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Posted in: Former soccer star arrested for threatening to kill wife See in context

The misogyny is strong with so many here. Along with that old chestnut of blaming the victim.

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Posted in: Big Bang to be first foreign group to make 6-dome tour of Japan See in context

If they would embark on the Thunder Dome tour I would feel much better.

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Posted in: Lawmakers press Obama to include currency rules in TPP trade deal See in context

NAFTA negotiations started under George H.W. Bush and were concluded by Bill Clinton and came into force in 1994.

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Posted in: Police probe claim U.S. serviceman punched 13-yr-old boy in Okinawan home See in context

First off the person involved is an Airman not a solider . Because there was a curfew imposed his immediate commander can give him an Article 15 which is considered non-judicial punishment. That said the airman can also be tried in a military court even though he was punished by his commander. Under the Status of Forces agreement he can be turn over to local authorities and be tried in a civilian court.

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Posted in: Panetta says it is critical for Japan to press ahead with Futenma relocation See in context

Those military bases originally had two purposes one was that following World War II Japan would allow American forces to be stationed there to provide for Japan's defense and ensured Japan would no longer be a military threat to Asia. Additionally those bases along with ones at Subic bay in the Philippines, Guam,, Thailand and Diego Garcia in the Indian ocean where meant to contain the old Soviet Union. Those bases are Cold War Relics yet the American government continues to insist that those bases are needed as there is a new enemy to fear China.

Even though China has increased its defense spending and is building and modernizing its military the amount spent in percentage of GDP is no where near the amount spent by the American's who have the largest defense budget in the world.

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