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Posted in: Standing up to pee 'a matter of honor' for one man See in context

Okay, WHY is "up/down" even a question?? It's a TOILET, so just like any other container with a door or lid it should be closed 24/7 when not in use.. regardless of genders using it; open to use, clean & close when finished, end of issues.

If ppl are expected to close fridges, cabinets, microwaves, bins for ~trash & recycling, car doors, storage boxes, etc. what is the deal in not taking the same care with a toilet?

Then of course, the act of "not closing things" to avoid the "hassle" of opening for each use even extends to bottles & food packages & other items as well.. oyy.

Have some sense, please, it's not that difficult. Really, just because a majority of public toilets are all left uncovered, doesn't mean anyone should let their own home ones follow that example.. more importantly: maybe just talk it over with your significant others ~before moving in together.

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