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Posted in: Mueller says ex-Trump campaign chairman Manafort lied to FBI See in context

And then what?

“No one in my campaign had any contact with the Russians.” .... Trump 2016



Don Jr.





Flynn Jr







Jerome Corsi

Boris Ephsteyn

The Covfefe boy

32 people and three companies indicted or plead guilty - and counting. LOL!

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Posted in: GM to slash jobs and production in Canada, U.S., drawing Trump's ire See in context

What about all the products that the Trump family have made in foreign countries and sell in America (MAGA hats, for instance.)? Close those and bring the plants and jobs back to America. Why not close the Trump golf courses in places like Scotland and build more of them here in America (Donald would have many more places to play golf.)? Why not use Americans to work at Trump holdings, such as Mar-a-lago, instead of immigrants on special work Visas? Why should other businesses be expected to function, using different rules, than the First Royal Family of Trumps?

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Posted in: Foreign Ministry official arrested over possession of stimulant drug See in context

J-cops stop people on the street especially in Kabukicho based on body reaction. Remember by law, J-cops can stop anyone for ID and even ask to search your belongings. You have to show ID, and the belongings part I'm not sure. You don't have to go with them if you are not being arrested, so just stand there non threatening. You have to wait them out. It is a war of attrition. They can only crowd you, but nothing else. They basically wait to see how you act when you see them. They call that probable cause. He looked nervous, and they engaged.

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Posted in: Coens stake their claim to the Western in 'Buster Scruggs' See in context

I enjoyed the movie! It was a little bit of nostalgia.

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Posted in: Wheelchair user sues over being told to leave wine tasting event See in context

A couple of other posters were touching on this.... basically when an incident happens and the perpetrator was a minority, the Japanese will ban the minority in favor of the majority. In this way they don't need to use.... and this is a bad, bad word in Japan.... "reason". Reason / common sense, whenever possible the Japanese do their best to not have to put anyone in a position whereby they'd need to use it. Because if they have to.... a decision would need to be made.... and you can't make that decision without a consensus first.


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Posted in: Prosecutors likely to build new criminal case against Ghosn: report See in context

Nissan and J-Inc's intention seems to be pretty clear- Rearrest him, keep him in detention for even longer, keep trying him in the press while he can't respond, and keep pushing to renegotiate the alliance while Renualt's leadership is incapacitated. Seems to be going according to plan so far.

I agree. Also, they want to charge him with a crime that wouldn't involve Nissan. Currently, if he goes down then all of their scheming is for nothing. Renault and the investors will still win in the end. Saikawa and J-Inc will only prevail on small fish in Japan. J-Inc is playing checkers, while Renault is playing chess. Their "re-negotiation will not give Nissan more power over Renault. At best, a Japanese person will appear to be running things at Nissan, but they will be a figurehead only because too many people and too much money are at stake to let another incompetent J-manager run the company into the ground.

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Posted in: Trump hints he could make first visit to troops in Afghanistan See in context

Nope. You’ll find he’s at his most gladiatorial on Twitter. A pity that technology wasn’t around in the 60s and wars weren’t fought through that medium.


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Posted in: Ghosn's exit not the time to alter Renault-Nissan alliance: French official See in context

It doesn't matter. The merger will still go through. Renault owns to many shares. People like Saikawa don't like that a foreigner saved their company because none of the Japanese leaders could do it. It is definitely a power play by Saikawa and his cronies.

Ghosn can't be tried and convicted without bring down Nissan in the process which will negate all the scheming by the Japanese executives. Saikawa my get to be in charge, but Ghosn will still be on the board and will continue to wield tremendous power. If the government steps in to try to push Renault into selling their shares then stockholders will definitely have a run on the stock.

Anybody in the know will not trust anyone other than Ghosn in the running of Nissan because he is the only one with a proven track record.

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Posted in: Trump hints he could make first visit to troops in Afghanistan See in context

How so? For being blunt. Lol

Except the times he must discuss the Mob, Russia, Putin, and Saudi Arabia, and serve in the US military during war. Basically, when he has to be honorable.

Dump proves that when it comes to “political correctness,” conservative politicians and pundits aren’t more courageous than their liberal counterparts. They’re just more isolated from the ethnic and racial minorities about whom they speak. It is easy to talk bravely when you are at a rally full of only caucasians in some rural area of the country. When the distance disappears, the “bravery” does too.

A even bigger LOL!

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Posted in: 'Ababis' and 'Star Wnrs': Knockoffs thrive in China e-commerce See in context

What do expect when you live in country of over a billion people who are still mostly below the poverty level with a wealth of skills and experiences from manufacturing most of the products in the world. One popular product can make anyone there filthy rich overnight. There are towns in China that specializing in manufacturing one kind of counterfeit because that is where the original factory was located or a current/former factory worker lives there. The whole town is supported by these black market products.

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Posted in: Democrats seek hearings on Trump’s ouster of Sessions See in context

Whitaker's sole job (mole) is to gather as much information on the evidence against Trump and his associates before the Dems take over congress in January.

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Posted in: Trump under fire after cancelling WWI cemetery visit See in context

Enjoy watching the conservatibes chase their tails while lying and making excuses for why Trump couldn't brave that progressive, Deep State Soros funded rain that Mueller ordered up.

> Trump is there for you... unless its raining.

Me likes!

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Posted in: Florida orders vote recount in Senate, governor races See in context

It is so funny how two Republicans in charge of Georgia and Florida both states with a history for suppressing minority votes, both running for higher power, both States showed rampant examples of voter suppression this election against minorities. They ignored and denied those claims because they were in charge of handling the election while running for office. Now those same two people in charge want to claim voter fraud because the law says that all legal votes should be counted to decide the winner.


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Posted in: Japanese man arrested for wildlife smuggling in Australia See in context

A couple of times a year a Japanese person gets caught attemting to smuggle animals out of Australia. Reptiles, birds, bird’s eggs, spiders and insects. The penalty is severe and the risk is great, but the rewards are high if successful. There used to be an exotic pet shop in near higashi-Nakano station in Tokyo, perhaps it is still there. I was shocked to see so many protected Australian species of animals for sale in this shop and for ridiculous prices. I suppose it is possible some were bred in Japan, but not likely.

These particular lizards would have a sale price of more than a thousand dollars each. If the reward is there, these smugglers are going to continue to attempt to get these unique animals out of Australia. The only way to stop the smugglers is for Japan to ban the sale of protected species, which will never happen. One can still buy ivory in Japan. Australia takes animal smuggling very seriously. Let’s hope this smuggler gets the punishment he deserves.

All under the disguise, we have been trading illegal and exotic animals in Japan for a long time. This is Japan da yo! How dare you attack our culture? Just like ivory and whaling. TSK TSK Japan!

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Posted in: Trump under fire after cancelling WWI cemetery visit See in context

"officials said the decision was taken due to the weather and cited security concerns in hastily arranging a motorcade".

Sounds like Dump didn't even have a plan to attend, hence concerns in hastily arranging a motorcade. I bet if they told Dump McDonald's was going to be offered he'd be the first one there.

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Posted in: Trump under fire after cancelling WWI cemetery visit See in context

Schopen and Hiro

Trump is different from traditional mediocre politicians and that is his charm. People are expecting him behave different from other leaders who are only following traditions considering influences that will result.

Most of his supporters like him because he is liar. They are mostly liars too living in a fantasy of their own creation. They see themselves the way he seems himself (narcisists). Like Dump, they don't like the truth or reality. It seems that he has been more successful at lying to others than most. They envy his accomplishments at being deplorable liar like Dump envies dictators.

When the Tea Party fizzled out, all of those lying "Joe the Plumbers" had to go somewhere. They are called Dump supporters now.


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Posted in: Trump under fire after cancelling WWI cemetery visit See in context

Dump, the draft dodger who dodges his responsibilities as President, is conning his supporters like always. He is a "Nationalist" when it benefits him.

He is probably worried about acting AG Whitaker recusing himself and the Georgia and Florida recounts underway.

He is an old, unhealthy, fat man, with the attitude of a spoiled teenage girl. He is probably laying in bed pouting with his "Happy meal comfort food" and wondering why everyone in the world don't kiss up to him like his employees.


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Posted in: Japan's corporate image hit by falsification scandals: poll See in context

Shouldn't it be falsification scandals? What incentive exists for them to change when a deep bow, brown envelopes, an investigation of themselves will make it all go away with a shoganai.

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of assaulting 15-year-old girl in Tokyo back alley See in context

My god man do not entertain stalkers.

This woman should film this man and have him arrested. Not doing anything may be very dangerous for your niece.

She is not a family member or a friend. I have never met the young lady. I told my friend my thoughts about the situation. I can only lead a horse to water.

And as everyone knows the Japanese police won't do anything until it is too late.

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of assaulting 15-year-old girl in Tokyo back alley See in context

I have a friend whose daughter just started working at this company in Akihabara this year after university. One day a male coworker randomly came up to her and said, "I want to know everything about you." He asked her to meet him after work. She said no, but you can talk to me during working hours. Now she has a single 50-something coworker stalking her. He follows her during bathroom breaks, lunch and to the station after work. She has resorted to having her siblings take turns coming to the office not the station to pick her up and escort her home. She stays in the office with the other coworkers until they finish work and come up to get her. Luckily, her siblings work only a few stations away.

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Posted in: Trump's media relationship frays more: CNN reporter's press pass suspended See in context

At that news conference, Dump channeled his inner middle school girl who talks like a child with self-esteem issues. Someone give this man a hug and a decent role-model!

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Posted in: Mayweather cancels Japan kickboxing fight, claiming he was duped See in context

I want to be the man who changes history.

Firstly, you can't change history. You can only change the interpretation or understanding of history. That's some cheesy anime/manga line. Nasukawa isn't really that good outside of Japan. There is a reason most Japanese fighters don't compete or do well in outside promotions. Pride was good mostly because of the foreign fighters that competed.

Second, it is all about the money! For Mayweather, if it don't make dollars then it don't make sense. That Raizin promotion is small potatos. It is run by the same group of connected crooks that ran the Pride and the other promotions into bankruptcy. It is a 3rd tier promotion at best. It isn't even the best or most well-known in Asia. Raizin has never made enough profits to equal Mayweather's standard fee. Contractually, he is suppose to get 60 million dollars by the promotion and 20 million dollars from pay-per-view. Japanese pay per view sales are nothing. The UFC can barely pay Conor MacGregor, and he made less than that in his last fight. They were never going to pay Mayweather everything in his contract then they were going to change the rules on him at the last minute to make their local boy look good. If you know anything about Pride and the previous promotions then you know that it is the modis operandi. Foreign fighters would always complain about being screwed over by them. Some of the smart ones began making Pride put their money in escrow before even stepping into the ring. That is when Pride started to go under. Fighters got hip to the scam and took their skills elsewhere, or they made sure their money was secured.

Mayweather's acumen in business is almost equal to his skills in the ring. He won't put himself in harms way without some safe guards. He ain't stepping into the ring until he know what the rules are and that his money is assured.

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Posted in: Trump fires Sessions, says he 'could fire everybody right now' See in context

LOL! Dump's tax audit is done. There is nothing he can do to stop the new House from getting his tax returns. That is when the party really starts! Follow the money House committees!

Mueller's report will reach the House's desk and Dump can't stop it.

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Posted in: Democrats ready to pursue aggressive Trump oversight: Pelosi See in context

LOL! Dump is going to get his tax returns requested! With Dems controlling the House, there is no way that Dump can stop it. Ha Ha!

The new House should be receiving Mueller's report soon. It will be interesting!

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Posted in: Amazon's new goal: Teach 10 million kids a year to code See in context

Programming will at some point in the future become the next major blue collar job.

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Posted in: Producing bitcoin currency could void climate change efforts: scientists See in context

The future though might be a digital currency backed by gold.

That makes no sense! Why would cryptocurrency be backed by gold when paper money is no longer backed by gold. Those disadvantages still exist.

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Posted in: Schoolgirl caught stealing dozens of educational books in one night See in context

I don't know. Well......sometimes you got to steal the knowledge!

I do agree with Maria. This could be a good opportunity for libraries to get more patrons, and students could learn about less expensive options for studying.

Juku, katakana and so much standardizing testing in Japan is a thorn in the side of the Japanese education system.

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Posted in: Japan pushes for World Heritage listing of southwestern islands again See in context

@Ganbare Japan

Promising news. Tourism in these rainforest areas will be hugely boosted, bringing jobs and a big boom to the economy. Win-win. Money will then be used for conservation, for example Iriomote cat.

Reading is not your strength! ;)

Takayama, a member of Tokyo-based nonprofit organization the Japan Tiger and Elephant Fund, said traffic accidents are killing the endangered Iriomote wildcat at the heaviest rate since records began and infrastructure building for receiving visitors is half finished.

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally stabbing Filipino woman See in context

It is so weird that unemployed men in Japan seems to be a significant common denominator with these crimes of passion. An idle mind......

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Posted in: Japanese farmers worried over effects of trans-Pacific trade pact See in context

There is also apart of me that prefers to buy only the Japanese rice for consumption than China and some other countries. Better the devil you know.........!

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