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Posted in: Woman drowns while trying to rescue girls in river See in context

Children are taught swimming in school, and even have drills about what to do if you fall into the water fully clothed. Depending on the depth of the water and strength of current (which is not always determinable by sight alone) it can be very easy for a panicked fully-clothed woman to be swept away, especially if she's not a regular swimmer.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward barred homeless from evacuation shelters during typhoon See in context

Those prioritizing their comfort level above someone's life should be utterly ashamed of themselves and should hope someone shows them an ounce of kindness if they're unfortunate enough to end up in their shoes.

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Posted in: 19-year-old woman arrested for murder after throwing newborn boy from window See in context

If you have any sensical knowledge about women's bodies, how much a woman shows (especially with first pregmancies) depends on the build of the woman, how well she uses excess clothing to cover up, and how much she avoids being seen. Birth can be extremely tramatic for women, regardless of their aptitude, mental health, or preparedness. This particular woman could have suffered a sexual assault leading to pregnancy, compounding the trauma. Not to mention this is a country with a very poor record on dealing with mental health issues. Or she could simply be a hateful person. This is without question a horrible unreprehensible act, but learn the full story before making judgements based on stereotypes and inadequate information.

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