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Silvafan comments

Posted in: It's possible that dealers are offering customers illegal drugs such as stimulants, which cause stronger hallucinations and addiction, as 'samples' to make them even more dependent. See in context

The possibility of weed being a gateway drug is usually if dealers deliberately lace their marijuana with other drugs to get their customers addicted.

Then after a follow up purchase, the customer notices the previous purchase was stronger and wants the same effect, so the dealer introduces the alternative more addictive drug that they laced the weed with.

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Posted in: It's possible that dealers are offering customers illegal drugs such as stimulants, which cause stronger hallucinations and addiction, as 'samples' to make them even more dependent. See in context

On the news today, old Japanese men and women are complaining that "taima" is dangerous and scary because people can bake it into cookies!

They are claiming that "taima" is a gateway to MDMA.

That had a 21 year old who testified that she ruined her life because she started smoking taima in school with her friends.

The video started with her being a first middle school girl (7th grader) behaving rude to her parents, disobeying her parents, and not going to school and only wanting to hang out late with her friends. This was before she began using drugs!

Then one day she went to her male middle school friends house to hang out alone, and he offered "taima" for the first time, so from that moment on she only wanted to smoke outside of school and later tried other drugs.

The commentators never attributed the girls problems to the poor parenting, so it is never the Japanese people's problem, it is always an outside thing or person (gaijin) responsible.

Or the young girl was just a bad egg that was selfish, walked all over her parents and does not want to take responsibility for her own actions.

I saw the TV show, too! I also noticed there was a lot questionable behavior before she even started smoking weed, and the parents just allowed it.

It definitely seems like an excuse that the Japanese media and government is running with it since they are in cahoots!

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Posted in: Gaza hospitals overwhelmed with patients and desperately low on supplies as invasion looms See in context

The Palestinian Health Ministry reported three convoys carrying evacuees toward the southern Gaza Valley were hit by Israeli strikes killing at least 70 people. I

BREAKING: 70 killed after convoys of evacuees in Gaza hit by Israeli strikes


They are telling people to leave for media optics, but they secretly bomb those evacuee routes and bomb the exits. They have already have attacked the South, too!

There is not much difference between Russia in Ukraine and Israel!

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Posted in: Illinois man kills Muslim boy, 6, in hate crime motivated by Israeli-Hamas war, police say See in context

This anti-semitic animal should be punished with prison justice for killing a child. These are the same types of people (like conservative Angelicals) that travel to Israel on vacations to help Illegal settlers push Palestinians off their land because they think if they can bring on the apocalypse, then a blue-eyed blonde haired Jesus will reward them in paradise.

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Posted in: DeSantis says U.S. shouldn't take in Palestinian refugees from Gaza because they're 'all antisemitic' See in context

What an idiot! He is like a Trump in waiting!

Semitic (definition)

1) relating to or denoting a family of languages that includes Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic and certain ancient languages such as Phoenician and Akkadian, constituting the main subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic family.

2) relating to the peoples who speak Semitic languages, especially Hebrew and Arabic.

Palestinians are also semitic. Hating Palestinians (any religious denomination), Muslims, or Arabs is anti-semitic!

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Posted in: Israel intensifies Gaza bombardment, battles to dislodge Hamas fighters from its territory See in context

I am wondering when the first international journalist will be this conflicts celebrity victim.

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Posted in: Three new 'Star Wars' films on the way: producers See in context

I think pushing this next Star Wars series has more to do with Kathleen Kennedy's ego than anything else. It is similar to the Witcher and Lauren Schmidt Hissrich.

Their escalating commitment to be right and prove themselves at all cost increases their chances of making bad decisions. People sometimes forget that a benefit of becoming humbled through an experience is becoming more reflective. I do not believe these two women in Hollywood have really learned that lesson. I think that they are going through denial.

Does any remember The Witcher: Blood Origin?

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Posted in: Three new 'Star Wars' films on the way: producers See in context

@Gareth Miles

@Bob Fosse Stars Wars always had a woman in the leading role. Princess Leia was the brains, courage, and leadership of the original movies. The complaints about the casting of the black actor were the violation of the Star Wars story - in previous movies all the troops were clones of a Mandalorian bounty hunter. The appearance of John Boyega trampled all over this history.

You have no idea what you are talking about which proves Bob Fosse and the other's point. In the franchise, the clones were replaced by volunteers and recruits after order 66 by Palpatine. The aliens that made the clones were also all killed by Palpatine, so no one else could build another clone army.

By the time of the last 3 movies, there were no more clones in the universe let alone in the First Order.

Once again "laziness!"

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Posted in: Cambodia to deport 19 Japanese cybercrime scam suspects See in context

Would it be fair to say that a majority of Japanese citizens (not expats) with residence in countries like Cambodia, Thailand, and Philippines are involved in criminal activity?

Japan and its government has no problem saying that about foreigners living in Japan.

In many cases, these operations are controlled by Chinese organized crime groups.

Japan, its government, and the companies who operate in Japan seem to love their "Whataboutism" excuse!

See how they added that deflection at the end!

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Posted in: Virgin Orbit bankruptcy casts shadow over Japan's space dreams See in context

The space industry was a million times more effective when it was under state control. The technological achievements of NASA and the Soviets were mind-boggling during the 1960s. Today's private-sector operators, by contrast, seem to be stumbling around aimlessly and inconsistently.

Everything @Jeff said is correct! Most tech and science businesses are money pits. There is always a large trial-and-error process involved. That takes time, capital, and sometimes patience. The US government discontinued their rocket development and began to outsource it because Bush Jr. (another failure like Afghanistan and 911) ended the program. They began paying Russia for rides into space.

Musk success with Space X like Tesla is due to the United States government in particular the US taxpayers. His businesses rely heavily on US subsidiaries. Compare that to how his competitors are funding their businesses, and you will understand Musk's snake oil.

Musk is a corporate welfare recipient.

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Posted in: Trump pleads not guilty to 34 criminal charges in New York See in context

Trump is being indicted on criminal conspiracy charges. Criminal conspiracies like falsifying business records (criminal conspiracies = felonies and misdemeanors) are considered crimes in the state of New York. No one is above the law!

A DA of any state cannot and should not normalize criminal activity.

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Posted in: Japan space agency delays H2A rocket launch again See in context

Only astronauts need to multitask and should learn many skills at once. However, it takes them years to prepare for one mission.

Japan does not have enough human capital to fill all the key roles to run a capable Space organization. If they have one person wearing many specialized hats then they will continue to fail. They are going to be burned out, not know everything, and make lots of mistakes. (Jack of all trades and a master of none.) Each key role needs its own expert. Its not like in the anime where one brilliant scientist is an expert in all fields then solve all problems, design all products, and make new discoveries alone in their private lab. The reality is innovation usually takes a team. Japan, a collectivist society, does not have a strong team in this field.

Math and science is not sexy to most young people. Also, there is a strong sexists undercurrent in the science field. Socially, female scientist are either bullied or sexually stalked by their male colleagues. That reduces Japan's talent pool.

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Posted in: Japan space agency delays H2A rocket launch again See in context

Gun shy......after recent failures?

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Posted in: Trump critics fear indictment will boost reelection bid See in context

Another failed attempt at humor. Geez....

This whole situation is funny! Trump tried to fly to close to the sun!

The irony is:

1) Trump's former lawyer has already went to prison for his involvement in this crime.

2) Trump, the most boastful person in the US, got prosecuted by a lawyer named "Bragg".

3) Trump, who is notorious for not paying his debts for decades, is finally getting indicted for paying a pornstar hush money and lying about it on his taxes!

Let's not forget that there are also investigations about his involvement in Jan 6, the attempt to overturn Biden's victory in Georgia, and the theft of classified documents from the US government.

The only people who want Trump re-elected are the people who want the US to fail while satisfying their own greed.

People on Chinese social media say Trump's indictment embarrassed the US and made China look so good, he should just join the Chinese Communist Party

> https://www.yahoo.com/news/people-chinese-social-media-trumps-084316486.html

Best Examples of people and groups who support Trump: Iran, Russia, NK, China, and Trump fans and sycophants! There are a lot of grifters like George Santos(s) out there just waiting for Trump to take office again.

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Posted in: Trump to be arraigned Tuesday See in context

Let's not forget:

How DA could use hush money payment to Playboy model Karen McDougal to bolster Trump case


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Posted in: Trump to be arraigned Tuesday See in context

Karma is really a thing!

The irony is:

1) Trump's former lawyer has already went to prison for his involvement in this crime.

2) Trump, the most boastful person in the US, got prosecuted by a lawyer named "Bragg".

3) Trump, who is notorious for not paying his debts for decades, is finally getting indicted for paying a pornstar hush money and lying about it on his taxes!

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Posted in: U.S. government ponders the meaning of race and ethnicity See in context

Again just blacks take a guess at the reception Vietnamese got once they arrived in the USA especially from former military and family of dead soldiers. But they moved on they didn't dwell on the past

Black people were slaves for several centuries. They continued to be burnt and hung for another century. They are continuing to be discriminated to this day.

None of your anecdotal evidence can compare.

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Posted in: Ukraine and Russia work to gain advantage in annexed regions See in context


Both pipelines were blown up but one of the 2 Nord Stream 2 pipelines is still operational. So your opinon is that instead of simply turning off the spigot, literally the flick of a switch, Russia carried out that stunning, reckless, utterly criminal act of industrial terrorism and environmental arson? I'm sure it makes a lot of sense in very warped minds. The kind of minds which are responsible for the sabotage.

LOL! Simple, Putin has shown he is willing to sacrifice valuable gas and use it as a weapon before. Russia was burning £8.4 million of gas a day at a plant near its border with Finland, rather than exporting it to Europe in August.

Who burns their own gas specifically on the border of the country it was doing business with?

ANS: Someone petty and vindictive (Putin)

Who likes to play the victim in war they started?

ANS: Someone petty and vindictive (Putin)

Who wants NATO to fail because their own CTSO is failing?

ANS: Someone petty and vindictive (Putin)

Why do you think Sweden, Danmark and Germany after initially announcing a joint investigation are now doing their own separate investigations? Because Sweden and Danmark are refusing to share info with Germany citing "privacy concerns"? Do you think the regimes in Sweden and Danmark concealing evidence the Russians did it?

Ask Sweden:

Mats Ljungqvist, the prosecutor involved in Sweden's criminal investigation into the Nord Stream leaks in the Swedish economic zone, said Sweden was already co-operating with Denmark and Germany on the matter.

He said Sweden had rejected the proposal for a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) from judicial co-operation agency Eurojust because a such a joint investigation would include legal agreements under which Sweden would have to share information from its own investigation that it deemed confidential.

"This is because there is information in our investigation that is subject to confidentiality directly linked to national security," Ljungqvist told Reuters.

Sweden shuns formal joint investigation of Nord Stream leak, citing national security


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Posted in: Singer R. Kelly convicted of child porn, enticing girls for sex See in context


There's a load of difference between Rock stars back in the day who decided to take what girls, some of whom were underage, threw at them (Note: Ted Nugent doesn't make the list as he was an obvious predator) and how R sent his SUV trolling black neighborhoods in Chicago for his next conquest.

R actively sought out and hunted, groomed and abused children.

And THAT is why he will age in prison about as well as his music has on pop radio. Which is to say, it has basically stopped existing.

So too with R in fairly short order.

So, you are saying that "white rockers" committed pedophilia the "right way"! You sound like an apologist!

I did not know there was a "right way" to prey on children.

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Posted in: Singer R. Kelly convicted of child porn, enticing girls for sex See in context

R Kelly is low hanging fruit. Some prosecutor has political aspirations. He should be in jail. Just like all those White Rockers who bragged about sleeping with underage groupies. Both the underage groupies openly benefit financially from their previous exploits. Not one of them were arrested. They were inducted into the RR Hall of Fame.

Actually, some of those rockers could also be charged with human trafficking and child endangerment with the drug and alcohol use.

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Posted in: 3 Dutch soldiers shot outside hotel in Indianapolis See in context

When in another country always be humble!

To the posters, do not be so fast to support 3 Dutch soldiers? Were they drunk or high at 3AM? These guys could of picked a fight with someone. I've seen it many times with solider boys as a serviceman.

In addition, the Dutch are culturally racists towards people of color in particular people of African decent.

Wounds of Dutch history expose deep racial divide


If you have visited the Netherlands like I have during the holidays, you will know that "Black Pete" is a racist and ignorant holiday!

If they brought that racist attitude to the US and directed it at the wrong person then it is easy to see how things could gotten out of hand.

If they started it, a 3-on-1 fight could justify a self-defense plea in the court of law.

If they were trying to buy drugs because they usually get high back home in the Netherlands then they were breaking the law.

I am leaning towards the 3 soldiers being partly at fault.

They are not completely innocent!

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Posted in: Cuba asks for U.S. technical assistance in oil fire clean-up See in context

This seems like a good opportunity to open a channel for better relations and dialogue with Cuba. Biden can continue the steps laid out by former President Obama that were purposely sabotaged by the failed president #45 to somehow erase former President Obama's accomplishments. Ironically, #45 cemented President Obama's legacy!

Instead of trying to get revenge on Obama, #45 could have gone either further with building relations with Cuba, taken full responsibility and made presidential history with something positive for his presidential museum. Instead, he will be known for letting COVID-19 spread, 2 impeachments, insurrection, obstruction, tax fraud, and theft of classified material.

Because of Cuba's isolation, they have been forced to be more self-sufficient with less resources to work with. Despite their challenges, there is a lot to be desired in their healthcare industry.

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Posted in: Zelenskiy urges world to force Russia from nuclear site after incident See in context


They say the Ukrainlan counter offensive have stall,the US through Intel, should know Ukraine is lying to sell this lie to American,I would like Ukrainian to go before ,Congress ,under penalty of perjury,and lie before Congressional committees, even US official lie,they are headed to jail.

Replace Ukraine with Russia then you would be describing reality!

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Posted in: Judge orders unsealing of redacted affidavit in Trump search See in context

No, it’s actually not.

Yes, it is! Critical thinking is not Trump's nor his lawyers strong point.

The argument from Trump that the documents are subject to executive privilege protections suggests those documents are official records – which he or any former president is authorized to keep and should have turned over to the National Archives at the end of the administration. It is the law!

If Trump successfully argues the materials are protected by executive privilege, then he also successfully argues that he was in unlawful possession of official records. If he is unsuccessful, then executive privilege would not be a valid basis to seek a special master.

Maybe Trump is hiding the stolen classified documents in Mar La go' secret tunnels. Or, maybe let his Russian comrades come through the tunnels to make copies or transport them to another location.

Giuliani used a tunnel under Mar-a-Lago to go back and forth from Trump's home, where he stayed while he was depressed and drinking heavily, book says


If Trump is willing to use his deceased wife as a tax benefit for a golf club then it is definitely possible that he would sale US National secrets to safe or enrich himself.

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Posted in: Tesla's Musk condemned for Hitler tweet as he rips U.S. regulator See in context

He and his is another scumbag cult of personality. He is a smarter version of the trumps. Most of what they produce is crap.

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Posted in: North Korea says it tested hypersonic missile See in context

Is somebody hungry? Does someone need attention? Most babies just cry! Putin threatens to invade countries to get the attention he craves from the West. The "Dear Leader", on the other hand, shoots missiles in the ocean when he wants something.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 76 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 501 See in context

All arrivals into Japan must carry a negative test cirtificate with doctor's underwriting, all cost about 30000-35000 yen.

Also notice that tests are NOT free or courtesy, for they are coverd by public money, covered by our social security payments. "Free" is a very misleading construct amid this pandemic. Better use another term.

@Norah........Those same people entering in Japan has quarantine at least 3 days up to 14 days upon arrival. Each person will be tested multiple times during quarantine. Even more times if someone on their flight was found to be infected with omicron. You get those tests done at the hotels (outside the airports).

Fact-check it, for many are done outside airports.

@Norah......Yes, before they go abroad (outside the airports).

Someone has to be quite ill to get a PCR at a hospital in Japan. For the average person not traveling outside of Japan, they will not spend large sums of money to get tested because they are uncertain.

All travelers leaving and arriving to Japan must get tested.

No one who arrived in Japan gets tested only once. Especially not now.

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Posted in: Japan will no longer allow foreign students to buy duty-free goods See in context


The activity that they are trying to curtail is exactly as wtfjapan says: people buying here, tax-free, on the pretence that they will not be consuming the goods in Japan, then selling them to people in Japan.

Where in the article or any poster stating that the goods are being resold in Japan. I only see OpenMinded and the other posters discussing selling the products back in their home country!!! They shipping the products from Japan!

It believes they may be buying large quantities of duty-free goods to resell at higher prices, including a 10 percent consumption tax, to make a profit.

The article never specifically say that they are being resold in Japan. That would make no sense. Why would someone buy a 10% markup in Japan when they can purchase the same product themselves? The savings would not be worth anyones time .

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Posted in: Golovkin world title bout in Japan postponed over border restrictions See in context

how about billy joe Saunders or Caleb plant or even callum smith ( admittedly not in triple g’s league) ? 

You just answered you own question!

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