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Posted in: 'Organized chaos' - behind the scenes at 'La Boheme' See in context

I thought this was going to be a nostalgic look at the much-missed Harajuku cafe but it's some opera in New York. What?

I thought this was going to be a food critque of the restaurant chain that you can find around Tokyo by the same name.

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Posted in: Crown Prince turns 58; vows 'self-improvement' ahead of accession See in context

I so hope he pulls a hail mary when he is Emperor like fathering a son with his wife or setting the way for his daughter to become the first Empress possibly ever in Japan.

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Posted in: 7 women caught smuggling gold from S Korea concealed in their bodies See in context

the rectum aka "prison wallet"

Why didn't the women choose the other cavity? Did they believe the inspectors were less likely to look in there?

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Posted in: Review: Timberlake is a man lost in the woods on new album See in context

Like Miley Cyrus, he ran out of African American culture to scavenge for his mostly White American fanbase, so he is trying to return to his original style hoping to have learned something along the way to make it better. Unfortunately, when you spend most of your time copying others, you never have time for your style to truly grow and develop. I could say the same for Lenny Kravitz.

For his Super Bowl performance, he will sing a few verses of his new song then go back to most of his old music (culturally appropriated)for the show.

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Posted in: Trump says Republican memo vindicates him in Russia probe See in context

This proves absolutely nothing! It was written by Republicans whining that the investigation was getting too close.

1) The dossier was originally funded by Republicans who didn't want him to get the Republican nomination.

2) The Hillary campaign took it over after he won the nomination.

3) All of the people in question are Republicans. Some of them helped Trump during the election like Comey.

This is another distraction ploy by the Republicans! A ploy that was pushed by Fox News and Hannity in particular. Trump is in many ways ignorant and lacking critical thinking skills like other Fox viewers!

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Posted in: Japan's financial regulator raids Coincheck after cyber theft See in context

Based on what's been going on with the previous company, the owner of that company will be rich for life after paying restitution to his customers regardless if he was involved or not. It seems with the current laws in place that there is more incentive to be a criminal in this industry than to be an honest company.

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Posted in: Kanagawa to give foreign tourists free-to-use smartphone See in context

It also makes it easy to keep track of them while they are here.

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Posted in: China's modern Silk Road hits political, financial hurdles See in context

Like I said in previous article, other countries don't trust China because China will attempt to screw over their partners every chance they get.

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Posted in: 90 crows found dead in Saitama parks See in context

Its hard to believe that starvation was the cause... I travel through various parks here and there and very rarely will ever see even one dead crow.

Honestly, I have never seen a baby crow, too. I thought they were magic for long time. I agree that this suspicious. They are some of the smartest birds in the world living in an urban area. Mass scale starvation is highly unlikely.

I once saw a hunting video by an expert crow hunter (really!). He simply waited to a large number gather and sprayed the area with buckshot from a shot gun at a far distance. It maximized the spray. He said that you have to pick up the birds quickly because crows will stay away if they smell dead crows.

It is probably somebody taking out their frustrations on these animals. My guess is poison.

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Posted in: California couple use drone to deliver illegal drugs See in context

Nowhere in the article does it say this. If you are bringing in information from an outside article, please cite that article. My arguments are based purely on this article.

Watch the video! The informant only saw the drone flying at at odd hours around the neighborhood. They didn't know it contained drugs. The police observed a drop but not the payment. None of the reports state that they arrested the buyers. None of the reports mention seeing money exchanged. Witnessing the drop did give them enough reason for a search warrant only. They simply suspected but no real evidence. The search warrant is where they found the actual evidence.

Everything else would had to come through a confession during the arrest or in custody. People tend spill the beans when they think that they are truly caught.

However, the proximity of time would be a strong counter-argument.

First, someone would have to witness the exchange of money. There are no reports anywhere of that. Second you have to prove that money being thrown in a person's yard is connected to a drop off somewhere else. That money could be placed in the yard before the drop or after the drop. It could be explained as gift or donation for the family. That money could be explain in a number of ways.

The point is the finding of narcotics at the home is the only reason why the police have a case. If there was nothing found at the whole home, there would have been enough reasonable doubt for the couple to go free.

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Posted in: California couple use drone to deliver illegal drugs See in context

If the police witnessed both the passing of confirmed drugs to another with exchange of money back to that person, then the police could of have arrested the couple immediately. Either seeing the drone or witnessing money thrown on the lawn would have given them reason to investigate with hopefully a warrant. With only evidence of one side of the transaction, the police had to get further evidence for a solid case because it could be argued that two incidents have no connection. That is what happened. The police searched because they had probable cause, and they found drugs. To get a lighter sentence and avoid problems with custody of the small girl, the couple probably confessed to the whole scheme.

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Posted in: California couple use drone to deliver illegal drugs See in context

See that "for sale" part? 

Yes, they have already admitted to doing it once in custody. They had probable cause to go to the house after being reported by the neighbors. Once there, if the police have additional probable cause like the smell of drugs or seeing something suspicious then the can detain and search them or the residence possibly. That is what happened. The found the drugs. Once in custody, they confessed possibly hoping to get a lighter charge because of the amount found at the residence..

They were never caught selling drugs. They confessed after being arrested for possession only.

"Anything that you say will be used against you in a court of law!"

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Posted in: California couple use drone to deliver illegal drugs See in context

Proximity of time wouldn't be enough to convict at all. In theory, the customer could drop off the money at anytime. It wasn't time because the neighbors didn't know about the drone part neither did the police. It was the money being thrown in the yard. The neighbors reported that odd behavior. Who throws money in people's yard?

That gave them probable cause to investigate the home of the suspects. The police had no evidence of selling narcotics. The couple was arrested because of possession of the drugs found at the home based on the reports that people were throwing money in the yard.

They didn't charge them with the sell of narcotics because they had no proof of sale. That is why using the drone and receiving the money at a different location worked. They know now because of a confession which is exactly what the story reported.

Inferences don't convict! Look at the charges in the article!

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Posted in: California couple use drone to deliver illegal drugs See in context

Seems they should have been using the drone to retrieve payment as well.

That makes sense, but using the same channel for distribution and payment would be an obvious giveaway to their intentions. By separating the two procedures, it would be hard to prove there was a connection.

I do agree that they should of have used a better method of receiving payment (throwing money on the lawn for all to see). That is just lazy. Especially, after using a drone for delivery. They also must have a good long-standing relationship with their customers, they are feared, or both are a little true.

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Posted in: Democrat Jones wins U.S. Senate seat in Alabama in blow to Trump See in context

Things are getting interesting! Kentucky just tragically lost a Republican yesterday for similar reasons as Moore. It is an unfortunate situation for his family.

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Posted in: American man on the run after escaping from notorious Bali prison See in context

From some of the prison documentaries that I have seen about Bali, Philippines and other third world countries, unless it is a serious offender, most of the prisons are run on an honor system because they simply don't have the resources and man-power to be strict. The women and men prisoners intermingle all the time in some prisons. Many prisoners are feed by allowing the family to visit everyday with meals. People can mostly roam the compound throughout the day. The facilities suck, of course. The biggest challenge for most of the inmates is finding something to past the time.

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Posted in: It’s complicated: Companionship dating in Japan See in context

What if he never found you attractive to begin with? What if he only wanted a "foreign friend/date" or an "English conversation partner" to appear cool! For example, it is not unheard for Japanese women to have very superficial friendships with Western women for bragging rights or for learning more about their culture. I am not saying all are like that! However, many people have witnessed or experienced foreigners being dehumanized for potential marriage partners because they simply want a "haaf" child or because they want to live in a foreign country. (ie. Charisma man)

Why would Japanese men be any different?

As an aside, I know there are elements which were probably lost in translation but I still think that anyone who writes such 'message' (wording as well as pseudo-analysis of the current situation and his/her emotions or lack thereof) is a bit weird. Actually find this 'message' pretty creepy.

I agree! I think that it was never his attention to start a relationship with her. It seems more like an experiment!

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Posted in: 3 people dead, 1 injured after knife, sword attack at Tokyo shrine See in context

Sounds like a fight over money! I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised if the brother and his sugar baby wanted a piece of his family's tax free money. The older sibling said no probably because he doesn't really do anything to deserve it.

I suspect that the girlfriend didn't know of the man's plan to kill her. She was probably just as surprised as the older sister.

Does this mean that the man's dismissed son will inherit the shrine again?

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Posted in: Tokyo taking a stand on walking up and down escalators See in context


for me its stand on the left walk on the right. Who is the tourist??

It depends on where in Japan. Not everyone is based in Kanto.

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Posted in: Airbnb raided by Japan fair trade watchdog, denies wrongdoing See in context


I am not suggesting that people should hide taxable income, but I am suggesting that it is possible to do. The biggest motivator is the hotel industry trying to push AirBnB out of the market because many of the Japanese markets are based on cabals and monopolies.

By the way, the odds of the average person randomly being audited is low.

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Posted in: Papua New Guinea officials pressure refugees to leave camp See in context

They should put a spotlight on the Indonesian government's attempt to eliminate the indigenous Papua New Guinean peoples and steal their land.

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Posted in: 'Rurouni Kenshin' creator’s child porn case fallout continues with movie broadcasts cancelled See in context

Japanese celebrities, in general, don’t enjoy nearly the same lenience for criminal offenses that their Western counterparts do...

Let's not kid ourselves here! That's simply not true! Japanese celebrities serve almost no jailtime regardless of offense with maybe a small few exceptions. In most cases, it is the opposite here. There will be no requirement to register as sex offender. Most celebrities here get a suspended sentence as long as their bow is low enough. They just wait until the heat dies down then they make a miraculous comeback thanks to the "Talento" agency network.

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Posted in: Airbnb raided by Japan fair trade watchdog, denies wrongdoing See in context

There are two parties that benefit from this raid. The government who wants all of these renters to pay taxes on the profits being made is basically keeping tabs on the renters. In addition, the hotel industry wants to keep Airbnb from cutting into their profits especially before the 2020 Olympics arrive.

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Posted in: China's Silk Road revival hits the buffers See in context


Why do you think immigrants travel to other countries to do dirty, dangerous, and dull work?

Simple, they need money and there are not a lot of prospects for them in their home country. This is why most stay if they can. Most of these Chinese migrant workers come from the countryside. They are not China's best and brightest. They are encouraged to go overseas by their government to control their population and to bring back funds for crashing domestic economy. 

You make me laugh!

@moderator: same message as above

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Posted in: China's Silk Road revival hits the buffers See in context


Sorry dude, those folks were wanting more compensation for their land, which they put irrational price tag on it because they knew their government need it. Simple greed. And no, those are Chinese workers not immigrants, I don't think present time Chinese wants to immigrate to those shithole Asean countries.

What are you even talking about? That makes no sense! Who wouldn't want to get the best price for their property just like the government would swindle every landowner if they could.

I bet it's very frustrating to deal with lowlives in the" shithole "countries that feel they are entitled to do anything under the pretext of "Human Rights". 

And no, the iron fist would work very well in those countries, if only the Chinese government govern those countries.

You also assume these Chinese immigrant workers going overseas for work in construction have mansions back home waiting for them. Those Chinese immigrants are going to work construction in another country because they live in "shitholes"(your words not mine) in their country. Why do you think immigrants travel to other countries to do dirty, dangerous, and dull work?

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Posted in: Sumo grand champ facing police probe over alleged assault See in context

Stick a fork in him because he is done!It now means that the sumo federation can highly promote their only Japanese born Yokozuna to increase viewership.

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Posted in: Japanese status choice among dual nationality holders surges in FY2016 See in context

To choose to remain as a Japanese national, the law stipulates that a person has to make efforts to give up foreign citizenship, or submit a report on having lost foreign nationality.

In many countries, they will turn a blind to having another citizenship, so it makes sense for dual holders to claim Japanese citizenship then secretly keep the other one.

I find it odd that the nationalist are so adamant about being pure Japanese when the average Japanese can't tell me what that is. (I.e. Korean ancestry, Mongolian ancestry, Chinese ancestry, Okinawian, Ainu).

Don't forget all the new Southeast Asian, European, and African DNA. Even the Royal family is included. So, how many generations does it take to be accepted?

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Posted in: China's Silk Road revival hits the buffers See in context

Folks don't trust China. They understand that China will smile in your face while they stab you in the back. Countries don't want tons of Chinese immigrants causing all kinds of problems for their societies.

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Posted in: Former intelligence officials say Trump is being manipulated by Putin See in context

Is anybody actually surprised by this article? Steve Wonder can see Trump is getting played. Only the Trumptards are oblivious to the reality of the situation.

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Posted in: Trump says he trusts Putin's denials of election meddling See in context

As with Mr. Trump I think he will just end up being ineffective and that is all. He is almost at the point of being a lame duck at such a relatively early time in his presidency (I do not think this is ALL his own doing either by the way).

It might not be all of his doing, but I would say that his actions like this tweet from yesterday is all on him.

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me "old," when I would NEVER call him "short and fat?" Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend - and maybe someday that will happen!

9:48 AM - Nov 12, 2017 · Vietnam

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