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Posted in: Palace releases altered image of UK's Princess Catherine See in context

The latest news that the Princess of Wales has admitted to 'editing' the photo makes things worse by its lack of credibility. Why would she edit the picture to do things like make the hands blurry or to introduce a misaligned hand on her daughter? It's an absurd explanation.

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Posted in: New Zealand withdraws bill allowing 16-year-olds to vote in local body elections See in context

albaleo - I completely agree about voting at 16 in Scotland. Young people who vote probably have a higher degree of engagement with politics than any other age group. Young people who don't care just don't bother to vote. As an old geezer I'm not so sure about being excluded because of my age!

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Posted in: Norman Lear, producer of TV's 'All in the Family' and influential liberal advocate, dies at 101 See in context

I loved 'All in the Family', but it didn't have the same edge as the British 'Till Death Us Do Part'. It always seemed like a more sanitised version. As starpunk points out, the central characters in both versions were characterised by their stupidity, intended to show how their racist, homophobic, sexist beliefs were idiotic. Alf Garnett, the central character of 'Till Death ...' on whom Archie Bunker was based, always came off worst and was shown up by the decent people around him. Unfortunately, these days 'Till Death ...' is misunderstood by a new generation (who probably haven't watched it) and criticised for promoting racist, homophobic and sexist views. They completely miss the point and it's never repeated on the BBC, almost certainly to assuage these people who don't understand satire.

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Posted in: Novelist Murakami hosts Japanese ghost story reading ahead of Nobel Prize announcements See in context

The word on the street is that Bono will win the Nobel this year. I've been inspired by his song lyrics which really express the human condition: 'In the days when we were swinging from the trees/I was a monkey stealing honey from a swarm of bees'. As far as I'm concerned he has no equal in his insight into the existential predicament of contemporary society.

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Posted in: Jones sorry for Australia defeat; says he's committed to job despite Japan rumor See in context

Eddie Jones is England's most successful coach. Even with their recent decline he still has the best record of anyone. However, he seems to have lost his touch over the last few years and should maybe take on another role. He certainly wouldn't be a good choice for Japan, in spite of his Japanese roots.

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Posted in: King Charles thanks public for their 'love' as he marks death of late mother, Queen Elizabeth See in context


The figure for 'the monarchy is good for the country' is actually 32%. They give a variety of figures and I think you're looking at a different question.

I only give this figure because I was making the point about young people. After all, the future of the monarchy is in their hands, not old people. I agree with another commenter who stated 'I don't think it will happen in my time'.

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Posted in: King Charles thanks public for their 'love' as he marks death of late mother, Queen Elizabeth See in context

According to the UK government's own figures, less than one third of 18-24 year olds think the monarchy is good for the country. In another poll taken before the coronation 75% of young people were not interested the coronation at all and only 18% were. Presumably this minority were the ones 'packing the pubs to the rafters'.

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Posted in: King Charles thanks public for their 'love' as he marks death of late mother, Queen Elizabeth See in context

The death of Queen Elizabeth is the beginning of the end of the monarchy in the UK, thank goodness. Especially amongst young people there's very little support for its continuation, and even for this oldie the end can't come soon enough.

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Posted in: Venice Film Festival boss baffled by hostility toward Woody Allen See in context

Woody Allen did not raise Soon-yi as his daughter. She was the adult adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and Andre Previn. Allen had no responsibility for her and very little contact as he did not live with Farrow. Soon-yi turned to him as a refuge from the abuse, psychological and physical, of Mia Farrow and they've been married for 26 years with two children together. Soon-yi is the one who's been silenced here as her account doesn't match the desired narrative of Allen's accusers.

Reading the court records of Allen's trial is certainly instructive. There were no charges brought against him and for good reason. The attempts to railroad Allen were so egregious that even the courts decided there was no way the case could continue.

It's absurd to compare Allen with people like Jimmy Saville or Roman Polanski, both serial offenders about whom there were rumours and complaints for years about their behaviour. Try to find another actress or children who make claims about Woody Allen - you won't find any at all.

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Posted in: Tattoo artists make their mark at Hong Kong fair See in context

I like tattoos if they're well done, but, frankly, most of the tattoos I see are pretty awful. They look like they've been done by a teenager with a biro.

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Posted in: With drones and webcams, volunteer hunters join new search for Loch Ness Monster See in context

Of course Nessie won't appear while all those people are around. She's very shy.

Loch Ness is a good place to visit, even if you don't see the monster. The scenery is absolutely beautiful. It's also huge - it contains more water than all the lakes in England and Wales combined.

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Posted in: More working girls taking steps to eliminate middlemen See in context

The Japanese police are arresting these girls because, unlike the yakuza-controlled clubs, they are not paying kickbacks to their local constabulary. In addition, the police and yakuza protect the identities of politicians etc who use the girls in the clubs, but have no control over independent sex workers and what they might reveal about their clients.

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Posted in: Renowned British talk show host Michael Parkinson dies at 88 See in context

What made his show great was that it was serious (but entertaining) interviews with people from all walks of life. These days talk shows are just celebrities plugging their latest book/film.

No mention in the article of Billy Connolly!

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Posted in: Sweden stakes claim as Women's World Cup favorite by stopping Japan 2-1 in quarterfinals See in context

It was poetic justice that Ueki missed the penalty - how VAR never checked for one of the most blatant dives I've ever seen to get awarded one in the first place.

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Posted in: Loch Ness struggles with Scotland's shifting climate See in context

Why do they say 'mythical', there's nothing mythical about Nessie! As the water level in the loch has dropped dramatically it's very easy now to see her paddling around in the shallows.

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Posted in: Recalling a wild ride with robotaxi named Peaches as regulators mull San Francisco expansion plan See in context

When these are introduced in the UK the first command they need to programme into the robot's understanding is, 'Stop the car, I think I'm going to be sick.'

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Posted in: Hollywood legends Bergen, Fonda, Keaton, Steenburgen form friendship while making ‘Book Club’ movies See in context

'The next movie will be in Hong Kong'. Is this wise?

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Posted in: Liverpool's Klopp risks ban over feud with match referee See in context

We have a real problem in the UK at grassroots level of referees being abused and physically assaulted. Even games involving young children are not immune. Consequently, many refs are giving up. Klopp doesn't seem to understand that in the Premier League everything the referee says and what is said to him is recorded. That's why it's nonsense when Klopp claims the referee spoke to him 'inapropriately'. This isn't 'passion' it's just thuggery. But, hey, I've got a lot of money and I'm famous and I'm entitled to act as I please and abuse others.

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Posted in: Laws and customs in Qatar ahead of 2022 World Cup See in context

A lot of these aren't 'muslim' values, but cultural and attached to specific societies.

I'm also surprised to hear that narcotics, sedatives and amphetamines are 'over the counter' medicines, according to the author of the article.

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Posted in: Iran preps for World Cup with unrest at home See in context

The only team in that group I want to see win is Wales!

China aren't taking part this time, but, no problem, they can just block the internet and tell their people that they won and are now world champions!

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Posted in: World Cup fans could bring political tensions to quiet Qatar See in context

One of the richest countries in the world and they mandate a minimum wage of $275. How generous.

The real culprits here are the corrupt and venal football authorities who chose Qatar in the first place.

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Posted in: Bond star Daniel Craig receives same medal as 007 See in context

I don't think he 'smirked' when he received the medal, I think he smiled.

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Posted in: Flying car company Joby applies for Japan aircraft certification See in context

To a Scottish person, the idea of a 'flying jobby' does not appeal.

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Posted in: Man arrested for making 911 nuisance calls to police station in Tokyo See in context

He should aim for the British record of 999 calls.

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Posted in: Ayaka Furue wins Women's Scottish Open for 1st LPGA win See in context

Couldn't they have found a photo of her playing in the Scottish Open rather than her playing in France?

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Posted in: Bernard Cribbins, actor who delighted UK kids, dies at 93 See in context

Loved Bernard Cribbins - I still sing 'Right Said Fred' and 'Diggin this Hole', much to young people's bemusement.

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Posted in: LIV defectors in contention for claret jug at British Open See in context

There are certainly changes that need to be made to the PGA Tour, but the LIV format is the golf equivalent of monkey tennis, which was once so popular on British TV.

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Posted in: Japan’s 'rent a middle-aged man service' marks its 10th year in business See in context

I'm the complaining ossan. I start every conversation with, 'and that's another thing that really bugs me...'

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Posted in: Theories emerge for mysterious liver illnesses in children See in context

In the UK none of the children affected were vaccinated against covid.

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Posted in: Princess Aiko holds first solo news conference See in context

I'm very impressed by how relaxed and informal the press conference seems to have been.

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