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Posted in: Man arrested for attempting to steal a Coke from pachinko parlor See in context

Its kind of nice living in a country where the attempted theft of a bottle of coke is the lead crime story in the national news.

And the other major crime story is about the arson that left 36 people dead. You can't just cherry pick what crime in Japan looks like.

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Posted in: Ex-KAT-TUN singer Tanaka jailed for drug possession See in context

Toyoko Inn has an awesome breakfast spread

I don't think speed freaks are breakfast people!

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Posted in: Station near Nagoya Castle gets name change to ease visitor confusion See in context

I live in Nagoya and I've often had non-Japanese friends assume it's some rural backwater because it's not really famous for anything. They're quite shocked to hear it's Japan's fourth most populous city. Didn't Lonely Planet once dismiss it in a single sentence as "a pleasant couple of hours if you want to stop between Tokyo and Kyoto"? It's great news if they're finally starting to address this.

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Posted in: What's next for Japan after World Cup? See in context

Almost certainly a last world cup for Yoshida Maya. As a Southampton and Grampus fan I have to say what a legend. Although he probably shouldn't have taken a penalty.

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach reflects on Tokyo Olympics one year later See in context

"There's so much (money)," Bach said.

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Posted in: Japan to resume accepting guided foreign tour groups from June 10 See in context

Hold your horses! Those seven Japanese expats haven't even finished their test tour yet. It's almost as if it was just for show.

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Posted in: Average value of Japanese lawmakers' assets grows to ¥29 mil See in context

So my humble, retired school teacher parents are worth more than the prime minister of Japan, simply because they bought an ordinary UK house in the 1980s? That doesn't sound fishy at all.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting woman at apartment building entrance See in context


From the introduction:

Domestic factors

Domestic indicators focus on both the amount of violence and crime in addition to incarceration rates. 

Why don't you actually read it, instead of just refusing to accept that Japan isn't number one at something?

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting woman at apartment building entrance See in context


Here you go:

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting woman at apartment building entrance See in context

People think Japan is the safest country in the world, but according to most official rankings, e.g. the global peace index, it's not even in the top ten; sex crimes and violence against women being some of the main reasons.

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Posted in: Japanese government calling on citizens to drink more milk…again See in context

It seems like MAFF couldn't organize a milk drinking contest in a dairy.

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Posted in: Rattled by spectator's insult, Osaka loses at Indian Wells See in context

Imagine if she were a Premier League goalkeeper with thousands of fans shouting "you fat ba*****" in unison every time she takes a goal kick!

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Posted in: Japan accepts 8 people displaced by Russian invasion of Ukraine See in context

Still, I'm sure there will be some cute pictures of them eating sushi or meeting someone vaguely important, so the rest of the world can get a heartwarming story about the wonderful generosity of Japan!

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Posted in: Woman jumps from window of love hotel after apparently stabbing man See in context

Sometimes I'm shocked how many people with mental illness are in this country .

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Posted in: Man breaks into school to recover stuff teacher took from him…over 40 years ago See in context

When I was a kid, a middle aged man broke into our school at night because he wanted to sit at his old desk. I don't know if he was drunk.

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Posted in: Japan hopes to lead Asian zero-emissions push: minister See in context

So, "dragging their feet" and "cannot give details" but confident they can lead the way. Classic Japan!

It always amazes me how Japanese politicians "hoping" to do something is considered news.

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Posted in: Japan must co-exist with virus while achieving growth, says minister See in context

"Japan will become No. 1 in the world,” he said.

Excellent! Always finish with a joke.

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Posted in: JR East launches bullet train 'office cars' for teleworking See in context

This is a promising start, but we still have the problem of salarymen sleeping 4-5 hours a night when they could be doing additional pointless tasks for the company. Perhaps some kind of 'office beds' could also be created so they can continue to work whilst sleeping, and then our dream of a 24 hour working day can finally be realised?

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Posted in: Japan leads G7 with COVID-19 vaccination rate of nearly 76% See in context

The Japanese media are experts at selective comparisons to create a positive spin. The G7 only matters when the issue is Covid, or something like gun crime. But if the topic is democracy, human rights, equality (basically anything where Japan lags behind genuine advanced countries), then they're happy to praise Japan for being the least worst in East Asia.

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Posted in: Japanese-inspired forests take root in COP26 host city See in context

These Japanese forests sound great. Any chance we could get some in our treeless Japanese cities?

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Posted in: Vaccine chief Kono favorite to become next PM: polls See in context

Only in Japanese politics is a 58 year old man hyped as the youth option, and a breath of fresh air!

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Posted in: Int'l body calls on Japan for stronger anti-money laundering actions See in context

I've had quite a lot of hassle from my Japanese banks just for being a foreigner who very rarely sends money back home. I think they're doing enough already.

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Posted in: Author Murakami criticizes Suga over pandemic measures See in context

Nice comments from Murakami, just a shame he's on his own here. Japan really needs more public figures who are willing to criticize the government. Although I won't hold my breath.

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Posted in: Tokyo robot cafe offers new spin on disability inclusion See in context

This is pretty cool, but stories like this always give the wrong impression of Japan as the most high tech, caring place on earth. My friends back home still think I'm joking about the fax machines and the ijime!

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Posted in: Man arrested in train stabbings says he suffered rejection in relationships See in context

psychopaths in Japan really ??!! Naaaa ...

these kinds of things make me very sad

killing others because they are miserable..

In 2017, it was estimated that 4.193 million people in Japan were living with mental health issues

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Posted in: Yosozumi wins another skateboarding gold for Japan See in context

The real reason Sky Brown chose to skate for the GB Team!

Actually she preferred the British Skateboarding Association for their more relaxed approach. "No pressure, just have fun". I don't think a Japanese child has ever been told that before.

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Posted in: Frenchman in Tokyo ends hunger strike over his 'abducted' children See in context

I have met many guys from different countries living in Japan who are in the same situation .. it's really sad ..they always accuse foreign men of being violent this is not new.. .. I also know women with Japanese men in the same situation.. the thing is .. the Japanese law supports Japanese so they will always take your kids away from you ... I've lived here for 16 years and I'm fed up to hear thousands of stories like that ...

Now these days I see more foreigners in Japan saying if I marry a Japanese I won't have children because I know horrible stories..

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Posted in: Suga calls on public to watch Olympics on TV as Japan eases state of emergency See in context

so ridiculous ...

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