big to fail"

thais refuse to speak up? You call years of protest from both yellow and read as refuse to speak up?

-You are being fooled if you think these two parties are different = they are controlled by the same (foreign) criminal entity. They want to control/enslave Thailand now, just like Greece etc. More taxes, more control, less rights. They will let this get way out of hand for a few weeks, ask for UN help (even if they don't need it) and then clamp down hard. Your corrupt politicians will sell out to these globalists for bottom dollar (most likely they already have)

now that tell how much you read news about thailand lately.

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Posted in: Thai PM rejects ultimatum by 100,000 protesters to dissolve parliament See in context

parameter > parliament

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Posted in: Thai PM rejects ultimatum by 100,000 protesters to dissolve parliament See in context

"illegal government"

i don't know how can it be illegal when the government was formed by the majority of elected parameter members. a group of representative from the red camp help form this government. big group of representative from the no-color camp also in there with the yellow camp.

you call it illegal, so what is legal government should be? waring all red, listen to no one, massive corruption, massive vote buying just like when thaksin was a PM?

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Posted in: Pro-Thaksin protesters give Thai gov't 24 hours to dissolve parliament See in context

The population in the countryside are mainly on the redshirt-fraction side, and people in Bangkok mainly on the yellowshirt side with the current government.

actuary you should put it this way.

The population in the central-north, north and northeast are mainly on the red.

the big part of population in the capital, south, big part in the east are with this government.

some population around the country and concentration in the south and BKK are with the yellow.

don't forget that current government are the mix of people from both color and main part of it just prefer no color. ask the red, big portion of their representative in this goverment came from the red camp otherwise this government couldn't be formed, but majority of the red couldn't take it!

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Posted in: Thai soldiers spray gunfire, tear gas at protesters See in context

i guess it is the beginning of the end. thaksin is going full speed hitting his own country, start with 250 a day, now 500 a day. bus driver get as much as 5000 a trip. it seem like he really know how to help the poor-red!

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Posted in: Australian gets 3 years in jail for insulting Thai monarchy See in context

drunken frenzy, was found guilty and given a 10-year prison sentence for defacing images of the revered monarch. He was pardoned by the king after serving about a month behind bars.

"10-year prison sentence" is how the government and the law maker think.

"about a month" it is how the king himself actuary think of the less-majesty law! and it has always been that way.

even a thai admit that thailand is a backward country. so everyone better take likeitis's advice

its an aspect of their culture you do not play with. If you insult the king, do not travel to Thailand.

hope the guy get out of the jail soon.

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Posted in: Thai crisis deepens as airport siege intensifies See in context

If they prevented people, food and water from getting to the airport the siege would be over by now.<

or if the gov prevented people from get into the airport since the first day, the siege would never happen.

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Posted in: Thai airport protesters defiant as police boost presence See in context

want nothing more than to earn a living you mean the protester? yeah they want nothing more than to ear a real living. they want no more corruption and advance taking. and they don't want to earn a living by corruption money either.

The lack of use of force by the government<

it is not the lack of using force by the gov, it is how the government use the situation.

the protester said for more than a week telling that they are going to airport on that day, but government did nothing, no talk, not police road block, and let it all happen.

even on the first day, they took hours to move in to the airport outside of bangkok, but in the airport, things went on like not thing was going to happen, and when the protester there. the goverment shut down the airport. it was no protester on the runway.(even now). no protester in the immigration area. they can easily let all the flight leave the country.

it is just like all the crash we have seen over the year. everyone can read a newspaper will know what will happen in when, but government don't?!!! let thing happen and point the finger... it is the same dirty trick thais have seen for many many year. some outsider have no idea of this, but still thing he/she know everything already!

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Posted in: Thai gov't to negotiate with airport protesters See in context

terrorist also include those government's supporter gang shoot dead an anti-gov in changmai(north) too? it was daylight in public yesterday!

what is the dead threat to those people from bangkok or south if theyever step foot up north? (that was long even before thaksin has been kicked out!)

what about the other group waring red carry gun wallking in an equally big group as the yellow t-shirt?

do not forget about those with hand grenade too!

What else should we call these protesters? the peaceful government supporter?

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Posted in: Thai gov't to negotiate with airport protesters See in context

from first day of the airport protesting until now(from what i know) the runway and migration area in the airport are still ok to use.

the protester did not close the runway. the thai airport can / should just let all the departed flight get out of the country rather than shut the whole airport down at one.

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Posted in: 2 Cambodian soldiers killed, 5 Thais wounded in border clash See in context

Do you know that Thailand took ancient Khmer cities of Sukhotei and Ayuthaya to be protected by the UNESCO?<

<br> then <br>

When Thailand was a Siam Kingdom, Siam attacked Angkor*< <br> / <br> kharmer on his fake history class again! I took that from your own post above. Read it and tell me why you said siam kingdom attracted Angkor? Wasn’t it was Ayuthaya kicked Angkor ass? Then why you said that <br> Do you know that Thailand took ancient Khmer cities of Sukhotei and Ayuthaya to be protected by the UNESCO?< <br> ??? <br> / <br> so it was ancient khmer cities of Sukhotei and Ayuthaya that attracted another ancient Khmer city of Angor? That is the logic you gave out!!! <br> It like khmer attacting khmer, so why khmer seem so angry about that?! <br> and what thais had to do in there if Sukhotei and Ayuthaya were khmer ancient cities? <br> that 2 cities was long been know that it was the thai capital. <br> it seem like you really want everything from everyone living here, Please take everything you want. If you want it, come and take.

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Posted in: 2 Cambodian soldiers killed, 5 Thais wounded in border clash See in context

one more thing for the sake of correction from a cambodian from europ miss-info. <br> / <br> that temple has almost no value for most thai. and thai did not invaded anyone. the troop always there for as long as i can remember a thing. they station right there on the thai border at the easthern exit of the temple. <br> the place where oneday combodian PM said we intruded in, then he change the next day said that we left the area! <br> what thai want is just what we have left after french took away from siam. we have the eastern side of the temple exit left, that is all we got, and that is all we are protecting now. <br>

<br> we

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Posted in: 2 Cambodian soldiers killed, 5 Thais wounded in border clash See in context

look at Cambodian here said what they think they know so much about thais and thailand! <br> / <br> ask, how do you seem to know so much about thailand? from your trustworthy news media and your PM? <br> ok, can you even make sure how many of your troop injured or died? ...? <br> / <br> you see to know soooo much that thai want this, thai want that, that say this, say that!! wow! who tell you? the same media that make up a story which cause the embassy incident last time? <br> / <br> sorry we do not have anti-combodian like what your gov successfully created anti-thai back in your country. that why your sister and broth combodian still can live happily in thailand, but it won't be long. by the level of hoax and somebody said news coming out of your side. and history tell that thais need no goverment telling us to re-act to someone or something.

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Posted in: 2 Cambodian soldiers killed, 5 Thais wounded in border clash See in context

humm.. just let it be. this 2 people just love to hate anyway.

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Posted in: Thai PM declares state of emergency in capital See in context

so if the protestes could care more about justice and whats best for the country, they should stay home doing nothing and wait for 4 year enjoy seeing the show when PM change the constitution sothat his dady, Thaksin can return to thailand free of charge? give me a reason, why any country should change their constitution just to help a guy who pay 0 tax after he made $1.9bn?

and that was just the last massive tax fraud by former thais PM, thaksin! he has been charged on tax fraud since the first 6 month of his first year, but he used his power pressure the thai (un)justice system and got aways free of charge every time. he was a pm or he was the god? why no one can touch him?

is that the best for japan or any country if the PM and his family can make $1.9bn and pay 0yen tax?

and the crash between supporters and anti goverment, you really know the fact that it was happen around 2am. and the supporter walk for quite distance with whatever weapons they can find, passing many polices checking point. the polish knew that it is going to be a crashes if they let this 2 group meet, but still gave them green light go ahead and do it!

it is not a goverment supporter, it more like goverment supported mob to me.

this time even the army does not want to help PM! they simply said, "the conflict is a political one that cannot be solved by military intervention." !!! this PM got so many supporter!!!

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Posted in: Thai PM declares state of emergency in capital See in context

how many here know about democracy in thailand?

a democracy mean the vote can be buy easily?

and if you are the goverment you can control and ban everything even the justice system which about to investigate on the gov vote buying? a democracy inwhich you can not check what your goverment is doing?

a democracy which no transparent news media?

a democracy where the voter shamelessly and openly said it on tv that they will vote for who ever offer them the most money?

and what about the leader of a democratic elected party, which ordered a massacre of student demonstrators in 1976?

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