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Posted in: Japan dreams of beating All Blacks See in context

Rugby finally nudges its way onto mainstream TV..if only for one game, still good news. I'm just not sure why Japan would want everybody to be able to watch their team get completely creamed. I hope Newzealand gives them no quarter.

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Posted in: Shopkeepers get tough with petty thieves, threaten death See in context

Killing a petty thief is harsh, man! Chop off the hands instead...on the spot.

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Posted in: Abe, Inose discuss how to make Tokyo more visitor-friendly See in context

I'm gonna hope they are more about improving/developing Tokyo for the Para-Olympians. Just a thought.

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Posted in: Three days to go See in context

The sad thing is that the Olympics would be dealt with infinitely better than the whole Tohoku recovery/Fukushima debacle. I think its high time that those in power took responsibility for the more pressing matters this country faces.

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Posted in: Snowden mystery deepens: All eyes on Moscow airport See in context

This bloke really has landed himself in a spot of hot water. I wonder where he'll reappear..if at all.

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching schoolchildren outside station in Ibaraki See in context

The bloke is clearly a few sandwiches short of a picnic but honestly folks...haven't we all had the urge at some point? And Im curous about the description for the hair, dark brown eyes, Japanese looking..

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Posted in: NHK may charge viewer fees for Internet, smartphone usage See in context

I avoided paying NHK for 9 yrs until one day my wife beat me to the I pay by direct debit. I almost hope this comes true so I can feel the thrill of refusing to pay once again!

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Posted in: Buddhist monk arrested after exposing himself in video rental shop See in context thats what it is! Ive been wondering for an age why everytime my boss yells I have an overwhelming urge to whack him in the face with my clock.

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Posted in: PM says 'Abenomics' is only way to spur growth in Japan See in context

Of course he's going to claim its the best idea since sliced bread. He's hardly going to throw his feet up on the desk, slouch in his chair and exclaim " clap. I made it up while taking a dump. I have no idea what I'm doing..but dont tell anybody!" now is he. Politicians..just overindulged managerial staff.

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Posted in: 3 arrested for unauthorized disposal of corpse See in context

So who should they have asked for authorisation?? And what would the response be?? "No you may not! You made it, you keep it!" or "Yes, sooner rather than later if I were you. They go bad pretty quick."

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Posted in: 3-D printing goes from sci-fi fantasy to reality See in context

Urgency of warfare...if a soldier should find himself unprepared for an upcoming skirmish he can get one printed off in a jiffy in the admin wing.

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Posted in: Jilted nurse stabs hospital boss with scalpel See in context

And to think he could've married this crackpot..I think he got off lightly!

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Posted in: Kan discusses lessons learned from Fukushima at California conference See in context

A truly elightening article this is not. Soooo, what lessons has he learned??

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Posted in: Tochigi Prefecture seeking to create new national holiday: Mountain Day See in context

"It’s no secret that Japan is a hard-working society"

Hard-working, no. Habitual timewasters, yes. And as for the proposal that Mountain Day be on a wouldnt surprise me at all.

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Posted in: Horie cooking up dozens of ventures See in context

Just what Japan doesn't need..another loud-mouthed, egotistical fraudster being given a platform to enjoy the sound of his own voice. Go away, Horiemon..again.

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Posted in: Chechen killed by FBI in Boston probe was unarmed: Washington Post See in context

Boohoo. And the moral of the story iiiis.....dont launch yourself at FBI agents. Case closed.

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Posted in: Anti-Islamist protests flare after British soldier butchered near London barracks See in context

Saddened, shocked, furious but…whether this is terrorism or not, the potential for individuals/groups/politicians etc to make this unimaginable and unforgiveable monstrous act a lot worse is very real. The copycats that might start coming out of the woodwork, encouraged by the attention this has and will naturally continue to garner. Groups of knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers such as the EDL now have the fuel to bolster their ranks and bring chaos to the streets of England, when in truth what is needed is a clear and rational head to consider how to hunt down and rub out those that seek to bring an irrational and bloodthirsty rage to our shores. And the politicians…well, nobody knows what planet they’re on. Those that come to our country and those already here with violence on their minds should know that England is not the place for them and their warped beliefs. They won’t be welcomed. It’s about not sharing the videos or news clips on FB etc of these scum. It’s about giving our military, the entire security apparatus and the people who work tirelessly and selflessly to keep our land and our people safe the resources and space needed to do their jobs. It’s not about burning places of worship. It’s not about molotov cocktails n planks of wood. It’s not about attacking your fellow human because his skin is a different hue or if he doesn’t worship the same garden gnome as you. That’s where the “radicals” and “jihadis” etc fail. They don’t have the intelligence and rationality of mind to realize how ridiculous they are. And that’s where we win….that and passing a bill that allows the police to drop the barstuds out of a helicopter.

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Posted in: 9 carp found mutilated in park See in context

One can only hope that the police are not underestimating just how dangerous this individual is or individuals are.

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Posted in: Pamyu invasion See in context

Simon Cowell needs to get in on this with a show called Japans Got No Talent.

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Posted in: City's poop patrol making slow progress against negligent dog owners See in context

They should be banned from bulit up and downtown areas completely. Horrible, dirty, noisy, smelly creatures..and thats just the owners. If someone wants to own a dog they should move into the country where the animal has all the open space it needs and all the clap it produces can be neatly and conveniently flicked into a rice field. The sight of someone picking up eggs and/or wiping their dogs anus is almost as revolting as an abandoned lurd. Ugh.

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Posted in: Yamanashi high school soccer club members assault younger students in shower See in context

The very last sentence is absolute bovine excrement!

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for taking video up skirt of 15-year-old girl in Chiba See in context

Most of the teachers I have met are perverts and vice versa...or sadists...or whingers...just strange folk in general really.

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Posted in: Police ignore complaint from man who stabs neighbor See in context

The police person could've popped round to have a look at the situation, could it not? Something may have occured there n then that the police person could've stopped. Who knows?

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Posted in: Fans' favorite See in context

His Toothy Smile Prosthesis is holding up well. Wonder what he looks like when hes not wearing it.

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Posted in: Fukushima to get 20,000 cherry trees on 190-km coast See in context

Typically ridiculous.

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Posted in: Stabbing suspect says signals in his body told him to attack people See in context

Signals, eh? Muscle memory perhaps?

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Posted in: TEPCO partially restores power to cooling systems at Fukushima plant See in context

Oh. And just a for a moment there TEPCO had us all thinking everything was just peachy up in Fukupshima.

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Posted in: Man runs over acquaintance twice in front of police See in context

Speculation rife on this one, eh! The number of different ways this could have gone down are numerous to say the least but still folks have it all squared away..and without any information too. Amazing! But I digress..I too shall speculate...Driver spots officer approach. Alerts friend. Starts engine/engages drive assuming vehicle isnt already running and in gear of course. Officer engages driver and pedestrian. Pedestrian takes off, walking in front of car. Driver then takes off without warning while still looking at officer. Nails pedestrian. Pedestrian goes under car, possibly under a wheel. Driver thinks "OhcrapI'vehitBob!". Slams it in reverse and gives pedestrian another go, thinking hes just reversing off him. Time from officer engagement to pedestrian getting hit? No more than 5 ~10 seconds. So, theres a very strong likelihood that he really didnt mean to hurt his friend. In my version of events, at least!

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Posted in: Flexible endoscope See in context

Oh yes...I shall have one of these.

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Posted in: Star maker Simon Cowell heads to YouTube to find new talent See in context

Despite what people may feel about him, Simon Cowell is a cash magnet! Very few people get as rich as he by being nice and anyone who thinks different is sorely mislead...Simon Cowell is a thoroughly unpleasant fellow and its his job. There just isnt any money in being a flowery-tongued saint.

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