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sillygirl comments

Posted in: NHK chairman confident SMAP will be on 'Kohaku' on New Year's Eve See in context

Who cares?

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Posted in: Japanese comedian parodies Trump in ramen skit See in context


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Posted in: Teacher of disabled children arrested for hitting 10-year-old boy in face See in context

Wow, what a role model, NOT!!!! Just how sick can you be to break a kid's jaw for being clumsy?

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Posted in: Trump's campaign reeling after crude comments on women aired See in context

I think if you listen carefully he admitted to SEXUAL ASSAULT. And, remember, he said it at 59-60 years old, not in a ha or college locker room situation.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. officials let in illegal immigrants to vote See in context

He loves the under educated.

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Posted in: What are some of the weirdest sandwich or pastry items you have seen in convenience stores and bakeries in Japan? See in context

Whipped cream and strawberry on white bread. Yakisoba bread, really? Yuck

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Posted in: Japanese school uniforms can be an expensive hassle for parents See in context

Can be? You are joking! They are expensive!!! And growing students blow through at least 3 or 4 in 6 years.

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Posted in: 89-year-old man arrested for assaulting 'noisy' children See in context

@knobby while I agree with the latter half of your post ASSAULT is NOT the way to go.

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Posted in: 'Children's cafeterias' combat poverty, neglect in Japan See in context

This is truly a shameful story about Japan. I applaud those that do this. Everybody wins.

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Posted in: 89-year-old man arrested for assaulting 'noisy' children See in context

Wow, such a big man and outstanding citizen by assaulting children.

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Posted in: Panel proposes 1st changes in 100 years to penal code for sex offenders See in context

Wow, about time. Unfortunately just PROPOSING. Let's hope this proposal goes through as what is on the books is really ancient.

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Posted in: Hide the universe under your skirt with a pair of stunning cosmic stockings See in context

Exactly why I wear pants. This is encouraging up skirt photos.

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Posted in: Elementary school principal in Tokyo fired over sexual harassment See in context

name and shame the creep.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward official beats taxi driver for not going way he told him to See in context

WTH? Entitled officials above the law when it come to assault and battery. Again, JT, let's start a crime section for civil servants, police, teachers.

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Posted in: Police suspect girl who jumped to her death in front of train was being bullied See in context

Internal investigation? Fat lot of good that will do when teachers, admin staff and students turn a blind eye to bullying.

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Posted in: Company president arrested for slamming employee's 6-year-old son's head on floor See in context

Very very small man

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Posted in: Drunk firefighter arrested for beating, robbing woman in Tochigi See in context

Come on JT let's get going on a public servant crime section. There are enough stories weekly to have its own.

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Posted in: Banned from working, asylum seekers are building Japan's roads See in context


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Posted in: Four more arrested over Y1.8 bil bank heist using ATMs See in context

All Japanese?

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Posted in: Nice lunch for athletes See in context

Had a happy meal after my workout today.

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Posted in: Man arrested after 18-year-old girl stabbed on train platform at Sendai station See in context

Real mental health issues are popping out all over safety Japan.

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Posted in: In Exile See in context

@katsudon wish they had included that info. Makes a little more sense now.

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Posted in: Organizers face more cost increases for 2020 Tokyo Olympics See in context

Have this Miri character open his own pockets. We would see the costs plummet.

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Posted in: In Exile See in context

In the US? The Japan national anthem? Why?

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Posted in: Advice columnist shuts down mother who doesn’t want to give son permission to marry See in context

Wow, great answer. Mom, get a life and let your son live his.

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Posted in: Gov't reveals new hot spring symbol for foreign tourists ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

Oh Japan get over yourself and your unique unique culture. Open up to the world.

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Posted in: Are airport body scanners an invasion of privacy? See in context

The last time I flew, last summer, I just found myself herded through the scanner, then a pat down aftwards( which by the way was quick but extremely uncoonfortable) never had a chance to choose and ended up with both.

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Posted in: The key to loving Japanese TV if you're a foreigner See in context

Don't need the key. After almost 25 years here I can say, for me, Japanese tv is horse manure warmed over. Thank goodness we can get pay tv.

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Posted in: Ultraconservative lobby Nippon Kaigi backs constitution revision See in context

In a word, frightening

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