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Shouldnt everyone be held to account?

People that are living now should be held accountable to what’s happening now.

You can’t change the past but today people decided they don’t want slave people to be honored anymore, we should applaud that.

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Posted in: Iconic Robert E Lee statue to be removed in Virginia See in context

"Obama's great-great-great-great grandfather George Washington Overall owned two slaves, a Baltimore Sun study found, based on 1850 census records."

Uh oh......but of course somehow this wont matter.

Is there a statue celebrating George Washington Overall role in slavery anywhere in US? If not then yes it won’t matter because it’s irrelevant.

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Posted in: SoftBank creates $100 mil fund for black entrepreneurs See in context

As a black person myself, I don’t find this initiative to be a good move. They should promote diversity and invest in minorities groups.

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Posted in: Japan's coronavirus lockdown strips exotic dancer of her savings See in context

A 40 year old burlesque dancer, yikes...

And what’s wrong with being a exotic dancer at 40? Feel like 40 is the expiration date for a woman...

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Posted in: Police step up search for missing French woman in Nikko See in context

 the Japanese police are making efforts but not all means have been used to search for Veron in rivers and woods.

How does she know that? I'm sure the Japanese police have been using all means to search for her.

She doesnt, but this is generally what French people do. 

Because she is over there, in Nikko, looking for her sister. How can you be sure they are using all means to find her?

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Posted in: Outcry as Japanese winemaking couple ordered to leave France See in context

The decision is incomprehensible but I am not too worry about them, the situation will be fix soon. A lot of people are supporting them. In any immigration system you will find poor made or insensitive decisions. It can be a pain to navigate throughout French bureaucracy, but it's not as inflexible or heartless as you can find in some other countries.

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Posted in: George Clooney rebukes racism in backdrop of thriller 'Suburbicon' See in context

FizzBit: Now why would a black family want to move into a white neighborhood?

I have a better question, why a family would be ban from buying a property for the only reason of being black?

By the way the film is from a real story.

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Posted in: What is femininity? Western and Japanese women weigh in See in context

What is the Western version? Women from which countries USA, Europe, Russia?? Too much generalization. There is not one Western type of woman. " Asian lady is much better option" Asian lady from which country? Asian is a vast continent. Much better option for what??

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Posted in: Officials: White nationalist rally in Virginia linked to 3 deaths See in context

If blacks can walk through the streets shouting Black lives matter then whites can do the same, shouting White lives matter.

BLM supporters do not try to demonstrate their superiority. White Supremacists walking down the street with torches, military outfits and guns to frighten people shouldn't be allowed to demonstrate. This was just provocation!

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Posted in: Kimono-clad foreigners get a taste of old Tokyo See in context

Caucasian girls really need to avoid wearing kimono and yukata. Certainly not! Japanese girls look great in almost any clothing! Such dumb comments

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