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Who on earth could downvote Mr Kipling? French fancies, mini Battenberg, almond slices - he's done it all!

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I like Alicia Keys' music, but I'm getting a bit tired of this idea that 'there's nothing you can't do, that nothing is impossible'. People should always try to fulfil their human potential, but it's absolute twaddle to tell young people that they can do anything when it's manifestly untrue.

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This is a great idea, but they've been doing this in UK cinemas for years, albeit with a recorded commentary for the blind rather than a person in the theatre talking as the movie plays. It's also done for live theatre plays.

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Charlie Watts was a huge user of booze, amphetamines and heroin. I can remember watching a tv interview with the Stones and Charlie was totally incoherent and drugged up, much to the amusement of his bandmates. He managed to give it all up, fortunately. For me, he's still the coolest member of the group.

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If a butterfly in the Amazonian rainforest flaps its wings, is that enough contact for Raheem Sterling to go down in the penalty box?

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England were lucky against Denmark, and the amount of diving by their players was a bit embarrassing. Italy are the first real quality team they've come up against and even home advantage won't stop them going down 3-1. You heard it here first!

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Please note that British people should definitely not be vaccinated in the fanny.

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I volunteer on a mental health support programme in a housing scheme in the UK. Everyday I meet people who have severe mental health problems because of poverty, abuse in childhood, drugs, a lack of personal safety, poor housing, social isolation - I could go on. They have almost no access to psychiatric help and are really struggling. I'm not saying Harry doesn't have problems, and he has a right to air them, but if he really wants to be useful, why doesn't he devote his life to helping these people? His personal wealth is vast, in spite of his complaints about being financially cut off by the British tax-payer, and the cash from, say, the sale of his house in Montecito would go a long way here.

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China's treatment of the Uighurs is vile, and should be condemned, but it's true that the term 'genocide' is used too casually. The Uighurs are not being rounded up and gassed or hacked to death in their millions.

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It's good to be cautious, but the incidence of blood clots is lower in vaccinated people than in those who haven't had the vaccine. The article headline could be rewritten as: 'AstraZeneca vaccine reduces your risk of blood clots'.

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Hollywood is full of creeps. Who marries their adoptive daughter?

I don't know, but it certainly wasn't Woody Allen.

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Soon-Yi was not Allen's adopted daughter. This falsehood is repeated endlessly. Her adopted father was Andre Previn, one of Mia Farrow's husbands.

No reference in the documentary, as far as I'm aware, of Soon-Yi's allegations of being severely abused in childhood by her adopted mother Mia Farrow, physically and psychologically. To admit that such allegations might be true does not fit with the desired narrative these days. Soon-Yi is one woman whose voice has been silenced because it may point to some inconvenient truths.

There are indeed monsters in Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby being two of the worst examples. But Woody Allen isn't one of them.

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They do know that this film was about a street prostitute, don't they? How is that romantic?

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If it's a question of maintaining the nation's morale with football entertainment, why don't they show all the matches on free channels? It couldn't be because the subscription/pay-per-view services don't want to lose money, could it? Of course the clubs rely on money from these services to pay the obscene wages paid to the pampered and selfish morons who play the game. While football club employees were having salary cuts or being laid off, almost no players took a pay cut to keep them in work. A case in point: a teenage player at my local club, who plays occasionally for the first team, earns a basic salary of £10,000 per week. Like all his team mates, he refused to take a pay cut as he had 'responsibilities' and 'didn't want to set a precedent'. What 17 year old has responsibilities on that level? Meanwhile ground and administrative staff were laid off. My neighbour, a nurse working in an ICU, doesn't even earn in a year what he earns in a month. Go figure.

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90% protection against Covid, and the other 10% provided by wearing a mink coat.

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Hmm, 1950's America. Which cafes are for whites and which for blacks?

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At last someone is talking sense!

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I love Led Zeppelin, but I also loved Spirit, and Randy California was greatly underrated. He never got the success he deserved. In fact, even before the court case I was thinking that Zep had ripped off Randy's music. It's not as if Plant and Page need the money.

By the way, Randy California drowned saving his young son from drowning. It's not relevant to the case, but was somehow the final piece of bad luck which dogged him all his life. The royalties from his music go to funding a charity helping underprivileged children get a music education.

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@Vince Black

Absolutely true. The drugs were often given to them in the form of candy. Next time you eat anything from the Glico factory you should know that they were the official manufacturers.

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I don't understand how one government can 'give permission' to put objects into space. Does the US (or Russia, or China) own space?

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@Raw Beer

On the one hand:

Research team at King's College, London

Professor of Molecular Oncology, University ofWarwick

Clinical Lecturer at Warwick Medical School

On the other hand:

Crap documentary on Youtube.

I know which 'experts' I trust.

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Isn't the point of quarantine to prevent infected people from spreading the virus? The quarantine system in New Zealand seems to have worked will in this case, so I don't see what the outcry is about.

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I never understood the point of national anthems. They're either total dirges, like Japan's or the UK's, or ridiculously jaunty, like most of Latin America's. If there was a law in the UK about disrespecting the national anthem I would have been in jail a long time ago, along with many others. The laws in the US against disrespecting the national flag also strike me as absurd. If you've got to legislate against people disrespecting your flag, then you've lost the battle already. Countries like China never seem to understand that.

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At least get your history right, Paul. Yes, the British did colonise Ireland, but 450 years ago. Colonialism is wrong, but there comes a point when it's absurd to view it in that way. By the same token the US should be governed by Native Americans. The rights of indigenous people and the wrongs against them should be recognised, but you can't return to how things were and ignore those who've lived somewhere for centuries. I think you'll find that poverty amongst protestants in N. Ireland is just as bad as for the catholic community.

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I would say that the protestants in N.I Ireland have more in common with people in Scotland in terms of language and culture - that's why many Americans are always going on about being 'Scotch-Irish' as they come from a different background than all those people drinking green Guinness on St Patrick's Day.

I accept that the demographics are changing and wonder what will happen when protestants are in the minority.

It's a bit misleading to talk about catholic and protestant these days anyway, as almost nobody goes to church of any kind. On the one hand you have the catholic church famed for fascist support during the Spanish Civil War and WW2, or more recently their cover up of paedophile priests. On the other hand you have the grim life-denying presbyterianism which keeps parties like the DUP in power. The IRA were for the most part very anti-clerical and not exactly loved by the catholic church.

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Exactly. And the fact is that the majority want to remain British. People forget that the reason that it is not part of the Republic of Ireland is because a substantial group of people did not want to live in a society ruled by the Catholic church. Until recently every aspect of life, including education and health care, was completely under the sway of that most repressive and undemocratic institution. I never understand why people think that because it's all one land mass there shouldn't be any border there. You may as well say that they should abolish the border between France and Germany for the same reason. All this talk about 'freeing' people is just ignorant and romantic nonsense. It's a bit like telling people in Manchester or Bristol that you're chucking them out of the UK because you want to free them from tyranny.

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Financial independence? They've taken the hard decision of keeping their 'cottage' as a UK base. £2.5 million was spent out of the public purse to renovate it. They want it all ways - they want to keep the good bits of being a royal, but avoid any work or responsibility. Perhaps they could discuss their 'unhappiness' with the thousands in the UK who depend on food banks or are living on the streets.

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The British press have reported that Ghosn decided to flee after he was informed that his trial had been put back to April 2021. This would mean that he would have been in custody for two and a half years before he even had a chance to defend himself. Ghosn is a pretty unsympathetic character, but there comes a point when it would be foolish to try and cooperate with such a corrupt legal system.

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I'd heard that Bieber was eager to move on from shallow teen pop music and wanted to be treated more seriously as a musician, to reflect the depth of his character and experience. I was sceptical, but, my god, he really seems to have pulled it off with 'You got that yummy-yum'. Take that, you naysayers!

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They didn't mention his time in Grimms with the Scaffold: Mike McCartney, Roger McGough and John Gorman, and others such as Vivian Stanshall. I saw them live in the early seventies and I just about wet myself laughing. God bless you Neil!

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