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I'm sorry to have to say this but... everyone has their opinion right? I love sushi but that's not enough a good reason to thumb down other people's opnions. Also since people on this board don't seem very knowledgeable about the risks one takes eating fish in general(not just raw fish- if you had watched a tv program about fish parassites you'd know) should not thumb down people that decide not to eat it because they don't like it or don't think it's healthy.

The omega3 in the fish is something great but the short life sushi has on the counter should tell you to take in consideration not eating sushi that often. There's a law in Italy(which should be considered common sense) that says that raw fish can only be sold and be eaten raw if it has been deep frozen first: this is done in order to kill the most part of the fish parassites.

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@Uwe Paschen

We don't have nuclear power plants in Italy... We buy energy from France who has power plants because the energy we produce is not enough for us. The government was thinking on building some but after the disaster in Fukushima obviously public opinion was once again against the idea of nuclear power stations.

As said by nuclear power experts, plants in America and France are safer than the ones in Japan. Japan used a type of fuel that costed the double of normal fuel for making nuclear energy, was twice as risky (sorry if I explain it this way) and did not produce more than the power plants in America and France: saying something like “what was believed to be masterpiece of modern technology” makes me think Edano has no back bone.

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Let's remember the tokai accident. Let's remember about the various plants on which site on 2009 the were reviewing security measure: on one of this site they were building a wall in case a tsunami could reach the plant: was the plant off while this security measure were taken? No!!!Meaning that if an unespected tsunami hit the plant it would have caused a disaster back then!Guess what!A disaster really happened in another plant, the one in fukushima..because they needed to review and fix security measure.

Nuclear is necessary but is only dangerous when you get people from the METI swearing nuclear power plants are safe to restart before they actually send anybody to make sure that what is said by the Oi plant people is true: this is what happened months ago.

Does people have already forgotten? You don't have the right to decide for someone else If power plants in Japan didn't use recycled fuel( which costed more than normal fuel) they wouldn't be so dangerous: you can't compare it with France and America's power plants

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Why restarting the Oi reactors? Why not restoring something else? Oi reactors are too closed to lake Biwa(who gives water to 1 in 10 Japanese + it's a resource of fish), locals fear contamination and they are right. The gov say it's ok to restart the Oi plant on the basis that the company(Kepco) says it's safe but nothing regarding the new revised safety measures have been published that's why local authorities don't trust the move. If you made some research you'd find about scandals that have to do with tepco, kepco and the Tokai plant which don't look reassuring. Japan's power companies had to shut all the companies because little was done for disaster prevention: data have been hidden to the gov(2003 scandal-> check the economist) Tepco failed to report cracks in reactors for years( still 2003) what does make you think that the gov has changed strategies?they think everything is alright as long as they get money. Nuclear power are much safer in countries like France where uranium is not used but Japan instisted with using the same expensive uranium production for years ruining the economy and now the environment

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